Woman pleads guilty to murdering the man who she said choked her out and raped her


STEVENSON, AL – A case that has been going through the courts since early 2018 involving a woman accused of murdering her alleged rapist has come to a close. Now, the woman (who had been jailed for murder since 2018) had pleaded guilty to murder but will only have another 7 months in prison.

Here’s the details on this rather complex case.

On January 15th, 2018, Brittany Smith had received a call from Todd Smith (no relation) about having been stranded in town and needed a place to stay for the evening. At the time, Brittany had just recovered from a history of drug use – whereas Todd was reportedly still using drugs.

Brittany had claimed that she was somewhat reluctant to allow Todd to spend the night on her couch, citing that she was aware that he bore some interest in her romantically. However, she opted to have him come over for the evening.

Apparently, Todd wasn’t exactly forthcoming as to why he was stranded out in town, as he was reportedly kicked out of his father’s home after having been arrested for some sort of violent domestic incident.

Still, Brittany was reportedly welcoming of Todd after he arrived, informing him of all the ground she has made on her recovery. She noted how she landed a new job at a flooring company and was hoping to regain custody of her four children who she lost custody of in 2013 due to her drug use.

Reflecting on the elation she had at the time with the progress that she made, Brittany stated:

“I was just uplifted. Like, everything is going right. I have a job now, I’m going to get my babies back, and I have a home.”

During that January 2018 evening, during the conversation between Brittany and Todd, Brittany says she had told Todd that he needed to get “his priorities together,” when he noted that he was still using drugs. According to Brittany, that made Todd snap and he proceeded to choke her until she passed out.

Brittany stated that after she’d passed out, Todd had raped her and threatened to kill her and her family if she ever said anything to anyone about the rape.

Where things get complicated is the events after the alleged rape.

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After the attack was said to have transpired, both Todd and Brittany remained inside of her home. Sometime thereafter, Brittany claims that Todd had said he needed to get some cigarettes – so she phoned her brother to pick the both of them up to go get some cigarettes.

Brittany’s brother, identified as Chris McCallie, entered the gas station with both Brittany and Todd and a friend of Brittany’s happened to be working as the clerk inside of the gas station. Brittany then simply handed over a note to the cashier containing Todd’s name on it while they were buying said cigarettes.

McCallie then dropped both Brittany and Todd back off at her home, and Brittany was said to have whispered into her brother’s ear to go back to the gas station and speak with her friend who she handed the note over to.

Well – McCallie left Brittany’s home and did just that. And whatever exchange happened between the gas station clerk and McCallie, he came back to Brittany’s home with a gun.

When McCallie entered the home, a confrontation ensued, and Todd had apparently gained the upper hand and placed McCallie into a headlock. During this incident, Todd was alleged to have threatened to kill McCallie while having him in the headlock and reportedly threatened Brittany again as well.

Brittany retrieved a gun, presumably the one brought by her brother McCallie, and shot Todd.

She called 911 after shooting Todd, telling the operator:

“Someone just got shot at 211 Sharon Drive. He…he tried to kill me and…just have an ambulance come please, because I don’t want this man to die.”

According to court records, Brittany was arrested and booked into jail two days following the killing of Todd. Brittany wound up accepting a plea bargain for 20 years in prison – but she actually didn’t get 20 years in prison.

She wound up getting a total of 18 months in prison, 18 months of house arrest and the rest is probation to follow, which time served suggests she should be out in the next seven months.

But what didn’t add up was the arrest date of Brittany being in January of 2018, getting a 18-month sentence with previous time served (meaning the proverbial clock started on January 17th, 2018) and her still having seven months to go as of October of 2020.

Based upon simple math, Brittany should already be going home …unless she’d bonded out at some point – which she did. However, her bond was revoked on September 18th of this year.

Woman pleads guilty to murdering the man who she said choked her out and raped her
Brittany Smith arson arrest, September 2020 – Jackson County Sheriff’s Office

The reason being was that Brittany was arrested again.

For arson of a residence.

On September 17th of this year, while Brittany was out on bond, she’d allegedly set two fires inside of a mobile home located on 64 Bolivar Street in Stevenson. While there was reportedly little damage done from the fires, authorities charged her with arson.

As of now, that case is still pending.

Man charged with rape of 13-year-old girl he ‘picked up’ at Walmart, threatening to kill her if she told on him

NASHVILLE, TN —  On September 29th, a 28-year-old man was formally charged for the rape of a 13-year-old girl he had “picked up” at a Nashville Walmart just a few weeks prior. 

The suspect, identified as Orlin Funez-Flores was arrested on Monday, September 28th by Nashville Metro Police and charged with two felonies: aggravated statutory rape and domestic assault.

The first incident takes place on August 31st, 2020.  According to an arrest affidavit, Reina Guevara, Funez-Flores’ ex-girlfriend, stated he had come to her bedroom window.  She allowed him inside the room even though she had previously ended their relationship. 

