HENRICO COUNTY, Va. – A North Carolina woman has been charged in a shooting in which a Virginia State trooper was shot in the arm after a car chase that ended in Henrico County late Tuesday.

Suspect Charged With Attempted Capital Murder of Police Officer

State police have booked Karisa Shyanne Daniels, 23, (pictured right) of Durham, N.C., on the charge of attempted capital murder of a police officer and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony. Police said additional charges were pending, reported Richmond Times-Dispatch.

The trooper was recovering Wednesday at VCU Medical Center in Richmond.

Began With a Traffic Stop

According to state police, the incident started when Virginia State Trooper C.A. Putnam (pictured left) stopped Daniels for speeding on northbound Chippenham Parkway at 11:35 p.m. Her Toyota Corolla was going 87 mph in a 60 mph zone, police said. Daniels initially yielded when Putnam activated his emergency lights. Yet, she sped away as the trooper approached.

Police said Putnam gave chase on Chippenham and then North Parham Road, which the parkway turns into north of the James River. The pursued driver turned onto September Drive, ran into a dead end and started to turn around on Lakeway Court, a cul-de-sac.

The trooper stopped the Toyota by pulling his patrol car in front of it.

Virginia state trooper

End of pursuit with shots fired by suspect. (Photo courtesy Virginia State Police)

However, the suspect exited her car and opened fire. As a result, she hit Putnam in the arm with a single shot and then ran through a backyard, police said.

A Henrico officer who responded to the scene provided medical aid to Putnam’s arm before EMS arrived. The wound was not life threatening; the Virginia State trooper had been wearing body armor.

Arresting Shooter of Virginia State Trooper

Henrico police spokesman Lt. Chris Garrett said Daniels entered a home in the 400 block of September Drive. She left the residence on foot around midnight, and a Henrico police officer found her. She dropped her weapon as instructed and was taken into custody. Henrico police were continuing to investigate that aspect of the incident and had not filed any related charges, Garrett said.

Jailhouse Interview

In an interview from jail, Daniels told NBC12 that she was in town to sell her car after it previously broke down in the area. The convicted felon says she knew she was going to jail when she was pulled over because she had a gun on her, as well as “a little bit of weed” in addition to a suspended license. So, she said, she took off.

Hence, Daniels admits she “just panicked.” Furthermore, “I just thought about, I can’t go to the jail, I can’t go to jail,” Daniels told NBC12.

“I was drunk. I was high. You know, I wasn’t really in my right state of mind,” she said.

“I already felt threatened at that time, before I even got out of my vehicle,” she continued. “This unmarked car kept hitting me head-on, like, it’s so unprofessional, I believe, for an officer to have to do that.”

She also claimed the trooper fired a shot at her. However, investigators from the State police dispute this claim. Moreover, they said no troopers or Henrico officers fired their weapons during the incident.

Especially relevant, Virginia State Police say Daniels fired several rounds, hitting Trooper Putnam in the arm before taking off on foot.

“I made the dumbest mistake of my life to pull out my gun and shoot him,” Daniels said. “Like I said, I felt threatened. I felt very, very, very, very well that he would have killed me if I would have turned around and just tried to run without taking that action to shoot him.”

Citizens Grateful for Police Protection

Neighbors along Lakeway Court said that just before midnight, they were alerted to the commotion in their normally quiet neighborhood.

Elaine Ragone, a homeowner on the street, said that at 11:55 p.m. she received a text from a neighbor while she was watching “Narcos,” a Netflix television series about Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar.

The neighbor asked Ragone if she knew what was going on and told her to look outside. Ragone said she turned on some outside lights around her house.

“I lit up my house, and then I looked outside my window and saw the police presence,” she said. “There was cops on Lakeway Drive, all the way on Lakeway Court.”

Across the street, Richard November said he had heard the sound of cars racing around the neighborhood minutes before he heard a shot. He got up to look out his window.

“The police were scattered everywhere,” he said. “They were searching the area.”

November, whose vehicle is covered with stickers supporting various law enforcement organizations, said he was thankful that no one was killed.

“I cannot emphasize enough how grateful I am about police protection,” he said.

(Photos: Virginia State Police/Henrico Police)