Yale leadership: Students may not eat at local restaurants, even outdoors, due to health fears


NEW HAVEN, CT – Yale University has demanded that its arriving students not eat at local restaurants, even outdoors, due to fears of COVID.

The New Haven, CT university shared this edict in the form of a Facebook post from the Yale Daily News that summarized an email that was reportedly sent to students.

The post read:

“Yale announced its plans for the start of spring semester in an afternoon email. 

“Students can return to campus anytime between Jan. 14 and Feb. 4.”

Then came the COVID-related edicts, with the post declaring:

“They must quarantine in their residences (except to pick up food and [COVID] test) until they receive results of an arrival test. 

“Yale instituted a campus-wide quarantine until Feb. 7 or (which may be extended depending on public health conditions).”

Further restrictions included limits on dining out, even outdoors, with the post declaring:

“Students may not visit New Haven businesses or eat at local restaurants (even outdoors) except for curbside pickup. 

“Dining is grab-and-go until public health conditions improve.”

The post also noted that Yale will begin its classes remotely, saying:

“Yale is currently set to resume in-person classes on Feb. 7 — after two weeks of remote instruction.”

According to an article in the Yale Daily News, students will also be subjected to a “twice-weekly [COVID] testing schedule for the first two weeks of the spring semester.”

One might think that such vigorous restrictions and rigorous testing might be designed for an “unvaccinated” Yale population; after all, the Biden administration has declared, and millions have parroted, the idea that this is a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

However, nothing could be further from the truth.  Yale has instituted vaccine mandates for students, faculty, staff, and trainees, all of whom are “required to be fully vaccinated.”

In addition, according to Yale’s “Covid-19 Information,” all eligible students, faculty, and staff are also required to receive a COVID-19 vaccine booster before the start of the spring semester.

Eligibility” rests in the CDC-directed time frame related to the shots, as well as the age of the individual.  For Moderna, those who are eligible are 18 or over and are 6 months from their second dose. 

For Pfizer, students, faculty and staff are to be 12 or older and 5 months from their second shot.  For Johnson and Johnson, individuals are eligible if they are 18 or over and over two months from their single injections.

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Under its Facebook post, Yale clarified further its restrictions on individuals, saying in a comment:

“If your arrival test is negative, you may move around campus, but avoid local businesses, restaurants and bars, including outdoor drinking and dining.”

Evidently Yale has generously allowed students can leave campus under certain circumstances, even under the quarantine period, as the university added:

“Feel free to order curbside pickup, or take walks or runs off campus.”

Students in off-campus housing are not even immune to the restrictions.  The clarification further states:

“Follow these guidelines whether you live on campus or off.”

As one might expect, the responses to the Facebook post were far from supportive of these edicts.

One commenter, presumably a student, wrote:

“Who do you people think you are? I can’t eat outdoors? This is so insane it’s not even embarrassing, it’s just comical.”

Another pointed out the obvious question of enforcing these restrictions, asking:

“How will they enforce that ban on eating at local restaurants?”

Yet another pointed out the clearly arbitrary nature of restrictions and scheduling, asking:

“What is the significance of choosing Feb? Everything is so arbitrary with these things.”

Currently, Yale lists itself as level Orange: Moderate Risk from COVID-19, which means that the “incidence of cases on campus has increased and indicators show rates of infection may be increasing.”

At the same time, current statistics show a vaccination rate of 99.7% for Yale undergraduate students, 99.0% for graduate and professional students, 96.5% for faculty, and 93.9% for staff.

Hard data truly calls into question the implementation of severe restrictions in a highly vaccinated and boosted, low-risk population.

Dr. Marty Makary, MD, MPH, professor at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, wrote in a recent article that:

“Students are the lowest risk population on planet Earth. Over the last six months, the risk of a person in the broader age group (15-24) dying of Covid or dying with Covid (the CDC does not clearly distinguish), was 0.001%. 

“All or nearly all of those deaths were in a very specific subgroup: unvaccinated people with a medical comorbidity.”

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Grandma will be in prison during Christmas and beyond for violating mask mandate

Originally published December 21, 2021

IRELAND – A grandmother in Ireland has been sentenced to a year in prison for violating the country’s mask mandate. She will hopefully only serve six months for the violation.

The country of Ireland has laws in place that currently require everyone to wear a mask while in public places due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This law, which may seem reasonable to some, is an infringement on the personal rights of everyone, at least according to Margaret Buttimer.

The 66-year-old grandmother is refusing to wear a mask, regardless of arrests and court orders which have landed her in hot water with the judges in the area, and has already served 90 days in jail.

When the judge released her from prison, he ordered that she stay away from any public places, an order she was not willing to follow.

Buttimer was arrested and brought before a Bandon District Court judge, Colm Roberts, after she walked into a public store to go Christmas shopping for her grandchildren without a mask. Buttimer told the judge:

“[She violated the terms] to do my Christmas shopping because I have nothing got for Christmas.”

Buttimer explained to the judge that she did not want to wear a mask in public and felt that being forced to was somehow taking away her rights to freedom.

She believes that she should be able to freely go out in public without having to wear a face covering.

Buttimer knew when she appeared in court that there was a possibility that she would be sentenced to prison and therefore missing time with her family during the Christmas holiday.

Apparently, Buttimer is more than willing to take that risk to make a stand.

Roberts, clearly confused with Buttimer’s insistence in violating the current laws and judge’s order, tried to explain why it was necessary to wear a mask in public.

Roberts equated wearing a facial covering to wearing a seat belt in a vehicle while driving.

Roberts noted that wearing a seat belt increases a person’s chances of surviving a traffic crash if someone is wearing one and asked Buttimer if she agreed.

Buttimer did concede that wearing a seat belt can save lives and even noted that being mandated to wear one in a vehicle was not an infringement on her rights, but still felt being forced to wear a mask was a violation of her rights.

Roberts, in speaking to Buttimer and those in attendance, expressed how he did not want to imprison her again, but he felt like he had little choice. He said:

“I cannot have you putting other people in danger and blatantly breaching court orders. It would be sending a message that court orders mean nothing. I am very sad to do this but I have no option.”

And with that, Roberts sentenced Buttimer to a year in prison for violating the country’s face mask laws. He did suspend six months of that prison sentence which means she could get out early.

Ireland has very strict laws in terms of the vaccine, especially when it comes to those who are unvaccinated.

People who choose not to take the vaccination are not allowed to eat inside of a restaurant, watch a movie in a theatre, go to a nightclub, or any other place where the public may have a large presence.

Those that have been vaccinated have to show proof by showing what they term as a ‘green card’ if they intend to travel anywhere inside of Ireland or the European Union.

Additionally, those who have received the vaccine will be required to get the booster.


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