Woman arrested for sexually assaulting a two-year-old boy, several children now in protective custody


WILLOW SPRINGS, NC – A woman who has been accused of sexually abusing a two-year-old has been arrested. The child and other children that were in the residence where the crime happened were taken into protective custody.

The Wake County Sheriff’s Office reported the two-year-old child was brought into the hospital for an unknown complaint when medical staff noticed there was an issue.

During a physical exam, medical staff noted that several injuries were consistent with being sexually abused. A report from the Wake County Sheriff’s Office said:

“Following an examination [of the child], medical staff determined that the child’s injuries were due to sexual trauma.”

No one at this point has identified what type of injuries the toddler had nor the relationship between the child and the suspect, 25-year-old Kristin Massey.

Police have not released any details as to why they suspected that Massey was involved in the sexual abuse but they did report that she admitted to some of the charges against her.

Massey was arrested and charged with statutory sex offense with a child by an adult, intentional child abuse inflicting serious physical injury, and two counts of negligent child abuse inflicting serious physical injury.

The Wake County Sheriff’s Office reported that Massey is being held on a $1.3 million bond.

Child protective services responded to Massey’s home and took custody of the victim and the other children that are reportedly living with her. Again, it is not known if Massey has any familial ties to the children in the home.

There does not seem to be any records of Massey being a sexual offender anywhere so it appears to be the first time that she has been arrested for any type of sexual offense. Massey will remain in jail until she is bonded out or a judge determines that she can be released.

Sadly, child sexual abuse is common throughout the United States and any caregiver for a child must take note of symptoms that the child may be being abused. According to the state of Michigan, the are several different symptoms of child abuse of which caregivers should be aware.

For instance, sexual touching of any private area could be a sign that there has been sexual abuse, especially in younger children. Any sudden interest in sexual gratification, again, especially in younger children is a big sign that there is something amiss.

If you happen to see any other physical evidence with the child, like bruising, swelling, or irritation in sensitive areas the child must be taken to a medical doctor for evaluation.

Most states have a form of Child Protection Teams that work closely with Child Protective Services as well as local law enforcement.

If a doctor suspects that there is sexual abuse occurring, the child will be referred to a Child Protection Team after local law enforcement has started their investigation.

The team is comprised of specially trained medical and psychological staff so that the child is comforted while the necessary steps are taken to acquire any evidence from the child’s body.

If the child makes what is referred to as disclosure and that disclosure of child abuse is met with physical indicators that it has occurred, law enforcement will work to zero in on the suspect in the case while ensuring the child is safe.

Law enforcement then takes their investigative steps, both covert and overt, to work towards developing probable cause for an arrest of the suspected offender.

Once the arrest is made, judges typically order that the offender stay clear of any children as terms of pre-trial release if they are bonded out. If the suspected offender violates those terms they are subject to another arrest.

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Illegal immigrant previously jailed for sexual assault arrested after sneaking into America yet again

LAREDO, TX- What open borders? The Houston Chronicle reports a convicted sex offender—an illegal alien—was arrested while once again trying to enter the country illegally, according to US Customs and Border Protection.

Oscar Ordonez, a citizen of El Salvador was one of a number of migrants apprehended in Laredo, Texas. A records check revealed that Ordonez had previously been convicted of sexual battery by force or helplessness, and was sentenced to 360 days confinement by the Fairfax County (VA) Police Department. This occurred in 2016.

The arrest stemmed from Ordonez sexually assaulting a woman in a motel room in Alexandria, Virginia in August of that year.

Ordonez had offered the woman a cleaning job and told her she needed to complete a “medical exam” in order to get the position. He drove the woman to the motel under the guise of needing to pick up co-workers from there.

After committing the rape, Ordonez dropped the woman off near her job where she notified police to file a report, ABC-7 reported at the time.

Ordonez had initially approached the woman at an auto parts store in Alexandria and then offered to driver to another auto parts store in the area; the woman agreed and Ordonez drove her to another store to purchase a part.

It was after that when the assault in the motel room took place.

“(Border Patrol) agents work hard in maintaining the safeguard of our nation and its borders. These significant arrests reflect the tremendous efforts made to keep criminals from entering our country illegally and ensuring the safety of the citizens,” CBP said in a statement.

Breitbart reports that after being released from Fairfax County Jail, Ordonez was deported to El Salvador.

With his return to the US after being deported, Ordonez is now facing felony charges of re-entry after removal as an aggravated felon. If convicted, he could face up to 20 years in federal prison.

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