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When wounded officers get no help from their departments… RxSaver by RetailMeNot is here.

It’s the same story, over and over again. 

Public servants that risk everything, including their life, are not being given the treatment they need after being injured in the line of duty.

All too often these wounded warriors are left abandoned, seemingly dropped by the department, the state…. everyone in sight who is supposed to help, isn’t. 

And with prescription drug costs on the rise, every penny counts.

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Finally, our protectors finally have a company in their corner.

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But let’s talk about Officer Phil Roselle for a moment. 

Roselle was gravely injured in a shooting accident when a firearm being used by a superior officer went off during a training session.

It was ZERO percent Roselle’s fault.


(Courtesy Roselle family)


Yet now, over a year after the incident, the department refuses to help give him the compensation he needs. They say the medical issues he’s experiencing are stemming from a pre-existing condition – not the bullet that’s still lodged inside him.

So who is helping officers like these?

We were pleasantly surprised to learn about how RxSaver is helping make the prescriptions these heroes need more affordable.

Emergency responders are often short-changed when they’re injured in the line of duty and receive inadequate recovery support. With limited or no money coming in, the situation can quickly become overwhelming.


When a brother or sister in blue is killed in the line of duty, the family is almost always completely taken care of.

But for some awful reason, and time and time again, we see police who survive a shooting or a horrific auto accident left hung out to dry, ignored and given no support in their recovery. 

Wounded Officers


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Any way to save money is a huge win. Knowing that it’s helping out wounded officers and the Blue Family helps us sleep a little better at night.

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