WWII veteran, 95, dying of cancer waves American flag outside home daily: ‘This is what I fought for’


TORRINGTON, CT – He’s one of the few remaining soldiers from World War II – and he isn’t done yet.

John Mastrocola, 95, wants his neighbors to remember who he is, and more importantly, what he believes in.  In order to leave a lasting impression, he wakes up every morning and uses his cane to walk into his front yard and sit in a chair, waving the American flag.  

Beyond being remembered, he wants people to respect the United States and her flag again, like it used to be. 

Mastrocola told Fox News:

“ I am one of the very few World War II veterans left so before I leave I want them to remember John ‘Never Surrender’ Mastrocola.  This is what I fought for.  And once you disrespect the flag, the country goes down the tubes.” 

Mastrocola, who was a Corpsman in the United States Navy, spends at least two hours every morning sitting in front of his house waving that flag.  Most people seem to enjoy seeing him and wave or salute him as they pass by. 

Sadly, Mastrocolo is dying from cancer and does not know how long he will be able to keep up his new patriotic symbol. 

“I’m dying of cancer.  I’m less than 100 pounds – but as long as I can keep coming out here, I will.  When you don’t see me out here then you’ll know.” 


Mastrocola’s message seems to have been well received in his hometown.  People who either respect the message or respect the 95-year-old war veteran decided to band together to send the man a message of their own, through a patriotic vehicle parade straight past his house. 

At least 50 participants lined up in a commuter parking lot before taking the parade past his home. 

As usual, Mastrocola was sitting out in front in his lawn chair, waving his flag. 

The wave of emotion that fell over this noble man was touching as he was barely able to stand yet waving his flag proudly while wiping tears from his eyes. 

Stories similar to that of Mastrocola’s are heartwarming and needed during this turbulent time in our nation.  His isn’t the only one.

Take, for example, the story of Sidney Walton, another of the few living World War II veterans. 

Walton, 101-years-old, joined the United States Army at the age of 21 because he wanted to “kill Hitler.”  Walton served as a Corporal in the China, Burma, India, Theatres in the 34th infantry, 8th division.  When he left the Army, he received a degree in chemical engineering from Yale. 

Currently, Walton is on a “No Regrets Tour” which serves to raise awareness about the remaining number of soldiers from WWII that are still alive today.  The intent is to go to all 50 states of the union and meet with all of the state governors. 

Not traveling to all 50 states was a regret that Walton had, however, now he is trying to ensure that he is able to mark that task off of his bucket list.  His son, Paul Walton said:

“That’s why to make up for that one regret he is going out there giving every American an opportunity to meet a World War II veteran before it’s too late.” 

When the Walton’s traveled to Utah, they were met by Governor Gary Herbert at the state capitol.  Herbert gave Walton a declaration to thank him for his service to his country and presented him with a state coin.  Herbert said:

“It’s great for us to be able to honor Sidney, as he’s honored us with his service.  He does represent the greatest generation we’ve ever had.  His example of service (shows a) loving of humanity, what makes America great and living the American dream.” 

The Governor continued:

“We fought for free speech.  We fought for the right to assemble, we fought for the Constitution.  But, as he said, I support your right to protest.

But you ought to do it in a peaceful way and not destroy and break the law by defacing property and the life, limb, and personal lives of others that are being disrupted. 

That’s not the right way to do it.  So that’s what he [Walton] told me and I agree.  He has it figured out.” 

Walston has had the opportunity to meet with President Trump in the Oval Office and also on was able to be on the stage for the 75th Anniversary of D-Day in Normandy.  For this, he was on the stage with President Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron.  Walton was also honored at the Super Bowl during the coin toss. 

WWII monuments defaced with communist symbols. Marine: “You’re about to watch crusty old veterans rise up.”

NORTH CAROLINA – In 1939, the Nazi Empire, led by Adolf Hitler, invaded Poland, starting a war that would last several years and take over seventy million lives. 

Hitler, who led the Nazi’s, worked toward taking over the majority of Europe during his reign of terror.  The Nazi party was also responsible for the brutal genocide of millions of Jews. 

