Woman drags officer with car, runs over another cop, crashes into bike shop – then is fatally shot by police


DOLTON, IL- According to authorities, a 19-year-old woman died and two police officers were seriously injured in Dolton on the morning of July 27th after a confrontation at a restaurant ended in a police-involved shooting and a car crash. 

FOX 32 reported that Dolton police responded to a call of an “irate” woman with a gun around 1 a.m. at the drive-thru window at Baba’s Famous Steak & Lemonade restaurant in the 600 block of Sibley Boulevard.

Police stated that when they arrived, officers asked both the 19-year-old woman, identified as Alexis C. Wilson, of Homewood and a man who was with her to exit the car. The man complied and left the vehicle, but Wilson refused to comply with the officers’ orders.

A police officer attempted to remove Wilson from her car, but she drove away, dragging the officer with her. Police said that the other police officer on scene shot at Wilson three times before being ran over by her car.

She then crashed into a Dolton police patrol car and drove one block with the officer still being dragged. Wilson then crashed into a bicycle shop where she was pronounced dead at the scene. As of this writing, it is unclear if she died from gunshot wounds or from the car crash.

Both of the officers involved in the violent incident were taken to a nearby hospital in serious condition. One of the officers’ conditions has been upgraded to “stable.”

The owner of the bicycle shop, Compleat Cyclist, told FOX 32 he was in the building when the crash happened, as it is also his home. He called 911.

The owner, identified as Howard Pence, said he saw a police officer laying on the grass about 20 feet from where the car ended up. He said that he believes the officer was knocked off the car when the woman drove between a street sign and a light pole. Pence said:

“It felt like it was tornado consequences. Like the house was shaking. There was a cop laying down on the sidewalk.”

Cameron Williams, manager of Accurate Board-Up and Glass, Inc., said in a statement:

“The damage is pretty bad. She took out a couple of beams. Steel beams. There’s over $100,000 worth of damage in there.”

In a statement, Dolton Police Department spokesman Sean Howard described the moments after police say Wilson drove off with an officer hanging from her car. He said:

“The other officer who was nearby noticed that the officer was in distress and in fear for the safety of his own life, he also saw the vehicle coming toward him. The vehicle was therefore being used as a weapon. The officer discharged his weapon multiple times into the car wounding the female.”

Howard added that Wilson was reportedly driving naked from the waist down, apparently wearing only a halter top. Howard stated that there is footage from both the officer’s body cameras, surveillance footage from Baba’s Restaurant, and residential videos.

The body camera footage has been turned over to the Public Integrity Task Force of the Illinois State Police, who are currently investigating the officer-involved shooting. Investigators have not yet said if Wilson was armed.

Dolton Mayor Tiffany Henyard said she has not seen police body camera footage yet, but is confident that the officers acted appropriately. She said in a statement:

“They did do the right thing. If anything, they have saved the community from any crime that could have happened last night.”

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‘Unarmed suspect’? Body cam footage shows criminal firing first in Kansas City police shooting

June 24th, 2021

KANSAS CITY, KS – Police officials say that the body cam footage from an officer-involved shooting involving a now-deceased carjacking suspect on June 20th reportedly shows the suspect firing at officers first

According to officials, the June 20th pursuit that led up to the officer-involved shooting in Kansas City, Kansas had originally started in Kansas City, Missouri. 

The June 20th pursuit and officer-involved shooting stems back to an armed carjacking that occurred on June 17th in the area of 18th and Garfield in Kansas City, Kansas. 

Kansas City, Kansas Police responded to the reported armed carjacking where the victim told officers that he was giving the suspect, identified only as a 25-year-old Hispanic male, a ride when the suspect suddenly pulled a gun on him. 

The suspect demanded the victim’s car, described as a “dark colored Ford Expedition with gold trim” and fled the scene. 

Then, at approximately 11:30 a.m. on June 20th, Kansas City, Missouri Police reportedly spotted the vehicle in the area of Independence Avenue and Benton Boulevard and attempted to conduct a traffic stop. 

