CHICAGO, Ill. – Chicago authorities said that a crazed woman wearing a ‘Scream’ mask allegedly broke into a home and brutally attacked her victim – a 56-year-old woman who was dog sitting for her son. 

MSN reported that 20-year-old Patricia Calhoun-Murdock was arrested on Friday and charged with attempted murder, home invasion and residential burglary after the alleged attack. 

Calhoun-Murdock faces attempted murder charges after breaking into a Chicago home and attacking the woman staying there. (Chicago Police)


Chicago police say that Calhoun-Murdock’s bizarre attack began nearly two weeks ago on September 1 on the 4200 block of South Union Avenue in the home of a man whose mother had reportedly been dog sitting while he was away. 

Prosecutors say the 56-year-old victim had been sleeping on the couch when she awoke to a woman standing above her. The stranger was inside the home holding a large knife and wearing the mask from the famed scary movie, ‘Scream’.

Assistant State’s Attorney Lorin Jenkins told the Cook County judge that the victim begged her attacker, later identified as Calhoun-Murdock, not to hurt her. Her reply was chilling.

“God is making me do this,” the knife-wielding woman allegedly said.


Then she lashed out at her victim, stabbing her repeatedly. Badly wounded but still clinging to life, the victim stayed down and pretended to be dead. 

What Calhoun-Murdock did next was shocking, Jenkins said. According to the report, Calhoun-Murdock didn’t flee once the stabbing happened. Instead, she went to the bathroom and took a shower.

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When she came out, it still wasn’t time to leave. Calhoun-Murdock then went to the kitchen, made herself something to eat, then sat and watched television while she enjoyed her meal. While this was all going on, the victim was still trying to play dead.

It didn’t fool Calhoun-Murdock.

“I can still hear you breathing,” she said to her victim while she continued to hang out inside the home. 

Then, eventually, the victim’s daughter-in-law came over to the house. Calhoun-Murdock jumped up and attacked her with a bat, threatening to kill her if she told anyone what she had seen there.

Prosecutors say that the injured woman on the floor called out to her daughter-in-law to run from the apartment and call 911. She managed to escape and alert the police. 

Jenkins said that once emergency crews arrived and discovered the victim still clinging to life, they rushed her to the University of Chicago Medical Center. 


Jenkins said that the victim was treated for 39 stab wounds to her face, skull, neck and stomach. Additionally, her heart had been punctured, her throat was slit twice and she had a broken arm.

Incredibly, she survived from her critical wounds. 

It wasn’t hard for investigators to track down the person wanted in connection with the brutal attack. Police say that Calhoun-Murdock had left a cellphone inside the apartment that had all of the identifying information they needed tucked in the case, including her driver’s license and other identification. 


When police arrested her, she allegedly admitted parts of the crime. 

MSN said that police took their suspect into custody on Friday by US Marshals. 

Police say that Calhoun-Murdock has never been arrested before, but noted that she had some severe mental health issues that she was battling. 

Associate Cook County Circuit Court Judge Mary Marubio said that the “truly random and violent nature of the crime” caused her to deny bail for Calhoun-Murdock. 


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