Woman sues Amazon over stipend to startups which excludes white, Asian entrepreneurs


The following includes content which is editorial in nature and which expresses the opinion of the writer.

USA- When will these woke companies learn? Retail giant Amazon is being sued by a white woman over the company’s program that discriminates against whites in favor of “black, Latinx [a made-up term], and Native American entrepreneurs” in the form of a $10,000 stipend to launch their own delivery startups.

The lawsuit alleges the program is “patently unlawful racial discrimination,” the Washington Free Beacon reports.

Amazon started offering its own delivery service a couple of years ago where they contract with local “delivery service partners”—in other words, outside businesses which deliver Amazon packages from point to point, usually ending at the customer’s home.

The company’s website says that to “help reduce barriers to entry for black, Latinx and Native American entrepreneurs,” the company created a “diversity grant” that gives members of the above demographics $10,000 to launch their own business and become “delivery service partners.”

Use of the term “Latinx” is intended to be politically correct, but an estimated 95% of Latinos do not recognize the made-up term and in fact believe it to be racist.

“This means that businesses owned by blacks, Latinos, or Native Americans receive a $10,000 stipend from Amazon to become delivery partners, while whites and Asian Americans who wish to become delivery service partners receive no such stipend and must foot the entire bill for their startup costs,” the lawsuit alleges.

The plaintiff in the case, Crystal Bolduc is asking a Texas district court to put a halt to the program and award damages to everyone “who has suffered unlawful racial discrimination on account of it.”

The lawsuit was filed on July 20, and those pushing the case include some of the most prominent appellate attorneys in the country.

It argues that the discriminatory stipends violate the Civil Rights Act of 1866, which prohibits racial discrimination in contracting. In filing the suit, Bolduc “seeks to represent a class of all past and future applicants” to the program “who have been subjected to racial discrimination.”

In addition, Amazon has another discriminatory program called the “Black Business Accelerator,” which gives black owned businesses a “$500 credit to assist with start-up and operational costs.”

That particular program, which is not included as part of Bolduc’s action against Amazon, still proves yet another case of “unlawful racial discrimination” at Amazon, Bolduc’s lawsuit alleges.

Amazon is hardly alone in pushing such a program which appears on its face to discriminate against a class of individuals, a violation of federal law. For another example which we recently reported on, please look below for reference to that piece.

Meanwhile, another tech tyrant, this time Google limits the numbers of white and Asian students universities are permitted to be nominated for a “prestigious” graduate fellowship.

Pfizer has a “Breakthrough Fellowship” that bans white or Asian applicants altogether.

At one of the largest domestic violence nonprofits in the country, Women Against Abuse, so-called “BIPOC” employees received a larger stipend than white ones to sit on a  “racial equity audit task force”—a policy that is currently subject to a pending discrimination complaint.

It’s gotten so bad that companies are no longer even trying to hide what they’re doing. Both the Google and Pfizer fellowships are broadcast for all to see on their company websites, despite civil rights attorneys saying they are in violation of federal law.

Amazon likewise doesn’t seem to care they’re violating federal discrimination laws. In the lawsuit, there are several screenshots from Amazon’s website which promotes the race-based discrimination scheme under the heading, “Commitment to Diversity.”

Yet another page titled “Our partners” boasts its Black Business Accelerator and says the program has the support of the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Southwest Airlines recently told employees that going forward, all open positions within the company must have minority applicants included in the candidate pool. If not enough diverse internal candidates are received, Southwest will post the position externally, even though those applicants might not have the necessary experience being sought. It’s just a matter of having people check off the right boxes.

The Free Beacon reached out to Amazon for comment, however none was received.


ICYMI below is our recent story about a discriminatory mortgage program being offered by Bank of America.


The following includes editorial content which represents the opinion of the writer. 

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Apparently, Bank of America has a very short memory.

In what can only be described as bizarre, Bank of America has announced they will offer zero-down, zero-closing cost mortgages, but only in certain communities.

Clearly, they didn’t learn their lesson (and America’s lesson for that matter) from the sub-prime mortgage bust that cratered the American economy some fifteen years ago.

