Woman arrested for poisoning her boyfriend so she could get some peace and quiet


JACKSONVILLE, FL – A woman in Jacksonville, Florida has been arrested after she allegedly spiked her boyfriend’s drink with poison on December 7th. The woman allegedly told deputies that she poisoned him because he would not be quiet.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office responded to the victim’s residence after the suspect, 54-year-old Alvis Parrish, called for medics to respond because she did not want the victim to die.

When deputies arrived on scene, Parrish allegedly voluntarily told them that she had spiked the victim’s lemonade he was drinking.

Parrish had apparently had enough of whatever the 61-year-old victim, William Carter, had to say and decided the only way she could get some peace would be to poison him.

Parrish then allegedly took a drug named Seroquel, a drug used to treat different mental disorders, and mixed it into the lemonade he was drinking. When telling Jacksonville Sheriff’s deputies, she allegedly told them:

“Yeah, I did it [poisoning the victim] because he wouldn’t shut the [expletive] up…I gave him [victim] just enough to shut him up and called y’all so he wouldn’t die.”

Deputies reported they spoke to Carter regarding the investigation, and it did not seem he realized he had been poisoned. The deputy noted that the victim appeared lethargic and kept telling the investigator that he was extremely tired and did not know why.

When asked about the lemonade that Parrish allegedly gave him, Carter admitted the lemonade tasted different. When told that Parrish had allegedly admitted to putting the drug in his drink, he commented:

“Not sure why she would give me that, I don’t take Seroquel.”

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Deputies tried to get Carter to go to the hospital for medical treatment, however, he refused. At some point while deputies were speaking with Carter, he collapsed.

Since he was unconscious, deputies and medical responders were able to transport him to the hospital for treatment. Carter is expected to survive from the overdose.

Deputies searched the scene and located a lemonade bottle that appeared to have a white powdery substance on the bottom. The bottle was seized as evidence in the case.

Deputies then placed Parrish under arrest for poisoning food or water with the intent to kill or injure a person. When deputies were arresting Parrish, she allegedly said:

“Do whatever you want. If you don’t take me, I will kill him.”

Parrish was taken to the county jail where she is being held on a $50,000 bond. Court records indicate that she has been assigned a public defender.

Jacksonville County Sheriff’s Office noted that Parrish and Carter had been living together for nine years, however there is no indication that the two have had previous contacts with law enforcement during their time together.

Whether Carter will attempt to bond her out at some point before she goes to trial remains to be seen.

Often, victims of domestic violence continue to protect the one that is abusing them in some cases because the offender promises that whatever violence occurred between the two of them will never happen again.

Other times, the victims take the offender back because they feel trapped and have no other choice.

The realty is, everyone has a choice especially when it comes to domestic violence issues. If you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship, seek help.

There are several domestic violence shelters that are out there and the counselors there are more than willing to provide any assistance needed to make a break from the offender.

There are also programs in place that will offer financial assistance, transportation, lodging, etc. so that victims can break free.

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Report: Man arrested for murdering woman, 69, in a church bathroom has a long criminal history of abusing women

EAST BALTIMORE, MD- According to authorities, a 62-year-old man with a long history of violence has been arrested and charged with the stabbing death of 69-year-old Evelyn Player.


The horrific incident happened on November 16th at the Southern Baptist Church in East Baltimore. Officials stated that the suspect, Manzie Smith Jr., was taken into custody on December 1st. Police Commissioner Michael Harrison said that investigators linked Smith through forensic evidence and that there is no indication that the suspect and victim knew each other.

Court records confirm that Smith has a long history of attacking women. In 1979, when Smith was 19-years-old, he was convicted of raping a woman who asked him for directions. For that crime, he was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

In 1992, Smith was again convicted of rape and assault with intent to rob, which he was sentenced to 30 years in prison. Most recently, in 2014, Smith was sentenced to eight years after he knocked down and robbed a 64-year-old woman.

Before pleading guilty to the charges, he received treatment for mental health issues at Spring Grove Hospital Center. After serving his prison sentence, Smith was placed on supervised release.

His supervised release ended in October and within less than a month he committed another heinous crime, killing Player. Harrison said in a statement:

“I am grateful for the exhaustive investigative work of the members of the Police Department in collaboration with the State’s Attorney’s Office in identifying the perpetrator of this crime. Hopefully, justice can be served and we bring closure to the family.”


An autopsy found that Player had defensive wounds from the attack. Police also recovered DNA evidence from the scene and from Player’s body. According to police charing documents, the DNA matched Smith’s profile in the state’s DNA database. 

Smith has been charged with first-degree murder and other offenses in the 69-year-old woman’s death. Harrison said in a statement:

“As I have said before and I’ll say it again, those who commit violent crime in our city will be caught and they will be held accountable. While we are all affected by all murders, the fact that this one occurred in a house of worship made it more shocking to the conscience.”

Player was found stabbed to death in a bathroom at Southern Baptist Church an hour after she had let contractors into the building for church renovations. Her murder shook the community, leading Gov. Larry Hogan to offer a $100,000 reward for tips leading to an arrest.


Player was laid to rest on December 1st, just hours before police disclosed they had made an arrest in her murder. Standing alongside Harrison and State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby, Baltimore Brandon Scott called Player’s murder a “senseless, heinous act and a complete tragedy.” He said:

“Miss Player was what we call in Baltimore a foot solider. She loved her community, she loved her church and she served her community with passion. And, as some church folks would say, she loved like Mary and served like Martha. Yet, because of a heinous act of violence, East Baltimore lost this kind soul.”

The mayor said even though his administration is focused on addressing the root causes of crime and improving community-police relations, that won’t stop police from pursuing violent criminals. Scott said:

“Just because we’re going to be investing in community, investing in people, does not mean that we’re going to tolerate people doing acts like this. We are going to go after you aggressively, we are going to bring you in, we’re going to hand you over to other partners in the criminal justice system.”

Smith is being held without bail while awaiting trail in Player’s murder. 


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