Watch: Woman now facing five felonies after police say she live-streamed herself looting in Chicago


CHICAGO, IL – Criminal acts typically fall into a few categories – crimes of passion/emotion, planned criminal activities, and of course, crimes of opportunity. Two out of the three often are reckless and lead to speedy arrests, such as looting … and live-streaming on Facebook while you do it.

A 22-year-old woman in Chicago found out recently that while looting is exponentially dumb, broadcasting your criminal activities on the internet with video has to be a tier above in stupidity.

Police say that Taeshia Rochon decided that she would capitalize on ongoing looting in Chicago on August 10th and used the proverbial smokescreen of madness outside to snag some new jackets.

While live-streaming from inside of a Nordstrom on 55 East Grand, over 3,000 people were watching live at one point while Rochon appropriated some merchandise from Nordstrom.

Welp, apparently that wasn’t the only place Rochon decided to pilfer from, as she also allegedly stole some merchandise from a Sunglasses Hut located on 520 North Michigan.

It is with little surprise that someone who viewed the videos that Rochon put online tipped off police – which that is what happens when you broadcast your criminal activity online. This may come as a shock to those that cheer on the looting and riots, but not everyone is a fan of the madness.

Police caught up with Rochon and she turned herself into to authorities on August 16th and admitted to stealing at least one jacket but allegedly left it when police were outside of the Nordstrom on August 10th. She also admitted to at least being inside of the Sunglasses Hut.

So, Rochon is now not only the (possible) owner of a new jacket – but also snagged four felony charges of looting compliments of the CPD’s Looting Task Force.

Now Rochon can only get out of jail if she posts a $400 bond, but even then she’ll have to wear an ankle bracelet for electronic monitoring. Well, Rochon wanted some new duds, but I doubt an ankle bracelet was on the top of her list.

At least some folks in Chicago are not having the Black Lives Matter nonsense taking place in their neck of the woods. 

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LET Unity

Black residents of the Englewood section of Chicago confronted members of Black Lives Matter Chicago in their community and used a bullhorn to rebuke them loudly earlier this week.

Darryl Smith and Duane Kidd expressed their displeasure for Black Lives Matter (BLM) and their recent hostilities in Englewood, including widespread looting purportedly in response to a police shooting on Sunday.

Members of BLM, who were protesting the shooting, appeared to be shocked by Smith and Kidd yelling at them and stood quietly looking fearful.

Englewood is one of 77 community areas in Chicago and is located on the city’s south side. It is considered the poorest and most dangerous neighborhood in Chicago.

Many residents considered BLM’s presence an intrusion. Smith told ABC7:

“I’m not pro police, but if I have a working relationship with those few good police we have, then don’t disrupt that.

“That’s your interest, to come in and antagonize the police that work in our district, that some of us have a working relationship with.

“Take your fight to 35th and Michigan where their bosses are.”

Kidd told ABC7:

“If you’re gonna do something, do it right and you put other people’s lives at risk, and when you come into neighborhoods, you don’t know the dynamics.

“It’s all the young people trying to speak for change. I say continue to do so, but make sure it’s authentic.”

Chicago Police Cmdr. Larry Snelling, of the 7th District, said:

“The good citizens and good community members of Englewood stepped up and said, ‘We are not going to allow more chaos in our neighborhoods.”

Chicago Police Sgt. E. Dixon, also of the 7th District, said:

“We all have a common goal of keeping the community safe. You know, we’re on different sets of tracks, but we’re headed in the same direction.”


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