For those with short memories, here is a quick refresher. In the late 1990s, then-President Bill Clinton and the Federal Reserve thought it a brilliant idea to offer mortgages to “high-risk” borrowers who had difficulty obtaining mortgages. That eventually led in part to rapidly increasing home prices.

After the regulations were relieved under Clinton, high-risk mortgages soon became available in the early 2000s. That increased demand and under the law of supply and demand, house prices were bid up primarily where houses were in short supply.

Long story short, the short-sighted decision first by Clinton and then by President George W. Bush eventually caused a number of subprime lenders to shutter their windows. Bond funding of subprime mortgages collapsed, demand for housing decreased, and housing prices, already dropping began a more precipitous drop.

The domino effect led to an increase in foreclosures and repossessions, flooding the number of homes being sold into a depressed housing market. A number of homeowners started selling their homes via “short sales” to avoid foreclosure. All of this led to the “great recession” which would lead to the election of Barack Obama.

Now, having apparently learned nothing from the debacle in the early 2000s, Bank of America is poised to do double down on stupid.

According to The Liberty Daily, the bank announced they will target “specific” communities (read BIPOC communities) in certain cities across the U.S. with the zero-down, zero closing cost mortgages. The move is being decried by a number of conservatives as being racist, which it certainly appears to be. And, as reported in an NBC News piece, it is easy to see exactly that, although for a different reason than it appears on first blush.

From NBC News:

Bank of America said it is now offering first-time homebuyers in a select group of cities zero down payment, zero closing cost mortgages to help grow homeownership among Black and Hispanic/Latino communities.

The option will first become available in certain neighborhoods in Charlotte, Dallas, Detroit, Los Angles, and Miami. The new mortgage, called the Community Affordable Loan Solution, aims to help eligible individuals and families obtain an affordable loan to purchase a home, the bank said.

Applicants do not have to be Black or Hispanic to qualify for the product, a bank representative said.

“Homeownership strengthens our communities and can help individuals and families to build wealth over time,” AJ Barkley, head of neighborhood and community lending for Bank of America said in a release.

“Our Community Affordable Loan Solution will help make the dream of sustained homeownership attainable for more Black and Hispanic families, and it is part of our broader commitment to the communities that we serve.”

The loans require no mortgage insurance—the additional fee typically charged to buyers who put down less than 20% of the purchase price—and no minimum credit score. Instead, eligibility will be based on factors like timely rent payments and on-time utility bill, phone and auto insurance payments. Prospective buyers must also complete a homebuyer certification course provided by Bank of America and federally approved housing counseling partners before they apply for the loan program, the bank said [emphasis added]

Initially, it was reported the program was only for black and Hispanics, however that isn’t correct. Whites, Asians, or anyone else living in specific black and Hispanic communities is eligible to apply.

Not to read too much into this, but it would appear that Bank of America, instead of working to relocate minority communities out of impoverished, crime ridden areas of these Democrat-run cities, is basically seeking to keep them right where they are.

As Liberty Daily notes, this isn’t a race-based program…it more appears to be about segregation. It’s convincing those who cannot otherwise qualify for a mortgage loan that in order to qualify for this special program, all they have to do is stay exactly where they are.

But hey, give Bank of America credit…at least they’re not trying to convince the minority community to stay in real hell holes such as Chicago, St. Louis, and Philadelphia, where they stand a better chance of getting shot to death than finding suitable housing.

The thing about racism is that often it’s hidden behind the curtains. All one has to do is listen to a few Joe Biden speeches and the racism shows itself loud and clear.

One example is the insinuation by some who claim that blacks and Hispanics are apparently too stupid to figure out how to obtain photo identification to vote. Oh, they don’t come out and call them stupid but it’s fairly easy to connect the dots.

That statement has been made by Biden, Kamala Harris, Stacey Abrams and others who repeatedly call out the “MAGA movement” for racism, when it is they who are the true racists. Biden just made that statement this past week.

Now, we’re not saying that Bank of America is a racist company. But their idea of segregating minorities and keeping them where they are sure seems to smack of something. Definitely memory loss.


For our prior piece about the economic disaster awaiting our country, we invite you to:


The following includes content which is editorial in nature and which reflects the opinion of the writer.

USA- If you’ve been to the gas station or the grocery store lately, what you’re about to read will come as no surprise. It is quite obvious to anyone who isn’t the most died in the wool Biden supporter that things are really, really bad right now. How bad? How about “economic collapse” bad?

