“Witness” in the murder trial of an ex-Dallas cop shot and killed


It’s a story that the LA Times immediately spun as “white officer kills black neighbor”.  Not that anyone should be shocked. 

And now they’re all but insinuating a coverup.  And it’s adding fuel to the fire over “activist” groups that are already threatening protests and riots.  This after a “witness” was shot and killed.

First, the back story.

A former Dallas police officer, Amber Guyger, fatally shot her neighbor, Botham Jean, in September of 2018.  The media went wild over the story, because the cop was white and the neighbor was black.

It happened when the 31-year-old officer, who was still in her police uniform after a long shift, mistook Jean’s apartment for her own, which was one floor below.

She pushed open the unlocked door and shot the 26-year-old accountant who was from St. Lucia, thinking he was a robber.  She was fired from her job shortly after.

Guyger was convicted Tuesday and sentenced the next day to a total of 10 years in prison. 

Now it’s being reported that Joshua Brown, who testified in Guyger’s trial about the night Jean was killed, was shot and killed Friday in Dallas. 

In his testimony, he had said he was in a hallway on the fourth floor of the apartment complex. He claimed in court that he heard what sounded like “two people meeting by surprise” and then two gunshots.

On Saturday, a Dallas police spokesman would not confirm to the media that it was Brown who was shot Friday… and suggested the Dallas County Medical Examiner’s Office would determine the identification Sunday.

Police sent out a press release saying that just after 10:30 p.m. Friday, they responded to the shooting.

According to the report, several witnesses flagged officers down when they arrived.  They brought them over to an apartment parking lot where the man who was shot was lying on the ground with multiple gunshot wounds.

He was rushed to a hospital, where he died.

According to witnesses, they heard a number of gunshots then saw a silver four-door sedan speeding out of the parking lot.

Lee Merritt is a lawyer for the Jean family.  She blasted out a tweet Saturday saying he spoke with Brown’s mother.

“She is devastated. We all are,” Merritt said. “Joshua Brown was a key witness in the murder of Botham Jean that helped put Amber Guyger away. We need answers.”

In the meantime, a moving company in Plano Texas has officially announced that it will no longer offer its services to members of law enforcement. Unfortunately it doesn’t work both ways… and police supporters want the company’s owner to know that even though he’s done helping, officers will still be there in his time of need. 

The verdict in the trial of former police officer Amber Guyger, the cop who mistakenly shot and killed her neighbor when she confused his apartment for hers, sparked quite a bit of emotion. But the decision from the owner of On The Move is probably the most ridiculous.

Shedrell “Sed” Ellis owns the Plano, Texas moving company. He took to Facebook to announce his disgust with the outcome (apparently a guilty verdict with a 10-year sentence wasn’t harsh enough) of the trial and proclaim that he would no longer be offering services to cops in the future.


The post quickly blew up, with thousands of comments coming in from supporters of the law enforcement community.

“Wow! The bachelors degree I have in criminal justice never once taught me that police have anything to do with sentencing. Maybe I should ask for a refund on my degree since the owner of a moving company knows better,” said one user, pointing out the hypocrisy in the company’s new policy.

It kept going.

“No worries…we will be sure to check you, and anyone else who is associated with you for warrants and gladly serve those quickly. We are here to help!” said another.

Another Facebook user asked who Ellis would turn to if he needed help.

“Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters?” Angela Lowery asked. “I pray to God you never need the police. The beautiful thing is that regardless of your anti police rhetoric, they will always show up to help you.”

But jokes and criticism aside, multiple people pointed out that no matter the decision, police would never refuse services to anyone who was in need – no matter how much they hated cops.

“That’s ok. The police will take the high road and continue to provide you, your family, and your friends with service, even if it costs them their lives. They will not judge you or the decisions you make related to your job in doing so. That is why the blue line is so thin. Folks like you are found everywhere, but it takes dedication, selflessness, and integrity to be a police officer.”

Because that’s what a life of service means. Officers are sworn to serve a protect. They don’t get the luxury of choosing who they do and don’t want to assist.

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"Witness" in the murder trial of an ex-Dallas cop shot and killed


The company bragged that the explosion of engagement on their post has helped book business solid through the next few months.

“You guys are doing the best marketing I could ever ask for FOR FREE! Our name is all around the country and we’ve booked all the way to feburary in just ONE DAY because you nice, smart, kind folks posted it everywhere,” the Facebook post read.

On The Move just announced it will no longer serve cops. (USCG/Wikipedia)


Some questioned why Ellis was choosing police as his target, specifically because a jury was responsible for the outcome of the trial… not the cops. 

“If I said I wont work with jurors, lawyers, or the judges, no one would care… I had to make a statement and make sure it was felt,” Ellis said. “Like how [Colin Kaepernick] took a knee, he wasn’t protesting the military he was protesting social injustices in a way he knew would bring awareness. I never blamed the police.”

Others jumped in with suggestions on who to use to move instead of On The Move, including LE-owned moving companies.

“I’m sure my friends at Ellis County Blue Line Moving Co. will be happy to hire them. Looks like they’ll be busy,” said one user. 

According to public records, the owner of On The Move was arrested in 2014 for stealing a tv from Walmart with his buddies. So in reality, who wants a thief to be in charge of moving all of their possessions?

Gotta love the irony. 


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