Yes, he said that – Biden: “Who in God’s name needs a weapon that can hold…20 rounds”


WASHINGTON, DC – In light of the recent mass shooting that occurred in Indianapolis, President Joe Biden reiterated his stance with respect to the ongoing gun control debate by rhetorically questioning what kind of person would need a firearm that can hold 20, 40, or even 100 rounds.

On April 16th, President Biden once again called for Congress to enact gun legislation one day after the mass shooting that occurred at a FedEx facility in Indianapolis that saw eight people killed.  

During this press conference, President Biden was asked whether or not he needed to reprioritize his agenda while in office, namely due to him spending a substantial amount of time focusing on an infrastructure package.

In response, the president said that there’s no reason why him and his administration cannot multitask:

“I’ve never not prioritized this. No one has worked harder to deal with the violence by individuals using weapons than I have.”

“It doesn’t mean that I can’t also be working at the same time on the economy and on Covid. But it’s not a question of my being able to set the agenda in the Senate as to what they will move to first.”

In recent weeks, President Biden has been vocal about violent crime enabled by firearms and ways he’d like to see reducing incidents legislatively.

During the April 16th address from the Rose Garden, President Biden rhetorically asked what type of person could possibly need a magazine for a firearm that could hold 20 or more rounds:

“Who in God’s name needs a weapon that can hold 100 rounds or 40 rounds or 20 rounds? It’s just wrong, and I’m not going to give up ‘til it’s done.”

The president transferred the blame to that of Republicans in the Senate, with respect as to why new gun legislation hasn’t been getting fast tracked:

“I continue and I strongly, strongly urge my Republican friends in the Congress who refuse to bring up the House-passed bill.”

President Biden then proclaimed that there are mass shootings that happen in the United States “every single day”:

“It’s not only these mass shootings that are occurring, every single day, every single day there’s a mass shooting in the United States if you count all those who are killed on the streets and our rural areas.”

Even though there’s not a widely accepted definition of a mass shooting, according to NBC News who defines a mass shooting as a single incident where three or more people were shot in a public place while not including the shooter, there has been 6 mass shootings in 2021.

While that reality is unsettling, it is also a far cry from a mass shooting transpiring “every single day” in the country.

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Back in March, we at Law Enforcement Today shared a report about the family of Officer Eric Talley – who was killed in the Boulder mass shooting that same month – expressing outrage over gun control talks being bolstered by his death when responding to the incident in Colorado. 

Here’s that previous report. 


BOULDER, CO – The family of slain hero officer Eric Talley, who gave his life rushing to the aid of others during the mass shooting in Boulder last week, said he would not want his murder to be used as an excuse for gun control.

President Biden did just that during a speech following the shooting that claimed ten lives.

Homer Talley, father of the slain officer, told TMZ that the 11-year veteran of the Boulder Police Department was a strong advocate for gun rights and loved to target practice with his AR-15. Talley said he did not blame gun access for his son’s death, and does not think his son would either:

“My son would have been deeply offended to know his death would be used to promote gun control. Before he was an officer, he enjoyed shooting.”

Following the shooting at the south Boulder King Soopers grocery store on March 22 which claimed ten lives, President Joe Biden gave a national address to express condolences to the victims and their families.

During the address, the President used the incident to call for a ban on assault weapons despite not having information on the type of weapon used in the shooting:

“While we are still waiting for more information regarding the shooter, his motive, the weapons he used, the guns, the magazines, the weapons, the modifications that apparently have taken place to those weapons that are involved here, I don’t need to wait another minute, let alone an hour to take common-sense steps that will save the lives in the future.

“We can ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines in this country once again.”

Talley said the calls for gun bans would not have protected his son:

“(The attack was) a senseless act and that is just it. The situation (Eric) found himself in wasn’t one that the government could protect him from.

“Just because some wacko goes around shooting people doesn’t mean guns need to be taken away. You can’t take away enough guns to protect this country.”

While praising Officer Talley for his bravery and sacrifice, President Biden called for the Senate to pass two gun control bills already under consideration:

“He (Officer Talley) thought he would be coming home to his family and seven children, but when the moment came, Officer Talley did not hesitate in his duty, making the ultimate sacrifice to save lives, that’s the definition of an American hero.

“The Senate should immediately pass, let me say it again, the United States Senate, I hope some are listening, should immediately pass the two House-passed bills that close loopholes in the background check system.

“This should not be a partisan issue. This is an American issue that will save lives.”

Homer Talley said that both he and his son have always been strong supporters of the Second Amendment right to bear arms:

“To take away that freedom completely is something I am against and my son was against.”

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA), ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, disputed that gun access was the cause of the increase in gun violence like that seen in Boulder, arguing that the rise was attributable to calls to defund police:

“We can’t reduce violence in our communities without a professional, well-trained and fully funded police force. This includes gun violence. The rallying cry during the riots last summer was defund the police. Cities that followed that advice saw a rapid spike in violent crime.”

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) said that Democrats always push for gun control following a mass shooting, but that gun control would not stop the violence:

“Every time there’s a shooting, we play this ridiculous theater where this committee gets together and proposes a bunch of laws that would do nothing to stop these murders,” he said. “What happens in this committee after every mass shooting is Democrats propose taking away guns from law-abiding citizens, because that’s their political objective.”


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