Suddenly Wray outraged over “violent” rhetoric – but where was he when left was firebombing crisis pregnancy centers?


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USA- You’ve got to give leftists some credit. Their ability to employ selective outrage has been taken to an art form.

A few months back, when word leaked out of the Supreme Court that Roe v. Wade might be overturned, the left-wing rage machine went into action.

And almost on cue, the left-wing media and leftist politicians pretty much ignored it, much as they did in 2020 after George Floyd’s overdose death in Minneapolis. That’s because violence is only bad when it isn’t their violence.

This week, FBI Director Christopher Wray crawled out from the hole he’s been hiding in and decided it was high time to condemn “violent rhetoric,” in reference to mostly conservatives being outraged by the FBI’s raid on the Palm Beach home of former President Donald Trump, The Federalist reports.

The ironic part of this new-found outrage by Wray is he expressed no such concern when left-wing lunatics started firebombing crisis pregnancy centers and churches after the Supreme Court did in fact overturn Roe.

It should be noted that some of the violence engaged in by the pro-abortion crowd did in fact target police officers and other law enforcement officials. Wray however had no problem with that kind of violence…after all, they’re on the same team.

This past week however, Wray managed to turn on his rage machine.

“I’m always concerned about threats to law enforcement,” Wray said a couple of days after the raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate was announced by the former president himself.

“Violence against law enforcement is not the answer, no matter who you’re upset with.”

Unless of course you’re upset over leftist grievances such as “systemic racism” or “a woman’s right to choose.” Yes, suddenly leftists can define what a woman is. What about the “pregnant” men? Guess that didn’t fit the narrative this time around.

Clearly there are extremists on both sides and those who posted online threats against the FBI should be held to account, but to blame the entire political right for the actions of the few is wrong.

In fact, conservatives from Dan Bongino to Ben Shapiro to Glenn Beck and many more have all pleaded with the right not to play into what the left wants them to do. Leftists are begging the right to engage in the very conduct we have spent the last two years plus condemning.

During his remarks, Wray channeled his inner Hillary Clinton, referring to the online threats against the DOJ as “deplorable and dangerous.”

Yes, violent rhetoric has no room in a polite society, but attempting to lump everyone who has zero faith in an agency which has committed the following breaches of public confidence into a “violent” pigeonhole is disingenuous:

  • Crossfire Hurricane, trumped up Russia collusion charges against President Trump;
  • Merrick Garland colluding with the National School Boards Association to sic the FBI after school parents whose only crime is caring about what their children are taught in school;
  • Helping to scheme to “kidnap” Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, with informants and undercover agents actually helping to facilitate and encourage the plot;
  • Targeting anyone who was at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021, whether they actively participated in violence or not, with many of those indicted not even having entered the Capitol, while some of those who did enter the Capitol were basically invited in by law enforcement officials;
  • Where is Ray Epps, who was seen actively encouraging people to storm the Capitol, where there is video evidence to prove it.

As expected after Wray’s remarks the lapdog media ran with it, a transparent attempt by Wray to remove the focus from the FBI’s targeting of anyone not on Team Biden and instead move the focus to reactions from some on the extreme right. Here is an example of headlines reported by The Federalist:

  • Vanity Fair– “Trump’s allies apparently unbothered about possibility of getting someone killed.”
  • ABC News– “Authorities monitoring online threats following FBI’s Mar-a-Lago raid.”
  • The Washington [com]Post– “Simmering threat of violence comes to fore with search of Trump property.”

See how that goes? There was nary a word about violent left extremism in the wake of the Dobbs decision overturning Roe, which merely served to return the abortion question to the individual states, as outlined in our founding document, the United States Constitution.

It didn’t matter because leftist politicians from Nancy Pelosi to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to a clearly unhinged Elizabeth Warren served to stoke the flames of their violent constituency. But that was ok for the FBI Director…after all, he’s on their team.

According to the Family Research Council, in the three months following the initial leak out of the Supreme Court (how’s that investigation going?) there were 34 attacks on churches and 53 attacks on pro-life organizations and offices, as well as pregnancy care centers. Some of those attacks involved firebombing, attempted arson and vandalism, as well as threatening or hateful messages.