On December 7, 1941, the Japanese, who were allied with the Nazi’s, conducted a bombing raid on a military installation, Pearl Harbor.  The loss of life and equipment was severe, but led to President Roosevelt, a Democrat, to urge congress to declare war.  On December 8, 1941, Congress gave the declaration.

For most American’s, the above short history lesson should not be necessary.  Thousands of American lives were lost keeping the war in Europe and eventually the fall of the Nazi party. 

However, the current events seem to dictate that America needs to be reminded that those places that have been erected as shrines to the true hero’s of America, places of honor, reverence, and remembrance of what people sacrificed for us to be free.

Monuments across the United States are being torn down or defaced in an alarming rate. 

Today, in North Carolina, a 20-foot memorial at the Evergreen Cemetery was defaced. 

The manner in which the damage was caused was by drawing a hammer and a sickle (a symbol of communism) with paint over the names of over 500 residents from the area that died during the war. 

Words are written over the walls and part of the monument which gives a quote referencing the killing of over two hundred people by their military that had forcefully taken over prisons in Peru.

Keeping these statutes, if nothing else, reminds civilization of the mistakes we have made as a country.

Destroying monuments that are dedicated to soldiers, heroes, that gave their lives in defending this county is unfathomable.  To place graffiti signifying communism over American Patriots is a shock to the soul. 

The people who believe that communism is better than the system we have here, I invite them to move to Russia or any other country which has that system in place.  Live under the constant surveillance, see the economy destroyed in short periods of time, for every place communism has been tried, it has failed miserably. 

People who idealize socialism and communism have no real concept of how it works.  The people are supposedly upset at the unlawful and avoidable killing of George Floyd, but yet they are destroying monuments dedicated to the lives of those that fought to give them the freedom to demonstrate? 

The freedom to voice their displeasure to those in power and get to live to see the next day? 

Try that in North Korea, see how well that works out.

People need to wake up and realize that they are causing more harm to their cause than good.  Reasonable people are getting fed up with the fighting, the looting, the rioting that are destroying people’s way of life. 

We are coming to a tipping point, where the reasonable people will no longer just allow this horror play out.  

We spoke on Monday night with a United States Marine veteran who later became a police officer.  He spoke with LET on the condition that we’d mask his identity.

“I’m sitting here watching again and again as these statues are defaced and come down.  And I’m not the only one,” he said.

He went on to say he fought for their freedom to protest… but this is quickly turning into something else.

“The boys and I chat every single day.  We are seeing the chaos.  The anarchy.  And there’s going to come a moment… a monument, a person who gets attacked… I’m not sure what… but we are going to decide we’ve had enough.”

Law Enforcement Today has been reporting on monuments getting vandalized and torn down for weeks. 

Here’s one of our reports on an incident in Portland, Oregon.

One of these days, protestors are going to burn the flag in front of the wrong American.

Protesters in Portland wrapped an American flag around the head of a statue of George Washington, lit it on fire, and then toppled the statue this past week.

By the time police arrived on the scene, no one was around except a news crew; the statue was face down covered in graffiti, charred remains of the flag on the ground.

 According to KOIN 6

“Thursday marked the 21st day of protests in Portland sparked by the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police.

Two groups — Rose City Justice and Lavender Caucus — hosted a sit-in rally at Jefferson High School in the evening where community members shared their experiences with racism to a crowd of a few hundred.

The group did not hold a march.

A separate group of about 20 people met at NE Sandy Boulevard and NE 57th Avenue around 10 p.m. at the site of a large bronze statue of George Washington. Some wrapped the statue’s head in an American flag and lit the flag on fire.

Their numbers grew over the next hour until there were enough people to pull the statue to the ground. They quickly scattered. A KOIN 6 News crew found the statue face down and covered in graffiti. Portland police arrived a short time later.”

The monument and its base were covered in spray-painted text such as: “Murder,” “Big Floyd,” “F— Cops,” “BLM,” “Damn white men” and “White fragility.” 

A self-proclaimed “citizen journalist” posted the video to Twitter, using multiple hashtags, to include ACAB (All Cops Are Bastards). 

Speaking of journalists and hashtags…how about this post from KOIN 6’s own Jennifer Dowling: 

So much for unbiased reporting. And before you think it was an isolated tweet…here are a few more from the Portland news anchor. 

