You said you’d never forget September 11. You lied.


America, you said that you would never forget about September 11, 2001. America, you lied.

I will never forget where I was on September 11, 2001. I was a sergeant with a Connecticut police department. I was working a road job directing traffic on one of our busiest streets with a friend of mine, Sebby Garafalo.

I remember what an amazing day it was. Early September, clear blue skies, cool crisp morning. I remember thinking it was a great day to be alive. It was weird that I felt that way, but it really stuck out to me that day just how beautiful a day it was.


Around 8:45 in the morning, my phone rang. It was my friend and fellow police officer Chuck Grasso, who asked me if I heard what happened in New York. I told him no, and he told me that a small plane had crashed into one of the towers at the World Trade Center.

Now, I know quite a bit about aviation, and I was wondering how the hell a plane could have hit one of the towers. He told me there was a huge fireball when the plane hit. That didn’t make sense to me either, since small planes typically only carry maybe 50 gallons or so of fuel.

While I was talking to him, he said:

“Holy shit! Another plane just flew into the other tower. It was an airliner!”

Right then and there, I knew we were under attack and at war.

Sebby called me on the phone and said:

“What the f*ck just happened?”

We talked on the phone for a few minutes, and then I told him that I needed to figure out what to do about my daughters, who were in school.

I called my wife, and told her to turn on the television, and she said it was on, but she was getting the girls off to school and wasn’t paying attention. She then asked me what happened and said both towers of the World Trade Centers had smoke pouring out of them.

I went back to what I was supposed to be doing, and then Chuck called me back and told me that a plane had hit the Pentagon. I literally started to feel nauseous. I also felt helpless.

A million thoughts were going through my mind. The most important one was, should we pull our daughters out of school? We didn’t know at the time if this was part of some huge terrorist plot that might involve schools. So many unanswered questions.

Chuck called me a third time when the first tower collapsed. Now understand, I had never been to New York, or at least by the twin towers, but I know they were over 100 stories high.

“How the hell could the building have collapsed?” I asked myself.

I called my wife and we made the decision to leave our daughters in school, at least until I got home from my road job.

One thing I will never forget is people who were driving down the street, stopping and asking me if I knew what had happened. They also asked:

“What should we do? Should I go home? Should I be with my family?”

They were asking me questions that I did not know the answer to.

About an hour after the initial call from Chuck, I remember noticing that it just seemed so quiet. This street, as I said one of the busiest streets in my town, had barely any traffic on it. Bradley Airport, just 8 air miles away and my town on the approach to its main runway was dead quiet. Not one airplane.

Of course, at the time, I didn’t realize that the entire country’s airspace had been shut down by the FAA. When you live in my town, you hear planes flying over all the time. There was not one, either on a landing approach or taking off. It was eerie, to be honest.

Later that afternoon, we picked up our girls after school, and I explained to them what happened. My older daughter was 9 and younger daughter was 7. They didn’t really understand what happened but they were scared and asked if we were safe. I told them of course they were safe and mommy and I would take care of them.

I stayed glued to the television (I literally did not sleep that night) and watched over and over, first the second plane hitting the tower, then the video of first one, then the second tower collapsing.

Then the fire at the Pentagon, and finally the reports about United 93, which crashed in Pennsylvania, but the speculation was it was headed back to either target the Capitol or the White House. And I was pissed.  

Fast forward to the days following September 11. I was back at work, and the thing that I remember was for at least one week after the terrorist attacks, we did not have one…not one domestic dispute. On a typical day we would have a minimum of 2-3 domestic calls. We went a week with none. Our calls were literally down by over 50%.

American flags were literally flying everywhere. Every house, every business…you couldn’t buy an American flag in a store because they were sold out. Pickup trucks had flags mounted to their truck beds. Cars had them on their windows. As a country, we were never closer than we were on September 12, 2001 and the days and weeks right after.

Now let’s move ahead to what happened this week. The United States, in a surgical operation, took out Qasem Soleimani, the head of the Quds Force, which carries out terrorist operations in the Middle East. He was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Americans in that region, as well as thousands of others. He was a bad guy on par with Osama bin Laden. The only difference being, he did not carry out any of his operations on American soil.

Contrast what happened after September 11, 2001 and after we took out Osama bin Laden in 2011 with what is going on this week in the United States.

After 9/11, we saw men and women drop out of school and join the military. It didn’t matter if we were Republicans or Democrats, liberals or conservatives. We were Americans first.

We told al Qaeda and the world that they were not going to mess with the United States. This was OUR Pearl Harbor.

And just like Americans struck back at the Japanese with a steely resolve after we were brutally attacked in Hawaii, so too were we going to take it to the people who took down our trade center and who tried to take out our Pentagon.

On Saturday, in cities across the country, people took to the streets. Was it in celebration, such as they did in 2011 when President Obama ordered the military to take out Osama bin Laden once his location was determined? Did they break out and sing the National Anthem?

This is 2020 and Donald Trump is president. So, the answer is not only no, but hell no.

From Washington, D.C. to New York, Chicago and beyond, snowflake protesters took to the streets to condemn President Trump’s decisive action to take out a man who not only was responsible for having killed untold numbers of people, and who also, by White House accounts, planned further terrorist actions against Americans.

“No justice, no peace. U.S. out of the Middle East,” hundreds of protesters chanted outside the White House and then in front of the Trump International Hotel blocks down the street.

Code Pink, the vagina-hat wearing anti-war group, said protests were scheduled across the country on Saturday.

One of the protesters in Washington was communist sympathizer and has-been actress Jane Fonda, who now makes a life out of getting arrested at so-called “climate change” protests.

“The younger people here should know that all of the wars fought since you were born have been fought over oil. We can’t lose anymore lives and kill people and ruin an environment because of oil.”

