Woman says cops never responded after she was attacked at a grocery store in police-defunded Seattle


SEATTLE, WA – A woman who was reportedly attacked twice by the same man at two different grocery stores in Seattle earlier in September says when she called police over one of the incidents, they never responded to the scene.

The first of the two incidents occurred on September 25th when Chelsie Gray was with her 4-year-old and 6-year-old boys while she was loading her groceries and children into her vehicle at the parking lot of the Fred Meyer in Seattle’s Greenwood neighborhood.

Gray said that the unknown male rammed her and then her vehicle with a shopping cart:

“I see him coming from the side and he is ramming me with the cart.”

The woman noted that she’d remembered seeing the man inside of the store as she was at the self-checkout. Gray said that the man had mumbled something to her two boys while she was checking out but told her children to ignore the man.

She noticed that as she was exiting the store, the man had a shopping cart loaded with merchandise that wound up triggering the store alarm while he was walking out of the store with it. Gray later learned that the man had indeed not paid for the items in the cart he was pushing.

After Gray was assaulted, other shoppers nearby caught wind of the commotion and scared the man off – with him reportedly assaulting another woman who was walking her dog as he was leaving the store parking lot:

“He came from behind and knocked her over.”

Following both her own and the other assault committed by the unknown male, Gray called 911 and reported the incident – waiting at least 20 minutes with no response from Seattle Police:

“The police never came.”

The 911 operator had reportedly informed Gray that police wouldn’t be responding immediately to her report, but felt that after waiting 20 minutes, it was just easier for her to pack up her children and drive home. Gray never received a callback from authorities following the incident.

The mother of two is aware that due to the police force dwindling in Seattle, it’s causing ripple effects such as the one she personally experienced:

“I am very empathetic to our police. I feel we need them [but] we have…crippled our only source of protection against what’s happening.”

Just one day after the attack at the Fred Meyer grocery store, Gray would encounter the same man again at a different grocery store.

Gray was just about to leave the Crown Hill Safeway when the man was entering the store, lunging at her with a shopping cart while doing so:

“All of [the] sudden I see another cart coming at me.”

Gray was able to get behind a store fixture before people came to her assistance, with the man reportedly fleeing the scene after the encounter. Instead of calling 911 again, Gray simply went home and her and her husband began looking into filing a non-emergency report with Seattle Police.

An officer filed a report on both the September 25th and 26th incidents, with Gray providing police with photos of the suspect that she had taken during the attacks. Reportedly a photo of the same man was posted by a member of the neighborhood’s NextDoor, noting he recently attacked another individual.

Frequent shoppers from the Safeway where the second incident occurred didn’t recognize the man specifically featured in the photos, but some pointed out the existence of a homeless encampment that resides behind the store where incidents have frequently occurred as a result.

Gray said that one of the managers of the store said that “his employees are being accosted daily” by some of the vagrants, as well as customers. She added that the whole police defunding efforts were a bad move for the city:

“Defund police was not the right move. We need our police.”

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Seattle, which has lost 300 cops during ‘defund the police’ movement, faces losing 200 more over new “mandate”

(Originally published September 8th, 2021)

SEATTLE, WA- According to reports, the Seattle Police Department (SPD) has lost roughly 300 officers since the beginning of the “defund the police” movement, which began around summer 2020.

A little over a year later and now the department might lost another 200 officers over Mayor Jenny Durkan’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate. 

The Jason Rantz Show on KTTH has learned that there are just over 200 police officers who say they either have not been vaccinated against COVID-19 or refuse to turn over their private medical data. This number represents roughly 20 percent of the SPD’s deployable staff.

Reportedly, under the new vaccine mandate, city workers who do not get the shots will be terminated. The SPD, already stretched thin with little support from city council or the mayor, cannot stand to lose any more officers. 

The City of Seattle is now requiring full vaccination against COVID-19 as a condition of employment, regardless of one’s age, risk factors, or prior infection. As of this writing, religious and medical exemptions are offered, but it is unclear if the city will actually accommodate those requests.

