Woman dead, six others injured after ‘mass stabbing’ at library – where’s all of the media coverage?


NORTH VANCOUVER, BC – One woman is dead and six others injured following a stabbing attack at Lynn Valley Library in North Vancouver on Saturday afternoon.

The Lower Mainland’s Integrated Homicide Investigation Team has been called to the scene at Lynn Valley Village, where North Vancouver RCMP said earlier in the day that multiple victims had been stabbed “within and outside” Lynn Valley Library.

The attack occurred at about 1:45 p.m. in the busy Lynn Valley Village shopping district that was described by local media as “packed with weekend shoppers.”

One man, who police said is the only suspect in the stabbings, has been taken into custody. Video from the scene appeared to show the man injuring himself with a knife before being taken into custody.

British Columbia Emergency Health Services said it deployed 11 ambulances to the scene, and that six people were transported to hospitals. Their conditions were unknown.

Witnesses said the suspect began stabbing people inside the library and then moved outside.  Mary Carver described the scene:

“I was in the library community room and just outside, suddenly, we hear yelling, and everyone stopped and stared, everyone started running out the side door.

 “I just started running too. We ran all the way to the mall.”

Another witness, Shayla Dyson, was at Brown’s Socialhouse restaurant at the time of the incident. She told Canadian Television that she heard a commotion outside. When she looked out, she saw a man stabbing a woman.

She said restaurant staff were able to chase the man away and bring the wounded woman inside:

“They had locked all the doors and they were trying to open it to get him to run away, which he did, and then they dragged her inside and her young kid too.”

Dyson said she then looked outside and saw multiple people being treated for injuries after the incident was over. She added that the attacks seemed to be random:

“None of the victims seem to have anything in common. It didn’t look like he knew who they were from the way she was reacting. It seemed random.”

Steve Mossop said he was driving his car through the area when the chaos began:

“We were driving up Lynn Valley Road, and there was a woman right beside her car with a seven-year-old boy, multiple stab wounds and bleeding profusely … She said it was a random stabber who was running down the street, so we immediately turned to go look for other victims. There was another 25-year-old woman with multiple stab wounds in the face.

“There were at least six victims we could count within a 50-foot radius, so it was pretty traumatic. We were trying to find our daughter in the area, so it was a bit scary.”

Sgt. Frank Jang with the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team reported that the suspect was alive, but he would not comment on the severity of the suspect’s injuries. Sgt. Jang said the suspect was known to authorities and did have a criminal record. The motive for the stabbing is still under investigation.

Sgt. Jang said:

“Obviously, the question is why did this happen. We believe we know the who, the what and the when. It is our job now to determine the why.”

North Vancouver Mayor Mike Little issued a statement regarding the incident:

“Lynn Valley and the whole District of North Vancouver is a close-knit, quiet community. An incident like this is deeply upsetting when it happens in the community we love.

“Certainly, on behalf of residents I send our very best wishes to the victims and their families, who were just out on their regular Saturday business. I appreciate the quick action and excellent teamwork of our first responders, our District Fire and Rescue Services, the RCMP, and our North Shore partners from the City and West Vancouver.”

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau issued a statement on his Twitter account:

“My heart is in North Vancouver tonight. To everyone affected by this violent incident in Lynn Valley, know that all Canadians are keeping you in our thoughts and wishing a speedy recovery to the injured.”

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Florida man arrested for stabbing a person who was asking for food at KFC

 March 6, 2021


FORT. LAUDERDALE, FL – According to police, a 27-year-old man is facing attempted murder charges after allegedly beating and stabbing a man who was asking for food inside of a KFC in Ft. Lauderdale on February 24th. 

According to reports, an unidentified male victim had entered a KFC restaurant in Ft. Lauderdale at around noon on February 24th, and had approached 27-year-old Branden Dion Pearson, asking Pearson for some food. 

Pearson had reportedly refused to give the man food, and allegedly began to berate the man thereafter. Both Pearson and the man were said to have began insulting each other back and forth – and the situation then allegedly escalated into a fist fight. 

An employee inside of the KFC reportedly injected themselves into the situation, getting Pearson and the man separated from each other. However, the man who’d asked for food earlier was said to have picked up rocks in the parking lot and began throwing them at Pearson.

Pearson then allegedly walked outside of the KFC and shoved the man to the ground, at which point the man was said to have tried kicking Pearson.

Police say that Pearson then produced a knife and stabbed the man in the head, thereafter walking back inside of the KFC to wait for police to arrive. 

Branden Dion Pearson - Broward County Jail
Branden Dion Pearson – Broward County Jail

Apparently Pearson was seemingly cooperative with police, allegedly telling authorities that he’d stabbed the victim due to him reportedly throwing rocks at him earlier. 

The latest reports on the incident state that the stabbing victim was treated at a nearby hospital. As for Pearson, he’s reportedly being held on a $50,000 bond at the Broward County jail. 

In other recent incidents coming from Florida, a 74-year-old man was reportedly  found dead in a pond on a golf course on February 28th. Authorities suspect that the man drowned while trying to retrieve a lost golf ball in the water. 

The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office dive team had located the body of Hermilo Jazmines inside of a pond at the East Lake Woodlands Country Club, according to officials. 

Apparently, Jazmines was out golfing with a friend on February 28th at the country club, when the deceased had hit their ball into the water on the course’s third hole. 

The last time that Jazmines was ever seen alive was while he was searching for his ball near the water. 

Prior to authorities discovering his body, authorities honed in on the pond where Jazmines’ putter laid next to – not far from the path where his golf cart was still parked. 

Jazmines’ body was said to have been submerged in the water near that location. 

As of this time, authorities have no reason to suspect that there was any foul play, as the evidence indicates that Jazmines’ death was the result of an unfortunate accident.


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