Woman who admitted to biting and racially abusing cops for saying ‘All Live Matter’ walks free – no prison time


WYTHENSHAW, MANCHESTER- A woman who bit and racially abused white police officers while claiming to have a firearm because one of the officers said, “all lives matter,” has reportedly been spared from prison.

According to reports, four white police officers responded to the address of 20-year-old Sicily Hudson after reports that she was brandishing a blade while in a drunken state. The incident took place around 10:30 p.m. in July 2020.

Reportedly, she bit one of the officer’s arms and yelled, “I (expletive) hate you (expletive), you (expletive)” and she repeatedly shouted, “Black Lives Matter” and “I will bite you.” The officers feared for three young children that were present in the house and in response, one of the officers drew his taser.

According to reports, prosecutor Peter Conroy explained the following to the court:

“Police attended a property in the belief the defendant was in possession of a knife. She was in a bedroom on the ground floor and there were three children present when officers attended.”

He added:

“She had a bottle of alcohol in her hand and she was clearly intoxicated. She was also quite angry and she stated there were knives and meat cleavers in the room and she also said she was in possession of a gun.”

He continued:

“One of the officers then approached the defendant and said he needed to search her, but at this point the defendant became very aggressive and it took several officers to apprehend her. One was forced to draw his taster and it was then that the defendant started screaming and shouting abuse.”

The prosecutor continued by saying:

“The defendant then went to bite the arm of the officer and managed to put her teeth on his forearm. As a result, the officer pulled her head down with great difficulty and she constantly shouted racial abuse when being arrested and whilst getting into the police van and whilst in the van. A knife was found in her waistcoat when searched.”

The prosecutor explained:

“In interview, she admitted assaulting the police officer and biting the officer, but she said she did this because the officer had said to her, ‘All lives matter’ when she had previously been shouting ‘Black Lives Matter.'”

She reportedly faced jail after admitting assault on an emergency worker and racially aggravated harassment. However, she walked free with a £100 fine after claiming one of them said “all lives matter” while she hurled abuse at them.

Her defense slammed the police for their “ignorant” comment, which he claimed “antagonized” her. Matthew Wallace, her defense attorney said:

“I do not seek to justify her behavior and what she did in breaking the law and she feels ashamed of her conduct and behavior. But, she said ‘Black Lives Matter’ and the officer in response said, ‘All lives matter,’ which antagonized her.”

He added:

“It was an ignorant thing to do and the response escalated the situation instead of de-escalated it because of the occasion.”

Wallace added that Hunston, who had no previous convictions, was engaging with mental health services and said he was hopeful she could move forward from this incident.

Hunston, who confessed to assault on an emergency worker and racially aggravated harassment, was ordered to complete a 12 month community order, was told to pay the bitten officer £50 compensation, was told to pay £180 in costs and surcharges, and she walked out of the court a free woman.

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Pandemic problem: Colorado created breathalyzer loophole that’s getting drunk driving cases tossed in court

February 9th, 2021

DENVER, CO – It appears that due to the ongoing pandemic, there has been a sort of de facto loophole inadvertently created that is seeing alleged drunk driving cases getting dismissed in the courts in Colorado.

And the reason being has to do with the manner in which field sobriety tests are being administered – or rather, not administered.

Most everyone knows what the run of the mill field sobriety test looks like: an amalgamation of tests related to balance, multitasking and the ilk.

But there’s also one crucial piece of evidence that helps solidify every alleged case of driving under the influence: the field breathalyzer test.

And the Denver Police Department, reportedly among others in the state of Colorado, have stopped administering field breathalyzer tests. The reason being is due to concerns of creating transmission risks during the pandemic.

DPD Chief Paul Pazen commented on that aspect, saying:

“It’s important we have accountability for people who choose to drive while impaired as well as [making sure] we’re not unnecessarily or unduly spreading COVID-19.”

And as a result of these practices, some cases have been getting dismissed recently in the courts, essentially due to officers refusing to offer suspected DUI drivers a field breathalyzer test.

Jay Tiftickjian, a defense attorney in Denver who handles DUI cases, commented on this situational dilemma:

“Police officers have to do their jobs according to the law and when they don’t, cases get thrown out… Drivers who may be under the influence or impaired will get off on this issue.”

According to state law, police are supposed to offer suspected DUI drivers one of two means of documenting their BAC: either via a breathalyzer or a blood test. However, under “extraordinary circumstances”, certain forms of administering the field sobriety tests can be declined.

The Denver Police, Aurora Police, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office and the Colorado Springs Police Department have all collectively determined that COVID-19 and the potential of spreading it would fall under an “extraordinary” circumstance.

But that appointed classification by the aforementioned law enforcement agencies is in contrast with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, which has deemed that administering a breathalyzer test during the pandemic is safe.

