“I do not know you and you do not know me, but I thank you for your sacrifice. You put your life on the line every day to protect our community.”


ODESSA, Texas – Those were the words on a handwritten note that was left on a Texas police officer’s cruiser just a week after Odessa police dealt with a shooter’s frightening shooting rampage.

What’s probably the most incredible thing about this display of support for the heroes who hold the thin blue line is the fact that this woman didn’t even know the officer she was leaving it for. It was a simple gesture to thank someone who is rarely thanked for putting their life on the line.

On Monday, Corporal Gary Potter walked outside of his Odessa home to find something pinned to the  door of his cruiser. Any cop knows that it’s not usually a good sign.

But this wasn’t some anonymous hate letter.


An Odessa LEO found an incredible gift on his cruiser. (Medical Center Health System)


When he got closer he realized there were flowers left for him, along with a handwritten letter. Corporal Potter took to Facebook to post about the amazing gift.

“Hello, I am writing this for the police officer who lives here,” the note read. “You do not know me and I do not know you, but I am thankful for your sacrifice. You put your life on the line every day to protect our community. I cannot express how greatful [sic] I am. Thank you so much.”

The letter was signed by Bria Montes, an employee who works at Medical Center Hospital. MCH is the site where emergency crews rushed gunshot victims after a mass shooter drove a ten mile stretch through Midland and Odessa, shooting everyone he came in contact with.


Police surround a vehicle after a gunman opened fire throughout a Texas town on Saturday. (Screenshot – Twitter)


After all was said and done, seven people were dead and 19 more were injured.

Montes witnessed “firsthand” the devastation that was left in the wake of the vicious attack.

Fox reported that on September 3, Montes and Corporal Potter got the chance to meet in person. It was an emotional moment as they embraced outside of the hospital. 

Bria Montes and Corporal Potter of the Odessa Police Department share an emotional moment outside of the local hospital (Medical Center Health System)


“These officers are just selflessly going in there, trying to get all these people that are injured,” Montes said. “Getting all these people that are hurt and trying to stop this person as well.”

Potter said that the random act of kindness came at the time when his family needed it the most. The Odessa corporal said that his wife and daughter had been shot at by the gunman while driving down 42nd street during the time of the attack, but managed to escape the situation without injury. 


“That one on my car that day just, man, I needed it,” Potter said to Montes.

We hope that this emotional story helps remind everyone in America that the police are not the bad guys. It’s okay to appreciate them and it’s okay to thank them for what they do.

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Potter said it’s something he’ll never forget.

“Just a thank you, a handshake, anything like that,” said Potter, who has worked for the Texas department for the last 24 years. “A handwritten note, it means the world. It’s more valuable than winning the lottery or something. It is very, very powerful.”

Potter posted a heartfelt message to Facebook thanking Montes for her kind words and display of love.

“Thank you Bria Montes for this small act of appreciation it means more to me than you can ever know,” Potter wrote. “It kills me that I was not here to protect my family that day but thank you to all my fellow law enforcement family that was. This is why I will suit up tonight and hit the streets of Odessa and I can assure you that if your child, mother, father, brother, sister, or family calls I will respond with everything I have to protect them from the evil that exists.”


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