Woman slashes man’s throat on camera. Prosecutors throw out attempted murder charge.


In case you’ve ever wondered whether a concealed carry permit should be on your to-do list, you don’t need to look any further than a story you likely missed earlier this year.

Back in September over in Sandy, Oregon, a woman was sentenced to seven years in prison for slicing a man’s throat inside of a Taco Bell restaurant. Investigators said the knife wound was millimeters from potentially severing vital arteries and possibly killing the victim.

If you’re confused as to why someone would only get seven years of prison for what most would call attempted murder, you’re not alone. But after getting the offender to take a plea bargain, the attempted murder charge was tossed out.

Woman slashes man’s throat on camera. Prosecutors throw out attempted murder charge.
In this frame, a woman can be seen reaching out to slash her victim’s neck from his ear to his Adam’s apple, nearly killing him. (Clackamas County District Attorney’s Office)


Caley Mason, 22, was sentenced to seven years in prison after she slashed Jason Luczkow’s throat simply because he was objecting to the way she was treating the Taco Bell employees while awaiting her order to be delivered.

Clearly not the reaction anyone would expect from someone intervening verbally to deter someone from berating a fast food employee.

Mason pleaded guilty to second-degree assault in the knife attack against Luczkow.

Mason’s vicious attack had left the 48-year-old man with an 8-inch gash from his ear all the way to his Adam’s apple.

According to Luczkow, he stated about his injuries:

“She missed my jugular, missed my carotid artery by millimeters. It’s gruesome. It looks like I’m dead.”

If that isn’t infuriating enough, she was originally charged with attempted murder, as she should have been, but then the state decided that a plea bargain would be better to avoid trial-related costs.

Luczkow recounted the evening of July 9 this year, saying that he and his wife had gone to the fast-food chain to pick up a few tacos and a Mexican pizza.

The near-fatal laceration required over 100 stitches and left behind a grotesque scar. Luczkow even needed to grow a beard in order to mitigate the visibility of the scar.

“I don’t particularly like having a beard, but I didn’t like looking at myself either.”

Mason, who was donning a blonde wig that evening, was already making a scene when the couple had arrived, according to Luczkow and the Sandy Police Department. She had made a spectacle of a display over how long it took to get her food.

Luczkow detailed the events prior to the attack.

“Apparently, the management had already told her to leave. As she continued to rant and rave, I told her to be quiet. Told her to zip it,” he said in an interview.

After exchanging a few words, Mason abruptly left the restaurant, according to police. Mason then made her way back into the Taco Bell lobby, concealing a utility knife, and crept up from the gentleman from behind and slashed him from the ear down to the neck while just walking by according to Detective Sam Craven.

Of course, you needn’t take the detective’s word on what happened, as the entire attack was caught on video likely because someone started initially recording the woman’s outburst (be warned, the video is graphic).


Blood was profusely pouring from the Luzckow’s neck, while his wife wife at first thought he was playing a prank on her. Luzckow detailed his wife’s first thought when the attack happened:

“My wife thought I was playing a practical joke with the hot sauce packets. Needless to say, I didn’t get my order that night.”

Mason fled the lobby after slicing Luzckow’s throat and sped off in a silver Kia Soul that almost ran over his wife, who had pursued the knife-wielding woman.

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Woman slashes man’s throat on camera. Prosecutors throw out attempted murder charge.


According to police, cops had pulled over the described car a short time later, where they found Mason along with her boyfriend and two children aged 2 and 4.  

This wasn’t Mason’s first foray into crazy, as according to prosecutors, Mason was on state supervision for an armed robbery conviction in Maryland after sticking up a pizza deliveryman at her home.

While she will likely face more prison back east when she’s completed her sentence in Oregon, it’s still disturbing to think that seven years was even on the table for a repeat offender of violent crime.

Crimes inside fast food restaurants haven’t exactly been in short supply recently. 

Just a few weeks back, LET brought you the story of a murder that took place over a line-cutting dispute inside a Popeyes chicken restaurant. 

A Maryland man was stabbed to death in November just outside of an Oxon Hill Popeyes location after he apparently had cut in the line that had formed for the restaurant’s re-released chicken sandwich. The line-hop apparently led to an argument with another man who had also been waiting for the new food, police said.


The victim, Kevin Tyrell Davis, 28, was stabbed outside the restaurant around 7 p.m. that evening, according to the Prince George’s County Police Department. Davis was transferred to a nearby hospital location after first responders had made it to the scene, but he was pronounced dead after arriving at the hospital.

Surveillance footage that had been obtained by police investigating the case showed several customers that were waiting in a line specifically setup for people wanting to order the coveted chicken sandwich. According to the video, Davis had entered the store and began meticulously cutting in line in order to expedite his arrival to the front and place his order, police Chief Hank Stawinski told reporters.

It didn’t take long for Davis’ line cutting to be cut short, itself. Police say the second man had confronted Davis about his behavior, and approximately 15 seconds after the interaction, the two went out the restaurant door and Davis was stabbed, Stawinski said.

Police Chief Hank Stawinski was honestly puzzled about the entire debacle.

“How does a confrontation lead to a homicide in 15 seconds?” he said during a press briefing.

Well, that’s not a crazy question to ask, but the other question is: how good is that chicken sandwich?


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