A case that was recently dismissed in January exemplified the caveats of this juxtaposed position on administering breathalyzers during the ongoing pandemic.

Charles Fife explained the January case where his client was told he had to submit a blood test when he asked for a field breathalyzer:

“Without being offered a breath test, my client still demanded a breath test. [The Officer] refused to give client his breath test – which is his right, guaranteed under the statute. At the motions hearing the prosecutor argued COVID fell into the classification of ‘extraordinary circumstances.’ The Judge disagreed.”

A similar situation happened during a December 2020 administrative hearing involving a woman suspected of a DUI back in October.

This woman’s driver’s license was on the line during this hearing, but the hearing officer in that case dismissed the matter, noting that concerns over the pandemic are not, “extraordinary circumstances which prevented the completion of a breath test.”

Jeff Groff, who reportedly oversees breathalyzer testing for the state department, notes that his agency cannot compel any law enforcement agency to administer breathalyzers, but he wants to point out there’s no data suggesting they’re unsafe to administer:

“There’s nothing out there… I have no reason not to believe it’s not safe. So I think that performing a breath test on these instruments is no more risky than going to 7-Eleven and using your ATM card and the Pin pad.”

Groff says that so long as officers are wearing PPE while administering a breathalyzer, maintain social distancing, and are not sharing a confined space with someone using a breathalyzer – then they should be fine.

There are still several other law enforcement agencies in Colorado haven’t stopped administering the breathalyzer test, according to reports.

While it seems the aforementioned law enforcement agencies are sticking by their proverbial guns on this matter, local attorneys believe that this debacle will likely find it’s way into the courts to determine what police departments can do moving forward.

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Speaking of Colorado, there was a pretty high-profile arrest that occurred in Denver back in December of 2020. 

An individual who ran for Congress back in 2018 was said to have been arrested for allegedly trying to abduct a young girl. 

Here’s that previous report. 


DENVER, CO- A former Virginia man who ran for Congress in 2018 while advocating for pedophilia, rape, and white supremacy was recently arrested at the Denver International Airport for attempting to take a 12-year-old girl he kidnapped in California across the country.

The Fresno County Sheriff’s Department said in a statement that Nathan Daniel Larson, 40, was taken into custody during a flight layover in Denver. According to reports, authorities received notification of a missing 12-year-old girl from Fresno, California on December 14th.

Police believe that the girl let Larson on social media back in mid-October and that she was coerced into running away with him to the East Coast. Police believe that she then headed to Fresno Yosemite International Airport to catch a cross-country flight to Virginia to be with Larson.

Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims said investigators believed that Larson had traveled to California to meet the young girl. She said that Larson had convinced the girl to take a ride-share from her home at 2 a.m. so they could catch a flight.

Detectives with the Central California Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force took over the investigation. In a statement, the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office said:

“Detectives contacted law enforcement authorities in Denver and asked that they check the airport for Larson and the child. A Denver Police officer assigned to the local FBI Task Force located Larson and arrested him.”

The statement added:

“Agents rescued the girl, who was uninjured and made arrangements to have her reunited with her family in Fresno, which she was later on Monday night.”

Investigators said that Larson had flown to California and traveled to the young girl’s house, where he then persuaded her to sneak out. Authorities said in a statement:

“Larson made her wear a long hair wig to alter her appearance. He also told her to act as though she was disabled and unable to speak to ensure she would not converse with anyone at the airport while making their way onto the airplane.”

Detectives searched Larson’s home in Virginia and found electronic devices that revealed he runs a website that encourages pedophilia and child rape. Authorities said:

“During the past two months, Larson was able to convince the Fresno girl through manipulation and grooming, to send him pornographic images of herself.”

While executing the warrant at Larson’s Virginia home, his father, 69-year-old Arthur Larson, assaulted a HSI agent. He was arrested for assault and battery. He was later released from jail after posting bond.

During their investigation, detectives learned that Nathan Larson has a very disturbing background. He is a white supremacist and a well-known advocate for pedophilia. The website he runs encourages the raping of children and sharing of naked photos and video of children being raped.

Sheriff Mims said in a statement:

“It is obvious that Larson had the ability to be in contact with children across the nation and the willingness and the means to travel to abduct them.”

In 2017, Larson ran for political officer as an independent, seeking to become a member of the Virginia House of Delegates representing District 31. He went on to lose the race. In December 2008, while living in Boulder, Colorado, Larson sent a detailed email to the U.S. Secret Service threatening to kill the President of the United States.

Larson pleaded guilty in federal court and in October 2009, he was sentenced to 16 months in a federal prison and ended up serving 14 of those months. 

Larson is currently being held at the Denver county jail on a misdemeanor charge of harboring a minor. He is also facing charges in Fresno County of kidnapping, child abduction, soliciting child pornography from a minor, and meeting a child for the intention of sex.

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