Young family of five attacked by homeless people with machete – father loses an eye after face slashed


MALIBU, CA – A father was seriously injured, losing an eye, after a confrontation with two vagrants.

Police say it led to one of the men reportedly attacking the father a machete and then both of the suspects allegedly chasing the man’s four other family members on the beach.

The incident occurred on August 29th when deputies responded to an incident at the Dan Blocker Beach where reportedly two vagrants attacked a family of five. Authorities say the vagrants had approached the father and claimed he wasn’t allowed in the area, which led to a heated argument.

One of the vagrants, identified as Richard Franck, reportedly produced a machete and began slashing the father several times. After attacking the father, authorities say that Franck and the other vagrant, later identified as Benjamin Mast, chased the victim’s family.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Lt. Jim Braden said that there was a brief standoff with the suspects and deputies before they were taken into custody, with the two assailants locking themselves in a restroom at the Dan Blocker Beach parking lot.

Lt. Braden stated that after additional units responded to the scene, the suspects eventually surrendered:

“After we had enough units there and everything, they did some call-outs and [the suspects] ended up coming out during the call-outs, so they were taken into custody at that time. Through different statements from the suspect and the accomplice, the weapon was located stashed in some bushes down by the beach.”

Mayor Paul Grisanti provided a statement regarding the incident, saying the following:

“We were shocked to hear of this vicious, unprovoked attack on innocent visitors who came to Malibu for a peaceful day of fishing at one of our local beaches, and we send our thoughts and best wishes for a full recovery to the victims and their families.”

“On behalf of the city council, I want to thank our local sheriff’s deputies for their quick response to remove the suspects before they could harm anyone else.”

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department confirmed that both suspects have been arrested; with Franck being charged with attempted murder, mayhem and assault with a deadly weapon and Mast being charged with accessory to attempted murder.

The father who was attacked reportedly suffered lacerations to his face, ears, and tongue – which the severity of the attack resulted in the victim losing one of his eyes.

Sheriff Alex Villanueva took to Twitter to put District Attorney George Gascón on blast following the arrest of these two suspects, noting that Franck had been arrested back in April for allegedly threatening a deputy with a knife – and the DA’s office saw the suspect released after filing misdemeanor charges for the offense:

“On 04/16/21, a homeless, 32 year old Hispanic male threatened a LASD Deputy with a knife as he patrolled encampments on a beach. The suspect was subsequently arrested. On 04/20/21, the suspect was released and the District Attorney only filed a misdemeanor charge.”

“On 08/29/21, the same suspect in the same area terrorized a family with a machete. He slashed a father of two multiple times and left him to bleed out.”

During a press conference while speaking with Malibu residents, Sheriff Villanueva said the following about DA Gascón’s soft-on-crime approach:

“There are consequences for reducing penalties for crimes…and the consequences are being borne right now by the public all because our D.A. doesn’t want to do his job.”

The sheriff also added during the conference that something needs to be done to address the homeless population in Los Angeles County:

“We cannot afford L.A. County to house the nation’s homeless… People are not entitled to pop a tent wherever they want to and claim public space for themselves.”

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Video: Felons at homeless camp attack couple with infant in car, get run over when dad guns the engine

(Originally published August 18th, 2021)

SEATTLE, WA – Video has recently surfaced of a late July incident that transpired at a homeless encampment in Seattle that led to the death of one vagrant that was involved in an attack launched against a couple who were trying to retrieve stolen property from a recent burglary they had suffered.

The unnamed vagrant was run over by the couple, who had their infant child in the car with them, as the couple were struggling to flee the area as multiple vagrants – including two felons – circled their vehicle and began bashing it with large wooden planks and even a machete.

The incident transpired on July 27th at a large homeless encampment off of Dexter Avenue North and Mercer Street in Seattle, according to reports.

A couple, who had their two week old baby in their vehicle, ventured to the encampment in an effort to locate some stolen items that they lost in a car burglary that had happened sometime prior to July 27th.

The male victim informed authorities that he had found his shoes and Bluetooth speaker, that were stolen, inside of the homeless encampment and brought them back to his vehicle. According to the victims, they were immediately attacked by several homeless individuals after retrieving their property.

A female victim can be seen being attacked by a black female homeless individual, whereas the male victim can be seen being struck in the back with a large wooden plank, allegedly by 12-time felon Mario J. Miller.