According to a commentary in The Washington Standard, Michael Snyder, a graduate of the University of Florida Law School and publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog warns that he has never seen the level of “economic pessimism” that he is currently witnessing. And he notes, he isn’t the only one who feels that way, and senses even the public is aware that we are headed in a very bad direction.

As we are painfully aware, history often repeats itself, and what we are currently witnessing is the beginnings of an economic collapse which would eclipse the pain we experienced in the early 1980s coming out of the Carter presidency. Some, he notes, believe this go around is going to be even worse, with one Wall Street investor, Michael Novograts, predicting “the economy is going to collapse.”

The economy is going to collapse,” he told MarketWatch. We are going to go into a really fast recession, and you can see that in lots of ways,” he added.

“Housing is starting to roll over,” he said. “Inventories have exploded. There are layoffs in multiple industries, and the Fed is stuck [with a position of having to] hike [interest rates] until inflation rolls over.”

Snyder, however, believes that “the economy is already starting to collapse,” and warns of 18 signs that the economic meltdown has indeed already begun.

  1. Stock prices- have taken a dive over the past few weeks, with some $3 trillion dollars in wealth evaporating from investments such as 401k’s. The selloff has not just hurt big investors—it’s slammed Americans’ retirement savings as well.
  2. The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped below 30,000 for the first time in over a year. That level is a psychological bellwether and Snyder believes if it doesn’t recover above that level it will serve to further panic a lot of investors.
  3. The Dow is off 19% from its all-time high
  4. The S&P 500 is down 24 percent from its all-time high
  5. The Nasdaq is down 34 percent from its all-time high. That equates to one-third of the Nasdaq’s value being slashed.
  6. Crypto, long thought to be the savior of our monetary system has lost two-thirds of its value since the peak of its market. Where last November the value of all crypto had flown past the three-trillion dollar mark, it current sits at less than one trillion dollars.
  7. For those who are looking to buy a house, mortgage rates soared this past week to 35-year highs, which will eviscerate the housing market. According to Freddie Mac, the average rate on a 30-year loan soared from 5.23% to 5.78%. Just one year ago, the average rate was 2.93%.
  8. Where recently people were bidding up prices on homes well above asking price, the largest percentage ever recorded reduced the list price on their homes during the four-week period ending June 12th.
  9. In some parts of the U.S., home prices have already collapsed by as much as 20 percent.
  10. Compared to one year ago, the total number of mortgage applications was down 52.7 percent last week.
  11. Housing starts fell 14.4 percent in May.
  12. Permits for construction of new homes fell 7 percent in May.
  13. Wholesale prices continue to soar at “a very alarming pace…” The producer price index rose 0.8% for the month and 10.8% over the past year. That rise kept pace with Dow Jones estimates and doubled the 0.4% pace in April.
  14. According to the Atlanta Fed’s GDPNow tracker, it is projecting second quarter economic growth to be 0%…yes, that’s correct…zero.
  15. The Philadelphia Fed Business Index for June read -3.3, the first such contraction since the earliest days of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  16. Small business owners responded to a survey, saying they are “feeling their gloomiest in nearly five decades.”
  17. Nearly six out of ten manufacturers in the United States believe that a recession is coming.
  18. Bloomberg is projecting the likelihood of a recession during the next two years is 5 percent.

All of this of course runs completely contrary to what the administration and financial “experts” were talking about around a year or so ago. Remember when we were told that inflation was “transitory?”

Well as we’ve found out, you can only print so much money out of thin air before the laws of economics go into full force. You can only bid up real estate prices by $40-50k above asking price (or more) for a while before it bites you in the keester. Remember when Biden bragged about how wonderful the stock market was doing? Seems like a distant memory now.

As Snyder points out, for every time the “experts” “kicked the can down the road,” they only served to make things worse long term. Now, the chickens have come home to roost. The short-term outlook sucks and the long-term outlook isn’t much better.

Many of us remember the early 1980s and not fondly. Right now it seems like we took Marty McFly’s Delorean “back to the future” of 1981. And all we want is our 2019 back…”mean tweets” and $2.00/gallon gas.

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