PLATTSBURGH, N.Y. – A woman choked out a bouncer after incorrectly thinking he groped her by grabbing her backside.

Club CCTV caught the moment Kieran Lagrave, 22, had her butt slapped by a female friend, reported Daily Mail. And that is when things went wrong. She falsely assumed it was the man working security. As a result, she approached him from behind, placed a hold around his neck, and choked him out.

In the surveillance video, the college student is clearly seen yanking his neck back and dropping him to the ground during the incident in Five1Eight nightclub in Plattsburgh, N.Y., on October 20.

woman choked

Kierah Lagrave, 22, of Plattsburgh, N.Y., who authorities say choked a nightclub bouncer into unconsciousness after she mistakenly thought he had slapped her butt. (Plattsburgh Police Department)

Indeed the 125-pound reveler managed to cut off the air supply to the carotid arteries of the club bouncer and rendered him unconscious. Yet during the process, the man did not appear to put up resistance. So it leaves you to wonder if he thought it was something other than an attack against him.

Nightclub customers were seen running to help the attacked doorman as he regained consciousness on the dance floor.

Lagrave was arrested and charged with second-degree strangulation. The offense carries a seven-year prison exposure, reported Fox, although that is highly unlikely in this case.

Lagrave told DailyMail that the night had started out like any other with her friends.

“We were in the club, minding our own business and having fun,” she said. “And then I feel a full-on grab on my right side butt cheek.”

“My friends weren’t on my right side, so I was concerned. I didn’t know if he was going to slip something in my drink. I wasn’t going to take any chance.”

“My goal was not to hurt him,” she added. “But to ensure my own safety.”

“I go out in this town frequently and I have never had an issue before. I wasn’t looking for trouble.”

Lagrave said she received a call from police two days later and went to the police station voluntarily.

“When I was giving my statement, the officer would keep saying things like ‘He didn’t do it, you’re wrong, sooner or later you will have to pay for this,'” she said.

The police decided to arrest Lagrave, saying that surveillance footage clearly shows that Lagrave’s friend slapped her on the buttocks, City Police Chief Levi Ritter told the Press-Republican.

But Lagrave saw the footage and said it was “clear that the bouncer was on my right side where I was grabbed.”

“If my friend hit me, she would have hit my left side. Not grabbed my right,” she added.

Lagrave was arraigned in Plattsburgh City Court and released on her own recognizance.