What does not show in these images, are the BLM fist logos that Dowling and other KOIN reporters have intertwined in their hashtags.

Now, back to statues. 

Breitbart reports

“On Sunday, a statue of Thomas Jefferson, the United States’ third president and author of the Declaration of Independence, was defaced and torn down outside a Portland high school.
Photos obtained by Oregon Live show the base of the monument was spray-painted in black with ‘slave owner’ and ‘George Floyd.’

The statue, which was situated in front of Jefferson High School, was yanked down following a protest against police brutality organized by Rose City Justice.

‘There’s an interesting piece of history up here… Mr. Thomas is all beside himself,’ one protester said of the statue being toppled.

‘We’re taking this city back,’ the organizer added. ‘One school at a time. One racist statue at a time.’”

LET has a private home for those who support emergency responders and veterans called LET Unity.  We reinvest the proceeds into sharing their untold stories. Click to check it out.

Murdered officer's grave desecrated before headstone even placed


Statues commemorating and memorializing our founding fathers are not the only things being vandalized as part of the “peaceful” protests that supposedly seek love and tolerance. 

Police in the city of Dover have arrested a 42-year-old suspect they allege to be responsible for vandalizing the Delaware Law Enforcement Memorial. What led to this suspect’s arrest, according to police, was a misplaced cell phone left at the scene of the memorial.

Authorities have charged Kyle Bullock for the damage sustained by the Delaware Law Enforcement Memorial on June 12, after locals reported seeing someone hitting the memorial with a sledgehammer in the early morning hours.

WWII veteran, 95, dying of cancer waves American flag outside home daily: ‘This is what I fought for’
Kyle Bullock – Dover Police Department

The Dover Police Department had gotten the call about the vandalism at approximately 5:35 a.m. on the 12th, but when police arrived at the scene, there was no suspect initially found.

The memorial, which portrayed a kneeling officer, was shown to have sustained severe damage to the portion of the officer’s neck.

At the scene, police also found a discarded axe and two Delaware state flags that had been allegedly urinated on.

WWII veteran, 95, dying of cancer waves American flag outside home daily: ‘This is what I fought for’
Axe found at the scene, with te sledge hammer end that was described by a witness

But there was more at the scene than just the axe and desecrated state flags – police also found a cell phone.

Bullock had shown up to the scene of the vandalized memorial while officers were investigating the damage and told police that he’d lost his cell phone while participating during a protest sometime earlier and was seeing if police had seen one lying around.

WWII veteran, 95, dying of cancer waves American flag outside home daily: ‘This is what I fought for’
Delaware Law Enforcement Memorial criminal damage

Authorities say that video evidence obtained later on during the investigation showed the person in search of his cell phone happened to also be the vandal they were looking for.

Police were said to have quickly obtained a warrant for Bullock’s arrest, and took him into custody at his residence during the evening of the 12th.

Bullock was arrested for felony criminal mischief resulting in damage over $5,000 and was held on a cash bond of $5,100.  

This anti-cop sentiment has been widespread, and even managed to make it’s way into the great state of Texas. 

There’s been a myriad of instances of vandalism and graffiti that have cropped up during the protests that swept throughout the country.

But one vandalism case depicting a police officer hanging from a noose found on the side of a Houston tattoo shop is very telling of the sentiments of some of these vandals among the protesters.

The disturbing mural was said to be found along the side of the building of 290 Ink in Houston. Apparently, the owner of the tattoo parlor had painted over the alarming depiction of violence upon discovering the graffiti.

Houston Police Officers’ Union President Joe Gamaldi had a picture of the vandalism, and posted said image to Facebook with the following caption:

“We are better than this Houston. Also, the dirtbag who painted this didn’t even get our uniform shirt right.”

On the post, Gamaldi further noted that while portions of the population are emotional at this time, showcasing images of killing police officers does not meaningfully contribute to the national dialogoue:

“We realize emotions are running high, but this solves nothing and helps nothing. We are very thankful to the owner of this property, who after discovering this hateful graffiti, painted over it immediately. This image does not represent the view of 99.99% of Americans and we will not let hate run our city. We are #HoustonStrong.”

The police union president also mentioned within the post that if anyone has insight as to who might have painted the abhorrent depiction, to please reach out to their Facebook page via Messenger.

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