Woman orders thin blue line flag for her dad for Father’s Day – gets black gay pride flag instead.


NEW JERSEY – Earlier this week, Law Enforcement Today received an email from a woman named Nicole. Nicole was very upset.

Nicole wanted to gift her father a thin blue line flag for Father’s Day. Her brother is an officer in the state of New Jersey, married, with two children, and her family is proud to support him in his law enforcement career.

Like so many of us do, Nicole turned to the online retail giant, Amazon, to place her order. She found a company, Vispronet, that had the item she wanted, at a reasonable price, that would get it to her before Father’s Day so she would have plenty of time to wrap it and give it to her dad.

When Nicole opened the package from Amazon, she didn’t see the item she expected, the item she paid for.

Instead, she saw this:

Black and brown gay pride flag
Photo compliments of Nicole

This is apparently a newer version of the “gay pride” rainbow flag, introduced in 2018. Them.us reported that the flag was created because, per their article title, “It’s time black and brown people be included in the pride flag.”

Even though the originally rainbow symbol was supposed to be inclusive of all LGBTQ, etc. community, apparently that isn’t enough, and someone felt the need to specifically recognize people of color who are also gay.

Now, in 2020, in the wake of George Floyd protests, some have said that the way to honor his death is to add black and brown people into the flag.

Back to Nicole.

Nicole’s email said:

“They decided to take it upon themselves to send me whatever they wanted. I have law enforcement in my family and we back the blue.

“I received a flag that is designed to represent pride as well as black lives and brown lives instead of my thin blue line flag. I now will not have the flag for Father’s Day, but that is irrelevant for us as we are deeply upset and angry that law enforcement is hated so much except when they are needed.

“I paid for a service and was given what someone deemed fit for their own agenda and it is clearly not an accident this happened since there was no other flag I could have clicked on by mistake and my order clearly shows the thin blue line American flag.”

In the following days, I spoke to Nicole, who told me:

“For us it’s more about the blatant disrespect that we paid for something and because someone doesn’t like law enforcement, they sent what they wanted. Given the current situation of the country, we know they sent that flag on purpose.”

clearly marked order for thin blue line flag
Photo compliments of Nicole

The fact is, she ordered the flag for a specific purpose on a specific day, and no one is doing anything to help her remedy the situation. 

Obviously, there’s no way to prove for sure that the company made the “mistake” on purpose. But the timing of the mix-up is a little too convenient.

Nicole has contacted Amazon directly, and has also contacted the seller, Vispronet, multiple times.

They’ve both told her pretty much the same thing:

Too bad.

Vispronet said she can return the item if she wants, but she’ll have to pay for shipping.

As of the time of this writing, Vispronet has also not responded to requests for comment from Law Enforcement Today.

This is disgraceful. What is happening in this nation that there is so much hate towards police that a woman can’t even order a flag for her father without someone doing whatever they can to send a political message?

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Murdered officer's grave desecrated before headstone even placed

This company should be ashamed of itself, pushing its own agenda like this.

I know, we still don’t know for sure that it was intentional. But if it wasn’t, they should have been bending over backwards to help Nicole, doing whatever they can to make it right.

Nicole said:

“It’s just so disappointing what is going on and how no one will answer regarding this. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to continue being law enforcement these days when no matter what they do they are wrong. Makes me have anxiety every time I know my brother is on shift.”

Nicole, you’re not alone there, I can promise you that.

Nicole also said that she’s seven months pregnant, and doesn’t have the money to just throw away when a political agenda is pushed on her and her family.

This situation is infuriating to be sure. But, we at Law Enforcement Today wanted to make sure that Nicole’s dad had a good Father’s Day with the gift she wanted to get him. So, we sent a Thin Blue Line flag of our own to the family for them to enjoy.

Our blue family is under attack in America, and we need to band together and stand up for each other. It’s no secret that companies are doing what they can to pander to the loudest group out there, but we need to come together and remember that we ARE the silent majority. 

We have to have each other’s backs.

Law Enforcement Today is grateful to Nicole for bringing what happened to her and her family to our attention. We can promise her and all of you reading that we will continue working hard in our fight to end these vicious attacks (physically and otherwise) on our boys and girls in blue.

We are the thin blue line.

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