At some point during this incident, the suspect had threatened to kill the girl and her family if she did not get back together with him. The girl’s mother told police that she had heard some commotion coming from her daughter’s room. 

She went quickly to investigate, knocked, but was told to wait by her daughter.  The ex-girlfriend’s mother then went outside to see a man (Funez-Flores) had jumped out of her daughter’s window and was running away from the house.

Then, on September 28th, the Metro Nashville Police were notified that a missing 13-year-old girl had been found.   She was discovered at an apartment belonging to Orlin Funez-Flores. 

Police spokeswoman Kris Mumford said the girl’s family had reported her missing from her Louisiana home in June of this year.

The victim told detectives she had been abducted from a Walmart and raped by several people that she did not know.  Amazingly, she was able to escape her kidnappers and call Funez-Flores. The victim claimed that he was a friend.

It was reported that during an interview of the suspect by Metro detectives, Funez-Flores eventually admitted to seducing the victim at an area Walmart a few weeks prior.  He told police that he took the girl to his apartment and engaged in sexual activities with her.

Woman pleads guilty to murdering the man who she said choked her out and raped her

Pictured above, Orlin Funez-Flores also confessed to police that he knew about the illicit content on his phone.  It was unknown if the juvenile victim was involved.

Currently, there are 14 metro-area Nashville Walmart’s, but authorities did not specify at which location this incident occurred.  It was also undetermined if anyone else was actually involved in this incident.

Orlin Funez-Flores is currently being housed at Nashville Metro Jail on a $30,000 bond.

In other related news:  A man in Hendersonville, Tennessee was arrested for battery of a 9-year-old girl at a Walmart.

Another scary instance this September at a Tennessee Walmart, when a man grabbed a child at the Hendersonville location. Hendersonville is about 20 minutes northeast of Nashville.  It occurred at the self-checkout registers.  Jill Blazok, the little girl’s mother, told WKRN that the stranger, a 65-year old man,  grabbed her nine-year-old daughter by the arm.  He said:

“I’m taking you with me.”

The little girl is still terrified of the incident, and her mother says she continues to have nightmares. Her mother said:

“My daughter and I were in the checkout line, the self-checkout…and we had a cart full of groceries, and I looked back and there was a man holding two frozen items.”

Her daughter was able to pull away from the strange man. Blazok intervened by putting her daughter behind her and the cart to her side.  She had created a physical barrier between her child and the strange man. The mother continued to explain the situation:

“And he kept muttering things, bizarre things, then, he put his items into the bag, and he reached around me and got within two inches of my daughter’s face and pulled his mask down and said, ‘I bet I scared you.’ My daughter’s eyes just welled up with tears and looked at me like, ‘What do I do?’ and I said, ‘Sir, it’s time for you to go.”

Blazok and her daughter left.  She called the police and her husband. By the time the police arrived, the suspect had fled. However, surveillance cameras showed him wearing a Low Country Harley Davidson cut off and a bandana.  He was seen entering on the passenger side of a dark Dodge caravan with a temporary tag. 

The suspect, later identified as Edward Davey, was charged with assault. He was held in the Sumner County jail. Blazok is grateful her child is safe, but she is pursuing charges.  She wants to remind everyone to pay extra close attention to their children.

The Daily Herald

Paying close attention to their children would’ve helped a disturbed teen at yet another Tennessee Walmart.  Nearly an hour away from Hendersonville, and southeast of Nashville, the Columbia police investigated a violent confrontation at the Columbia Walmart in July. 

Lt. Tony Gray, an investigator with the Columbia Police Department said one patient was transported to the local hospital by EMS after the fight. He said the patient suffered only minor injuries

The melee was recorded by several patrons who then shared on their social media base.  A few of them said there were up to ten people involved in the altercation.  It occurred near the store’s pharmacy.  The rowdy group punched and threw merchandise at one another.

One woman was reportedly knocked to the floor and was bloody from being punched.  Gray said they are still investigating the fight and trying to identify those involved.  No charges have been filed in the case so far.

Gray said:

“We are working with Walmart to try to identify the people involved. We are trying to narrow down who the offenders were in the incident.”

Gray expects the investigation will result in charges of disorderly conduct, and possible simple assault.  The department is often dispatched to fights and other violent confrontations, but very seldom inside local stores.  Gray explained:

“It occurs yes; but is it frequent? No. It is not common.”

A bit more than 2 hours northwest on I-40, the Walmart in Humboldt experienced a scary situation on May 14th of this year.  There was a shooting inside the store around 10:30 p.m. that Thursday night.

The town of over 8,000 residents were shocked that something like this would happen. The Humboldt police officers responded to the Walmart to investigate gunshots that were fired.

A 16-year-old boy from Humboldt was arrested and charged with attempted first-degree murder, aggravated robbery, aggravated assault and possession of a firearm during the commission of a dangerous felony.


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