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Law Enforcement Today | July 26, 2016

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Our Day ( A Police Officer’s Day)

July 17, 2016 |

Between tragedy and oddity

We navigate our day.

Unceasingly responding,

To all the calls for help!

The atrocities we face,

Leave an agonizing trace,

Of images and stench,

Of evil and disgrace,

Beyond any comprehension

Of the human race.

Unable … Read More

In Memoriam an ambush and massacre in Dallas

July 17, 2016 |

An ambush and massacre in Dallas.  Chief David Brown of the Dallas Police Department and Chief James Spiller of the Dallas Area Rapid Transit Police Department are dealing with the death of multiple officers and wounding of several others.

What … Read More

In Memoriam: Corrections Officer Mari Johnson

July 17, 2016 |

Brad Livingston, Executive Director of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice sadly reports the death of Corrections Officer Mari Johnson.

Officer Johnson, 55, was found unresponsive in the kitchen area of the French M. Robertson Unit of the Correctional Institution … Read More

In Memoriam: Officer Anthony Zarate

July 17, 2016 |

Byron Holloway, Chief of the Bellaire Police Department in Texas, sadly reports the death of Officer Anthony Zarate.

Officer Zarate, 52, was in the parking lot of a local Target Store when he was approached by a store security officer. … Read More

PEACE and Survival

July 16, 2016 |

My shift gathered in the middle of the night to help me send a message….to pray for PEACE and Survival! We Pray we make it home in one piece. We Pray we make it through the shift without having to … Read More

“A Child’s Dream”

July 15, 2016 |

Upon his knee his child sat

Said, “Daddy, I love you,”

With a smile wide upon his face

Told his child he loved them too.

They sat and talked for a while

About school, and friends, and such,

Then his … Read More

In Memoriam: Bailiff’s Joe Zangaro and Ronald Kienzle

July 12, 2016 |

On behalf of the Honorable Chief Judge Gary J. Bruce, Sheriff Paul Bailey of the Berrien County Sheriff Department in Michigan sadly reports the death of Berrien County Trial Court Bailiffs Joe Zangaro and Ronald Kienzle.

Bailiff Joe Zangaro, 61, … Read More

Taking Out the Garbage

July 12, 2016 |

A traffic crash where you witness the driver take his last breath, a missing child found unresponsive in a pool; doing CPR for an hour in a field and then in the ambulance all the way to the hospital; hearing … Read More

Peaceably Assemble

July 11, 2016 |

Special interest groups have been seeking havoc on urban areas claiming to come under the guise of peaceful assembly.

However interrupting the flow of traffic, yelling disrespectful profanity and making death threats to law enforcement and general unruliness isn’t by … Read More

“Those In Blue”

July 10, 2016 |

You hear gunfire and run for cover There’s nowhere for you to hide, You’re confused and in total disbelief Sickening feeling deep inside. You see people falling to the ground Some you might even know, People running in every direction … Read More