Report: Young mom found shot to death, discovered after apartment fire was a Special Police Officer


WASHINGTON, DC – Police and firefighters responded to an apartment fire on October 31st and discovered a deceased woman.

Upon further investigation, the victim was identified as a Special Police Officer who was killed by an apparent gunshot wound.

The victim, in this case, Special Police Officer Cynthis Barringer, was located in the area of Green Street Southeast just after 4 pm. Barringer was discovered after firefighters responded to the area when a nearby resident reported smelling smoke.

Upon inspection, the firefighters located a fire that was inside an apartment. As they fought to extinguish the flames, they stumbled upon Barringer who had what appeared to be burn injuries which they believed at the time may have resulted in her death.

However, on November 1st, the DC Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, who conducted the autopsy on Barringer, discovered that her cause of death was a gunshot wound. The Medical Examiner concluded that her manner of death was a homicide.

Investigators have not commented up to this point on the cause of the fire or if they suspect it is somehow related to Barringer’s death.

People who knew Barringer were shocked to learn that she had been murdered. One person, Sade Wright, who operates Wright Family Foundation, said that she knew the victim well. She said:

“It’s very heartbreaking because she was an excellent mom. She loved to go out but mainly she loved her children. She loved to work and she loved her children.”

Wright, whose work involves helping families that have lost loved ones to violent acts, said that Barringer’s death will affect her more than others she has been involved in. She said:

“This case is kind of different. It hit close to home. To come to find out she was murdered, that’s unacceptable. To me, the person didn’t have a heart. If you were in her house, then you knew she had children.”

Wright wants the police to move quickly to identify and apprehend whoever is responsible for shooting and killing Barringer. She said:

“We need justice. Her children need justice.”

While there is little information regarding Barringer’s death, an apparent relative of hers, Shawntia Barringer, is alleging that she was murdered by an estranged former boyfriend. Shawntia has created a GoFundMe account and she wrote:

“Cynthia Barringer was killed October 31, 2021, due to domestic violence. She was shot in the head and set on fire by a heartless man who she no longer had interest in furthering a relationship with. He took the life of a mother of two beautiful children that she loved dearly, a 10 year old son and a 13 year old daughter.”

As of now, there have been only eight people who have donated to her GoFundMe which is geared to helping her family in their time of need. Shawntia, through the fundraiser, is asking for anyone to donate what they can because “every penny counts.”

As of now, the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington, DC has not commented on if the fire was set intentionally or related to Barringer’s death. For now, the police department is offering a reward of up to $25,000 for any information that can be given which would lead to the arrest and conviction of those responsible.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Metropolitan Police Department at 202 727-9099 or text anonymously 50411.

No one, at this point, has commented on the Metropolitan Special Police Department and the fact that they have lost two police officers within a short period of time.

Police have also not commented if this incident is in some way related to another death of a Special Police Officer, Angela Washington.

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Police release video footage of man who they believe shot and killed a special police officer

WASHINGTON, DC – In September of this year, Special Police Officer Angela Washington was shot and killed.  Now, police in DC have released a video of a man that may be involved in her murder.

Washington, DC Metropolitan Police released the video footage on October 28th, hoping that someone will recognize who the man is, and perhaps, if he is the killer, to bring him to justice. 

The video was taken in the 3300 block of 10th Place Southeast where the officer was shot and killed.

The video shows what appears to be a black male wearing a grey shirt and dark pants running past a group of people on a sidewalk.  The man is holding what appears to be a gun in his right hand.

The original incident occurred on September 21st when Metro police responded to the location around 8:42 pm for a report of gunshots being heard.  When they arrived, they located Washington who had been shot while on duty. 

Sadly, Washington was unable to be revived.


Washington was a member of the Metro Special Police Department which is a private law enforcement agency that provides police and security services in DC.  These officers have the same authority as a regular police agency.

Report: Young mom found shot to death, discovered after apartment fire was a Special Police Officer

Metro Police Chief Robert Contee reported in September:

“This is unfortunate.  My heart goes out to the family of this Special Police officer.”

While there has not been a lot of information released on the investigation thus far, what we do know is that she was at the location to check on officers who were patrolling in the area. 

Metro police confirm that she was armed and in uniform when the incident occurred but it does not appear she had any opportunity to pull her firearm.

Metro police reported that there was a white Toyota Camry with dark tinted windows they were looking for in possible relation to this officer’s death.  It is unknown if the vehicle was ever located.

Washington’s daughter, Shanya Washington was interviewed by NBC news.  She stated:

“My mother was a hard working woman.  She did anything for her kids.  She did anything for whoever.  Whoever.  She took people in when they was down bad.  I just feel as though whoever did it, if it was their intentions to do it, I just hope they – I can say what I want to say?  I just hope you die and burn in hell.”

Police release video footage of man who they believe shot and killed a special police officer

Washington lived in Suitland, Maryland, and is survived by her four children and two grandchildren.  Her husband, Reginald Washington said:

“She was the best mother.  The best wife on Earth to me.”

When asked about her career path, he said:

“This was her passion.  She just wanted to help make a change.”

Reginald continued by saying that he wants to help bring a stop to the gun violence in the area.  He said:

“Let’s do something about this.  Not because of my wife.  I’m talking about the kids that are dying.  Everybody is dying man.”

The Metropolitan Police Department is asking anyone with any information to please contact them at 202 727-9099.  Tipsters can also text anonymously by sending their information to 50411.

DC Metro is offering up to a $25,000 reward for the arrest and successful prosecution for the person or persons involved. 

Recent FBI data shows that the number of police officers killed in the line of duty has steadily increased throughout 2021.  According to the FBI, as of October 14th of this year, 59 officers have been killed in the line of duty as opposed to 37 during the same time frame in 2020.  That makes a 51% increase.

FBI Special Agent in Charge, Eric Smith, was interviewed by 19News about the increase in on-duty deaths.  He said:

“It’s devastating.  Every single officer means something…It’s really alarming, and it’s why we want to have this conversation.  It’s about one officer that’s being killed every five days.  That’s just far too high.”

When asked about his thoughts on the increase in violence to the police, he said he believes it’s because people are failing to comply with a police officer’s orders.  His point, obey as you are required to by law and sort out the details later in court.  He added:

“Find another profession where someone pins on a badge and a gun, and their duty is to protect someone that they don’t know.  They are being targeted and killed to do that duty.”

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