It is not known if Fonda rode a bike or horse to Washington from her home in Hollywood, since she’s all about climate change and all.

One of the protesters, Steve Lane of Bethesda, MD said:

“Going to a march doesn’t do a lot but at least I can come out and say something: that I’m opposed to this stuff,” he said “And maybe if enough people do the same thing, he (Trump) will listen.”

Don’t bet on it, Steve-o.

Ironically, while the loony left in the United States think it’s ok for a murdering terrorist to be allowed to remain alive to continue plotting to kill people, people in Iraq were celebrating.

They were marching—in some cases running—through Baghdad carrying a large Iraqi flag, and celebrating his death. One man in a video can be heard lauding the killing, stating that the deaths of Iraqi protesters had been avenged.

Soleimani was hated by Sunnis, but also by his fellow Shias. He was the face of upholding a repressive system in Iran and was seen as a “warmonger who caused massive casualties in Syria. He was no hero to average Iranians who changed against the country’s support for Hezbollah and Hamas,” according to a tweet posted by Masih Alinejad.

Iranian "leader" Trump took out previously hired the Mexican Cartel for a hit on the Saudi Ambassador in America
Iranian “leader” Trump took out previously hired the Mexican Cartel for a hit on the Saudi Ambassador in America – Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

Soleimani was also responsible for the deaths of over 500 people in Iraq and over 1,000 people in Iran who were protesting the corruption of their leaders. Soleimani said:

“We in Iran know how to deal with protesters. This happened in Iran and we got it under control.”

Perhaps these anti-American protesters who do not like the action President Trump took should move to Iran or Iraq? See how their protesting goes over there?

It is truly a sad time in our country. There was a time when you could form an opinion and if someone disagreed with it, they ignored it and moved on. Now we have groups of people who literally ruin people’s lives if they disagree with them.

We are told that we “must believe in science” when it comes to “climate change”, however science is irrelevant when it comes to biology where two genders are concerned.

After 9/11 as I said, American flags were everywhere. Now we burn the flag in protest of something we don’t like. Don’t burn a rainbow flag however because that “free speech” will get you put in jail for 16 years.

We are removing statues that commemorate our history because we don’t agree with what that history represents. Remember the saying “those who do not learn from history are bound to repeat it?”

There are even people who want to demolish the Jefferson Memorial because Thomas Jefferson, who wrote one of the greatest documents in the history of the world, the Declaration of Independence, owned slaves.

On 9/11, people came up to me as a police officer, thanked me for what I do and asked what they should do and how they could help. Today? Police officers are reviled, with some people in leadership positions even seeking to eliminate police.

Others running for president say that the criminal justice system is “racist from top to bottom.” Blue Lives Matter is bad while Black Lives Matter is good.

Schools cannot mention God, but they can teach the Quran. The very document which radical Islamists used as a basis to attack America on 9/11 and continue to attack us. We now have, in the very halls of government people who want Sharia law to become part and parcel of our criminal justice system. AFTER 9/11!

We now have people who want to overturn an election through the sacred process of impeachment because they didn’t like the outcome. Where the founding fathers designed impeachment to be a legal process, it has been turned into a political one.

We now have entire states that have turned the criminal justice system on it’s head by virtually decriminalizing everything, or making arrests the same as going to the drive thru at McDonalds, where criminals are arrested and out on the streets before the arresting officers’ ink is dry on their arrest reports. In turn there is an epidemic of anti-Semitic crime in New York in no small part due to lax criminal justice laws.

We have other states that are setting the stage to confiscate firearms through so-called “registration” programs, and where it has gotten to the point where people sworn to defend the Constitution of the United States have declared their jurisdictions “sanctuaries” where they will not enforce unconstitutional laws. The same states, one in particular, have threatened to call in the National Guard to enforce them.

We have “drag queen story hour” where young children are exposed to, in some cases, pedophiles who use the naivety and political correctness of some to gain access to victims, as we have previously reported on. When people criticize these events, they are called “homophobes”.

When terrorists attacked the United States on 9/11, they flew our own airliners against us. Open borders nuts used this as justification to keep our border, specifically our southern border, wide open, since “if they want to attack us a wall won’t keep them out.”

According to the Center for Immigration Studies, at least 15 terrorists or men with ties to Islamic militant groups have been arrested crossing the U.S.-Mexico border.

So, if 15 have been arrested, given the porous nature of our border, one can assume that the number of terrorists who may have actually made it into the country in 19 years probably numbers in the hundreds, if not thousands.

Those are just terrorists. How many criminals have crossed our border, where they commit crimes here, only to be protected by so-called “sanctuary cities” or counties or states where local governments refuse to cooperate with ICE. This is the enemy within.

As our National Spokesman Kyle Reyes said last year, the enemy is no longer hijacking planes. The enemy is wearing masks and causing violence and anarchy in the streets in the names of Antifa and BLM.

The enemy is assassinating our police officers.

The enemy is putting illegals ahead of our homeless veterans.

The enemy is calling MS13 “poor lost souls” while they terrorize our population and claim lives

I would add that the enemy is looking to seize firearms from law abiding Americans. The enemy is looking to give criminals more rights than victims. The enemy is looking to indoctrinate our children to hate America and everything we used to stand for.

The enemy is looking to overturn an election for political reasons. The enemy is in our very own government criticizing our president for taking out a known terrorist who has killed hundreds of Americans and was plotting to take out more.

The enemy is leftist ideologues protesting in our cities over a president taking decisive action on a person who was an imminent threat to our national security. The enemy is us.

As Kyle said, how do we fight for unity again? How do we overcome these grave threats that our democracy faces? Perhaps the only way to do that is to make sure we never forget 9/11…but fight together to return to 9/12 and who we were for the days and weeks after that fateful day in September 2001.  

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