City staff must be fully vaccinated by October 18th. Some officers with the SPD do not believe the vaccine is necessary to do their job. For the last 17 months, officers have been in the field without a vaccine.

Other officers do not think the government has the right to data on private medical decisions, even if they may be vaccinated; it is simply not the government’s business.

Durkan’s mandate was subject to impact bargaining with the Seattle Police Officer’s Guild (SPOG). The union has reportedly been negotiating with city leaders and an agreement on terms could come soon, however, it is unclear how many of the 200 officers will be satisfied. 

Shaun Van Eyk, union representative with PROTEC17, once of the city’s largest unions and co-chair of the Coalition of City Unions, said the mandate cause him and his members by surprise. He said:

“This whole situation is a little bit of a cart before the horse situation. It’s pretty clear that there wasn’t a lot of policy or procedural development in advance of that. I think there’s an absolute risk of a mass exodus from the city.”

At least one union negotiating with the city is asking for severance packages for staff who choose to forgo vaccination. If even a small portion of the officers are terminated due to the vaccination mandate, the effect would be catastrophic. 

The SPD is already staffed at record lows not seen since the 1980s, which means proactive policing is practically non0-existent for the majority of Seattle. 

Reportedly, often times there are only about 70 percent of officers patrolling the city on any given night. In light of this, violent crime has surged across the city, which is now on pace to break the 26-year-high homicide rate set in 2020.

With just over 1,000 deployable officers, the city is about 300-500 offices shy of where they need ti be. A Durkan spokesperson said in a statement:

“We are hopeful that terminations will not be necessary and all unvaccinated employees choose to get vaccinated.”

Shortly after Durkan issued the COVID-19 vaccine mandate, the president of the largest Seattle police union issued a warning. During his podcast, “Hold the Line with Mike Solan, ” Solan, president of SPOG, said:

“I can tell you right now, we could potentially have a lot of officers that could be terminated by this mandate.”

The mandate, he said, could accelerate exits from the SPD. He added:

“Our Seattle community is already experiences a Seattle Police Department staffing crisis. Given the crisis, which in part is resulting in an alarming crime wave, can Seattle now endure more losses of police officers due to Mayor Durkan’s vaccination order?”

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Hundreds of state troopers face being fired as state denies all religious and health exemptions for mandates

September 4th, 2021

OLYMPIA, WA- Typically, employees are allowed to opt out of things such as vaccination mandates for one of two reasons—health concerns or religious exemptions.

However in the new world of adios personal liberty courtesy of power-hungry governors, we take you to Washington State, where incompetent Gov. Jay Inslee (D) has decided that religion is no longer an adequate excuse to avoid the jab.

According to Jason Rantz of 770 KTTH in Seattle, Inslee has now told troopers with the Washington State Patrol (WSP), who have successfully worked for the past 18 months without a vaccine by wearing PPE (personal protective equipment) to avoid the ‘rona, that the religious exemptions no longer apply.

In an email sent to WSP staff Thursday, Inslee wrote that “there is no accommodation that can be provided for the religious exemption requests.” A subsequent email sent by a WSP captain confirmed the directive.

So as a result of the decision, which impacts any “public-facing” position, troopers must be fully vaccinated by Oct. 18 or state dictator Inslee says they will be fired. Rantz said the decision was made after human resources consulted with the Attorney General’s office. The email specifically puts the blame for the decision on Inslee’s office.

This decision could have a significant negative impact on staffing within the Washington State Patrol, which Rantz notes could “cripple the entire department.”

According to the email obtained by the Jason Rantz show on KTTH, a high-ranking official within the WSP confirmed that “there is no accommodation that can be provided for the religious exemption requests.”

“I wish I had better news on this as I know many of us have been waiting to hear back regarding accommodation requests,” the email, sent to some WSP staff read.

“I know this is hard news to hear for many of us. I wanted to share this with you directly as soon as I found out instead of waiting for the daily bulletin to come out.”

Rantz said that WSP troopers can expect to see their religious exemption requests denied in the coming days.

