The world of law enforcement is no stranger to getting the job done on limited resources. Budget cuts, lack of appropriate technology as well as dwindling support for officers are all contributing factors that make detective work difficult.

But what happens when the job can’t get done by local entities?

Enter: Conflict International.

In 2008, CEO Mike LaCorte took his private investigation skills in London and began developing a worldwide network of law enforcement contacts, private investigators, and veterans to investigate and solve high-profile cases.


Together with his team, LaCorte has helped solve kidnapping and ransom cases, criminal acts, potential terrorist attacks and more.

After operating out of the UK for years, LaCorte looked to open up their resources to a US branch. 

Stephen Komorek is the Operations Director in CI’s New York office. Komorek says that Conflict International is comprised of “skilled operatives from a broad range of professional backgrounds, offering clients their wealth of experience.”

A veteran of the Iraq War and the global War on Terror, Komorek has conducted many special investigations during his career, from government corruption and human trafficking to counter intelligence and organized crime.

He recently appeared on an episode of Behind the Uniforms. 

During his special investigations, Komorek has assisted with the takedown of government corruption, serial-rapists, terror groups and suspects from international homicide cases.

CI has offices in New York and London. The NY office typically focuses on government, corporate and private investigations. Komorek noted that they handle criminal matters such as fraud, bribery, corruption and theft, but also get their hands dirty with special investigations like organized crime, counterintelligence, counterterrorism, homicide and human trafficking cases.

“We employ professional detectives, but also experts in military and police intelligence as well as lawyers who are specialists in private and corporate fields,” says Komorek. “We have a complete set of skills at our fingertips.”

LaCorte’s team is largely made up of former law enforcement and military officials. (Conflict International)


Private and federal groups have turned to Conflict International for their laundry list of services, including threat assessments, bug sweeps, surveillance and more. 

In a world where time is money, LaCorte talks about the importance of his ‘rapid response team’ that can instantly begin investigating a case when the call is made. He says that’s what keeps bringing people back – knowing that at any moment during the day or night, CI will take the job.

More information about the work from Conflict International can be found here.