Officials say the suspect didn’t stop for police, and a pursuit was put into motion. 

The pursuit crossed state lines and Kansas City, Kansas Police joined in on the pursuit at approximately 11:42 a.m., with the pursuit lasting only five minutes longer thereafter before the suspect crashed behind a convenience store at 18th and Parallel. 

Police say a review of body cam footage shows the suspect exiting the vehicle while armed and running toward 18th street. Officers pursued the suspect on foot, which officials say the suspect turned around and fired at pursuing officers. 

Luckily, no officers were shot while coming under fire from the suspect.

Officers reportedly returned fire, striking the suspect. 

Aid was immediately administered on-scene, and the unnamed suspect was reportedly transported to an area hospital, where he was later pronounced deceased. 

Tarence Maddox, president of the local NAACP in Kansas City, Kansas, issued some comments of criticism regarding how the events unfolded that led to the shooting:

“Now, a carjacking is important – we don’t want criminals just being able to do anything and run free. But a carjacking, where someone just stole a car, shouldn’t lead to high-speed pursuits in broad daylight, on holidays, and then someone’s running on foot and they’re eventually dead.”

Officials say the investigation into the incident is still ongoing, with the KCKPD, Wyandotte County Sheriff’s Department and the Wyandotte County District Attorney’s Office reviewing evidence. 

This is an ongoing investigation. 

Please follow Law Enforcement Today as we continue to gather further details on this developing case. 

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Earlier in June, Law Enforcement Today reported on another officer-involved shooting of an armed suspect in Denver, Colorado who officials say was reaching for his firearm when police fatally shot the suspect. 

Here’s that previous report. 


DENVER, CO – Denver police officials are standing by the actions taken by officers regarding a fatal officer-involved shooting of an armed suspect earlier in June, despite some criticism within the community. 

On June 13th, Denver Police officers responded to the area of East Colfax Avenue and Yosemite Street after reports of a suspect, identified as 30-year-old Duane Manzanares, shooting a vehicle a few blocks away. 

Reportedly, the vehicle that Manzanares had shot minutes before police arrived was his own. 

When officers encountered Manzanares, he was reportedly drinking out of a whiskey bottle and had a weapon visible along his waistband. 

Denver Police Commander Matt Clark noted the following about the police interaction: 

“The officers told the subject to put his hands on his head, and they also directed him not to reach for the handgun that was visible in his waistband.”

However, according to Commander Clark, Manzanares did the exact opposite of what officers ordered: 

“The subject discarded the empty bottle of Fireball whiskey onto the ground before dropping his right hand towards his waistband area near the firearm and also moving his left hand behind his back out of the view from officers.”

A total of 11 shots were fired by officers, fatally striking the suspect. Knowing that police shootings often draw criticism, Commander Clark added the following: 

“Trying to hit him in the leg, trying to shoot a hand or something like that is just not feasible when you have a moving target under stress. The officers are trained to shoot at the center.”


Witness video was also captured during the incident, one of which was caught by 16-year-old Ava Roy who was with her father as they were driving by and the suspect was shot. 

Ava remarked on how the shots seemed to come from “out of nowhere”:

“It was horrifying and it was crazy. Out of nowhere he gets shot. He’s just standing there. And I was, like, mind-blown.”

According to Manzanares’s mother, Mary Ann Medina, Manzanares actually lived in Pueblo but was in Denver on June 13th as his eight-year-old son was diagnosed with leukemia the day prior

Medina said she and her son Manzanares were at the Children’s Hospital Colorado in Aurora, less than three miles from where the officer-involved shooting occurred, and Manzanares left to go get something from the store.

It was after leaving the hospital where the events leading up to the fatal shooting occurred.

All three of the officers involved in the incident have been placed on “modified duty assignment” per standard procedure as the district attorney’s office investigates the shooting. 

Police have not determined why Manzanares was shooting at his vehicle, which resulted in the police response.

This is an ongoing investigation. 

Please follow Law Enforcement Today as we continue to gather further insight into this developing case. 

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