The second email, sent on Friday morning and written by a WSP captain noted that the guidance was provided by state human resources from “guidance provided by the Governor’s Office.”

“At this time, it has been confirmed that for any public-facing position, there are limited accommodations available,’ the email reads, and continued that “there is no accommodation we can provide for their religious exemption requests.”

Continuing, the email read, “I have already asked how this is possible and I’m seeking clarification on how we have been working in this Covid environment for the past 17-months utilizing the appropriate PPE and social distancing protocols to complete our mission.”

Leaked emails obtained showing correspondence between Inslee and representatives for Attorney General Bob Ferguson showed the state of Washington wrote the religious exemption form to be as “narrow as possible.”

This was done in order to prevent religious staffers from receiving accommodation. However the forms provided to assorted staff members noted that any exemption would be subject to the ability to provide accommodations.

They are not only trying to limit religious exemptions but also medical exemptions. According to the email, “the employee [seeking medical exemption] will have to take leave during that waiting period until they can come back to work fully vaccinated.”

While the email left a small opening that perhaps things might change, many state employees are preparing to lose their jobs.

One such person is a Washington State Trooper, Phillip Berg who is only five years into his career with the WSP. Berg previously served in the military and felt the call to join the state patrol and give something back to the community. He said that he is being forced out over the vaccine mandate.

“The public needs to be made aware of the repercussions of what October 19 looks like if medical exemptions and religious exemptions are not granted,” Berg said on Rantz’s show on KTTH, speaking in his personal capacity and not as a state trooper.

Berg believes the mandate will have a devastating effect on WSP staffing if accommodations are not provided.

“I disagree with the premise of [a] mandate on its face, [but] I decided to put in my religious exemption form for a specific reason,” he said.

“That it’s a chance to stand up for the unborn. That is my objection to it. The fetal cell lines used in the process to create this vaccine. So it’s an opportunity for me to have a voice for the unborn that didn’t have a choice in this.”

He emphasized that he will not let the feckless Inslee take that away from him.

“There’s nothing that anyone or any governmental entity can to do get me to disregard what God has placed on my heart,” Berg said.

“There’s nothing that can be done to me, promised to me, or taken away from me to dissuade me from my God-given convictions. So, yes, I’m 100% ready to be terminated October 18, and I can’t be swayed from that.”

Rantz said that if employees who seek accommodation or are ideologically opposed to Inslee’s mandate are fired, the Washington State Patrol will suffer what he describes as an “unprecedented staffing crisis.”

In a poll taken of members between Aug 9-17, troopers were asked if they plan to refuse the vaccination, even under threat of termination, 296 said yes. A more general question which asked troopers if they disagree with mandatory vaccinations showed 449 troopers in opposition to the plan while only 19 supported it.

In an email sent to members last week by the State Patrol’s association that was obtained by Rantz, they asked:

“Important questions need to be addressed, including what the agency will look like with a 20-35 percent loss of employees? How will the agency deploy resources to the areas that are most impacted?” the letter asked.

One trooper who said he will not take the vaccine and will accept termination is Robert LaMay, a 22-year department veteran who is refusing the vaccine. Also speaking in his personal capacity, LaMay warned of the implications of terminating so many troopers much as Berg did.

“I don’t know if people understand the amount of numbers, we’re talking about for state employees that are looking at leaving, LaMay told Rantz.

“I mean, we’re talking, just patrol, 400 or 500, 600 people. We have probably 800 guys that actually work the road, the rest of them are management positions, things of that nature…detectives. So if just a quarter of those types of people actually refused to get the vaccination and they are terminated on [Oct. 18]? That’s what the citizens of the state are actually looking at.”

This is something that bears watching. A number of power-hungry governors and mayors have decided to push mandatory vaccinations on their employees, and a number of those employees are going to push back. Even in a case such as Washington State, you’re talking to a substantial decimation of its authorized strength. 

Extrapolate that out to a city such as New York or Chicago and the results would be absolutely devastating. In a battle of wits, our money is on the cops. 

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