LARIMER COUNTY, CO- Every once in a while, the stars all align and police get a small win.

This week in Larimer County, Colorado, we got that win.

You may remember Law Enforcement Today reporting on the not-quite-all-there woman who was attempting to get an extreme risk protection order (ERPO) against an officer who was forced to shoot and kill her son. 

Late last week, a warrant was issued for that woman’s arrest.

Susan Holmes has been doing whatever she can to try and ruin the life of Colorado State University Police Corporal Phillip Morris, one of the two officers involved in the shooting incident. 

Understandably, she is broken after the 2017 death of her 19-year old son, Jeremy Holmes.  Not as understandably, she blames Corporal Morris, rather than Jeremy’s mental illness, drug use, and knife attack on officers, for his death.

In her petition for the ERPO, she says:

“Phil Morris used his firearm to recklessly & violently threaten and kill 19-year-old Jeremy Holmes.”

The terms of an ERPO in Colorado require a person to be a family member, household member or law enforcement officer to petition the court to take a person’s firearms from them if the person is considered to be a danger to himself or others.

The petition is signed under penalty of perjury. 

Susan claims her authority for filing for the ERPO is that she and Corporal Morris are family members.  More specifically, that they have a child together.  Susan has told reporters that she plans to offer a different interpretation of the term “child in common.”

So sick and so stupid.

Susan posted a YouTube video explaining her reasons for filing.  In it, she says:

“I’ve never seen any justice and neither has my son, Jeremy Holmes … I think [Corporal Morris] should never have a gun again in his life.”

A couple of weeks ago, Susan had her day in court. 

Corporal Morris was not physically present during the hearing, but he did sign an affidavit under oath and submitted it to the court via his two representatives from the Colorado State Attorney General’s office.   

In the affidavit, Corporal Morris stated that he and Holmes do not fit under any definition of “family or household member” as defined under the red flag law. 

First Assistant Attorney General Jacquelynn Rich Frekericks said:

“There are neither facts nor clear and convincing evidence” regarding Susan’s claim of “child-in-common.” 

Eighth Judicial District Judge Stephen Howard denied the ERPO sought by Susan against Corporal Morris. 

This was after the Judge kindly reminded Susan that anything she said could be used against her, should criminal charges later be filed.  He warned her of her right to hold her tongue before she even approached the bench.

Oh, Susan.  If only you would have listened! 

Instead, she went on with her case that had no merit.  She flat out lied to the courts regarding her relationship with Corporal Morris, and she now has felony warrants in the system for her arrest.  Susan is wanted for suspicion of perjury and attempt to influence a public servant, both Class 4 felonies.

At the time of this writing, Susan had not yet been arrested.  She is currently on Larimer County’s “most wanted” list, and deputies have attempted to serve the arrest warrant multiple times. 

The warrant does allow for extradition from anywhere in the country.  Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith said:

“Ms. Holmes demonstrated enthusiasm to abuse the legal system when she fraudulently filed a red flag affidavit besmirching the name of an honorable CSU police corporal.  In doing so, she sought to deprive the officer of his constitutional rights.”

Smith has asked for the public’s help in locating Susan, saying that she has either fled the state or gone into hiding because of the warrant.

After Susan filed the petition, Sheriff Smith posted his disapproval of her game on Facebook.  Speaking on Susan’s filing, Sheriff Smith said:

“That petition was delivered to my office for service. I have not and will not be serving that petition, not because it’s against a police officer, but because it is a fraud.”

The Sheriff continued:

“We are actively investigating this abuse of the system and we will determine what charges may be substantiated against the petitioner, Ms. Holmes. Because this represents an active investigation, I will not be making any additional comments on this case at this time.”

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Sheriff says mom who filed red flag petition against police now being investigated for fraud

Clearly, the Sheriff wasn’t just spouting lip service.  Good on him- it’s so nice to see a higher-up support his people in this way.

The shooting incident was reviewed, per policy, and it was found to be “clearly justified.” 

It’s incredibly sad that the officers involved had to shoot and ultimately kill such a young kid, but that’s what happens when you charge at officers with a knife.  Susan told police, when she called to have them stop Jeremy from killing his older brother, that he was mentally ill and had been self-medicating with drugs. 

Sorry Susan, but that doesn’t exactly help your case.

Westword spoke to Susan after the judge’s denial of her ridiculously fraudulent petition.  The forum reported:

“At the conclusion of the brief hearing, Holmes told us that she came face to face with a scrum of reporters who were hoping she’d explain her line of thinking. But she declined. ‘I can appeal the case — the judge stated that — and based on the possibility of me doing that, I can’t discuss any of my positions,’ she explained.

‘But I can say I consulted two attorneys about that language before filing the ERPO — and one of them was a law professor. So I actually got legal advice before checking that box.’”

I hope she didn’t pay any money for that professor’s advice.

She told reporters at that time that she doesn’t believe she perjured herself.

In an interview with Westward a year after Jeremy’s death, Susan had said:

“Jeremy was an innocent nineteen-year-old, a big kid who skateboarded and designed computer games. He was in a mental health crisis from a reaction to cannabis. He never committed a crime in his life.”

Well, he never committed a crime in his life until threatening to kill his brother and then charging at police officers with a large hunting knife.  But yes.  He was innocent.

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