While the two victims were being attacked, others took to the couple’s vehicle and began damaging it on all sides.

More and more of the homeless individuals joined in on either attacking the couple or damaging their vehicle.

Both of the victims were able to get back into the car and were trying to flee the area, but the vagrants were staging themselves around the car and continuously striking it on all sides while they circled around.

With the rear window smashed and the windshield bludgeoned, where one vagrant identified as 9-time felon John Henry Rosser continued to smash the vehicle with a machete, the male victim eventually just hit the gas and plowed on forward, fatally running over a 30-year-old vagrant who was among the attackers.

One witness to the madness, a local business owner only identified as “Steve”, stated the following about the incident:

“It was a car being attacked. Being surrounded by people from this encampment. And they were bashing the car to pieces with bars, sticks, whatever they had. Then the car made a run for it, to break through this crowd.”

“One of the guys who was surrounding the car got thrown up into the air and then run over by this vehicle.”

Police confirmed that both Rosser and Miller were arrested for their involvement in the attack against the family.

Prosecutors say that they have no intentions to charge the driver in the death of the vagrant that was struck with their vehicle, considering the overall circumstances.

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Earlier in August, we at Law Enforcement Today shared a report detailing the ongoing troubles associated with homeless encampments in Seattle. Issues pertaining to one near the county courthouse have gotten so egregious that the local sheriff’s office has ordered non-public facing employees to work from home due to mounting dangers. 

Here’s that previous report. 


SEATTLE, WA – According to reports, a homeless encampment established nearby the King County Courthouse, which the King County Sheriff’s Office is located, has prompted the King County Sheriff to order most of her professional staff to work from home.

The reason for said order by the sheriff is due to the increasing dangers associated with the encampment settled next to the courthouse.

In a memo to King County Sheriff’s Office professional staff shared on August 2nd, Sheriff Mitzi Johanknecht ordered professional staff to commence working 100% remotely due to the “unsafe environment around the courthouse, administration, parking garage, and corrections facilities.”

Said order delivered in the memo comes days after a homeless man was arrested for allegedly attempting to rape a seven-month pregnant woman inside of a county courthouse bathroom – which the sheriff’s office operates out of the same courthouse.

City Hall Park, which resides next to the courthouse, has become flooded with homeless individuals, which has resulted in concerning levels of crime stemming from the homeless encampment.

The homeless encampment situated at City Hall Park has recently resulted in a fatal stabbing, an attack against a senior citizen where a homeless man killed the senior’s dog, and countless other instances of assaults and other various crimes.

According to the memo from the sheriff, the staff members ordered to return to remote work are not of the sort that typically interact with members of the public:

“The safety and security of our employees is my top priority. Effectively immediately, due to the unsafe environment around the courthouse, administration, parking garage and corrections facilities, and concerns from labor unions, we are returning to 100% remote telework for professional staff members who do not routinely interact with the public.”

Other KCSO employees that are predominantly public-facing will continue working at the courthouse.

The issues posed by the homeless encampment located at City Hall Park has resulted in 33 superior court judges sending a letter to the City of Seattle, demanding that something be done regarding the safety issues caused by the existence of the encampment near the courthouse.

Sheriff Johanknecht has also reportedly been involved in conversations with county officials to discuss solutions for the matter, as well.

King County Councilmember Jeanne Kohl-Welles is going so far as to propose a sort of land trade with the City of Seattle, where King County would give the City of Seattle some land they own in exchange for the City Hall Park land – so that way King County can remedy the issues plaguing their courthouse.

Councilmember Kohl-Welles has the following to say about the notion of trading land with the city:

“If we were to own the park, then we can make use of it as we see fit, including for security. Maybe the best way to do that is engage in a trade of property so we would acquire City Hall Park and in the process be able to have the City of Seattle receive some property that we own.”

Seattle-based KTTH Radio talk show host Jason Rantz says the most concerning element of the memo sent by Sheriff Johanknecht to her staff is that they aren’t safe while working inside of the building of a law enforcement agency:

“It’s so dangerous in downtown Seattle in and around the courthouse, thanks to the out-of-control homelessness crisis and park that looks like a third-world country, that not even non-commissioned staff working for a law enforcement agency are safe. Staff at the courthouse and jurors, plaintiffs, and defendants are equally unsafe. And the city does nothing.”

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