“If abortions aren’t safe, then you aren’t either,” said some of the graffiti, much of it attributed to an unhinged pro-abortion group “Jane’s Revenge.” However the FBI refused to tell The Federalist in June if the group was under investigation or if it has been tagged as a terrorist organization. We’re betting probably not.

According to Fox News, the Media Research Center detailed at least “67 posts threatening or calling for violence against Supreme Court Justices” posted on social media in just the first two weeks after the Dobbs decision.

There were calls online for killing of justices such as Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas, while the so-called “blue checkmarks” on Twitter called to “burn down” the Supreme Court, as well as the country at large.

One group…”Ruth Sent Us”…doxed the justices, publishing their home addresses and in one case, the address of the school were Justice Amy Coney Barrett sends her children. Yet Wray worries about the right?

Want to hear about a real insurrection? How about violent leftists who attempted to breach the Arizona state capitol building?

And what of the most egregious matter to come out of the pro-abortion radicals? An assassin…an admitted transsexual…came 3,000 miles across the country in an attempt on the life of Justice Brett Kavanaugh, and was arrested nearby his home.

So, an attempted assassination of a sitting Supreme Court justice…the media was all over it, correct? Here’s the breakdown between the assassination plot and the January 6 show trial:

Yes, that’s correct. The Sunday news shows, outside of Fox News devoted ZERO minutes to it. Still think there’s no media bias? Zero.

Yet here we have the media breathlessly reporting with near orgasmic delight that a few supporters of the former president are a bit unhinged.

If any of the above threats directed toward the Supreme Court had been instead directed toward the DOJ this past week you can bet that those individuals would be sitting in the Washington, DC gulag with the Jan. 6 trespassers.

We also had the incompetent hack running the FBI run out in a matter of days to express outrage over online comments condemning the FBI’s Gestapo tactics at Mar-a-Lago. He reacted in a similar fashion over the Supreme Court threats, right?

Not so much. The Federalist reports the Department of Justice criticized a co-equal branch of government, issuing a lengthy statement in which they admitted to “strongly disagreeing” with the court’s decision, waiting until the sixth paragraph to promise the DOJ would “not tolerate such acts.”

Worse still, the DOJ took 44 days after the initial leak of the Dobbs decision, along with repeated pleas from elected officials, including Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley (R), before the FBI agreed to look into the incidents. Since that time, there has been nothing but crickets from the DOJ or the FBI.

One of the most glaring differences between the abortion extremist violence and the (thus far) only verbal threats against the FBI is the selective outrage expressed by media outlets, such as the Washington Post, whose headline over the abortion decision violence read, “When is political violence justified?”

Compared to: “Simmering threat of violence comes to fore with search of Trump property.”

Do you get it? Political violence is fine and dandy when it’s the left committing it over their holy grail, abortion. But when a “simmering threat of violence” is all they’ve got, the implication is, “this kind of “violence” is bad. They literally don’t even try to hide their hypocrisy anymore.

As The Federalist notes, contrast the “implied” violence coming out of the storming of Trump’s Palm Beach home by the FBI and the media and FBI’s reaction to that with how they reacted to the US Capitol breach on January 6, 2021.

The media painted that (and still do) as a “deadly riot,” with some outlets continuing to claim that five police officers were killed “as a result” of the breach, an outright fabrication.

This despite the fact the only person killed on Jan. 6 at the US Capitol was unarmed military veteran Ashli Babbitt, killed by a US Capitol Police officer who by the way, still has his job.

Remember back in 2020 when leftists and the mainstream media railed against the “oppressive bail and carceral system?” It’s funny how all of that has now gone by the wayside as hundreds of Americans are held without bail in the Washington, DC equivalent of a Soviet gulag. You don’t hear much about bail reform for those people.

Wray’s selective outrage over reaction of the political right to yet another attempt to get Donald Trump is the reason why an overwhelming majority of Americans—Republicans, Independents and even Democrats—believe there is a two-tiered system of justice in the country. While most people think that two-tiered system is divided between the “haves” and the “have-nots,” it is also divided between right and left.

Wray proved it this week with his condemnation of the response from the right to the Mar-a-Lago raid, while he has repeatedly ignored or downplayed true violence from the political left.

It all depends which team you’re on.

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