Reality television has brought millions to the television screen. For those who try to avoid these shows, they can find it on magazines and newspapers all around them. Although these reality shows claim to be truth about those they follow or cast, many must wonder about how much is fact and how much is provoked by those who direct it.

So what does reality television have to do with law enforcement? I recently saw a casting call for wives of law enforcement officers. While many thought this to be a great idea and show America just what our LEO’S go through and how many spouses across the nation handle their call to duty, others saw a different side. This different side showed the dangers of such a show.

Reality television is not actual reality. After reviewing this casting call, I noticed it stated they wanted women who would “Tell it like it is.” Although telling it like it is can be good in order to get to the truth out about how it really is as a law enforcement spouse, I wondered how much of it would be twisted around and changed up a bit for dramatic purposes and for ratings.

Other dangers posed in this idea for such a show all came down to exposing who are spouses and officers are and how many people out there could cause harm. There is also danger when we begin to reveal who our children are, where our home is, and the time our spouse is on duty.

This whole idea of reality television and law enforcement spouses was a bad idea to begin with but an idea that would not only bring possible danger, but could bring much heartache to so many of us. The heartache I speak of is our group of spouses being portrayed in a way that is far from the truth. As our officers serve and protect our city, we as spouses need to help in protecting our homes and not allowing this world and its views to come in and destroy for purpose of ratings.

Many of these networks are great at cutting scenes, changing words, and what it all revolves around is creating drama and unnecessary pain. Can anyone name a reality show with good clean truth? About 82% of our population believe and know that these reality shows are distorted and made up. The cast of many of these shows are picked by personality type and are made to be something they are not.

As law enforcement spouses, our reality is what we face each time our officers walk out the door. With all the prejudice and negativity, we need not to show or prove to America what sacrifice and honor is in this law enforcement life. We hold honor to our positions and if anyone deserves for the truth to be known, it is our officers. They are the ones who put their lives on the line.

Our law enforcement spouses face a reality many viewers could not bear. These spouses are the ones who wait up at night or wait for a phone call just to hear the voice of their spouse, who have a fear of seeing a patrol car and chaplain outside their home, who’s heart breaks after hearing about a fallen officer, and wait to exhale when their officer returns home.

The reality of our reality is far greater than any television program could portray. For those seeking the reality of a law enforcement spouse, you may touch the surface but will never get the depth of this call. As wives of law enforcement officers we need to take a stand and say “NO” to such a proposed idea. Let’s continue to walk the blue line with our officers, not looking to our left or to our right but looking ahead and continuing to be real.

Allison P. Uribe is an auxiliary chaplain with the San Antonio Police Department. Allison’s husband is a San Antonio police officer. She is also a chaplain with Serve and Protect, serving the spiritual and emotional needs of law enforcement, fire/ rescue, and corrections; or 625-373-8000. Allison is the founder of Wives on Duty Ministries designed to support and encourage wives of law enforcement and other emergency services through the word of God. Allison will launch Kids on Duty – To Play and Pray in Summer 2013. For more information visit or email Allison at [email protected] She is also the lead community chaplain and student with Global University Berean School of the Bible and speaks at many Law Enforcement events. Allison wrote “Because I’m Suitable-The Journey of A Wife on Duty”, geared toward wives of law enforcement;