This could change everything: Wisconsin DOJ acknowledges that Jacob Blake was armed with a knife


KENOSHA, WI – The state attorney general refused to acknowledge whether Jacob Blake, the criminal who was shot by police, was armed.  Now we’ve learned that he in fact was.

On Wednesday, the investigating authority for the shooting of Jacob Blake, the Wisconsin Department of Justice, identified the involved officer, Rusten Sheskey

Sheskey told investigators that Blake was armed for a knife during that fateful encounter – and even Blake himself admitted to it.

On August 23, the Department of Justice reported that Sheskey was part of a group of officers who responded to the 2800 block of 40th Street in Kenosha regarding a domestic dispute. 

The caller reported that her boyfriend had showed up at the residence and he was no longer allowed there. 

As officers attempted to arrest him (and it’s not clear at this point if it was for the disturbance or the fact he had several warrants for his arrest), the criminal physically fought with the officers. 

One of the officers fired her Taser at Blake but it did not affect him. 

Blake is seen walking away from officers as they gave him several lawful commands to stop and he refused.  As Blake entered into the vehicle, and reached down to the floor board, seven year veteran Sheskey opened fire. 

The DOJ confirmed that Sheskey fired his weapon seven times.

The DOJ release said:

“During the investigation follow the initial incident, Mr. Blake admitted that he had a knife in his possession.  DCI agents recovered a knife from the driver’s side floorboard of Mr. Blake’s vehicle.  A search of the vehicle located no additional weapons.” 

The released concluded that they are “continuing to review evidence and determine the facts of this incident.”  The timeline given for an approximate report to be completed is thirty days until it is presented to the District Attorney. 

After review of the facts in the report, the District Attorney will make a conclusion if there are any criminal charges warranted against Sheskey.  If the DA determines not to pursue any criminal charges against him, the report will be made available to the public.

All officers who were involved in this incident have been placed on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.  This is standard protocol.

Democrat Presidential Nominee, Joe Biden, wasted no time in convicting Sheskey in his public remarks on the matter on the 26th.  Biden said:

“What I saw in that video makes me sick.  Once again, a Black man – Jacob Blake – has been shot by the police in broad daylight with the whole world watching.”

Biden said he had already spoken to family members of Blake:

“I told them, ‘Justice must and will be done.’  Our hearts are with his family, especially his children.”

“Justice”, meaning that Biden has already convicted him.

The State Attorney General Josh Kaul – who refused to acknowledge the knife publicly – released a statement:

“The Wisconsin Department of Justice is vigorously and thoroughly investigating yesterday’s officer-involved shooting in Kenosha.  As with all investigations we conduct, we will unwaveringly pursue justice in this case.”

Democrat Wisconsin Governor, Tony Evers, released a statement alluding that the officers are guilty before an investigation has even been completed.  He said:

“Tonight, Jacob Blake was shot in the back multiple times, in broad daylight, in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Kathy and I join his family, friends, and neighbors in hoping earnestly that he will not succumb to his injuries.  While we do not have all of the details yet, what we know for certain is that he is not the first Black man or person to have been shot or injured or mercilessly killed at the hands of individuals in law enforcement in our state or our country

…And we stand against excessive use of force and immediate escalation when engaging with Black Wisconsinites.” 

Now, there is no denying that the video is shocking for anyone with a heart.  Seeing any person shot repeatedly in the back at point blank range is difficult. 

However, now that some additional facts are surfacing, especially the huge reveal that Blake ADMITTED to being armed with a knife, well, that could change some things, at least for reasonable people.

What we do know now is Blake was armed with a knife, which explains why officers were heard by witnesses yelling to “drop the knife.” 

We also know that Blake is a known violent felon since his arrest for aggravated assault with a firearm in the same town. 

Add in that he had several active arrest warrants, one of those charges was for rape. 

And, for the finisher, he completely and utterly refuses all lawful efforts to stop, give up, and call it a day.

Instead of simply complying to the officers lawful orders and fight his case in court, he decided he would physically fight them because in his mind, he did not need to listen to them. 

He also was armed during the encounter, something of which he admits to now. 

And he refused to stop going into the vehicle and leaning down to the floor board.  It is completely plausible, that in that moment, Sheskey was scared for his life.  If that is found to be the case, the shooting will and must be justified.

Regardless of these facts and how the shooting is eventually ruled, the riots will continue in Kenosha tonight as they will elsewhere. 

People like Biden and members of the NBA automatically jump to the conclusions that officers are wrong in anything they do, especially when it comes to deadly force, regardless of the facts. 

In the meantime, Blake’s mother, Julia Jackson, had some choice words for those rioting in Wisconsin under the guise of seeking social justice.

In her words, she’s “disgusted” that anyone would riot over her son.

While appearing on CNN, Jackson was speaking with Don Lemon about her stance on the riots, destruction and violence happening in Kenosha. The show host asked Jackson the following:

“The destruction that has been taking place in cities across it country and in Kenosha…I heard you speak about that. And my question is, you said you don’t want that in Jacob’s name and neither would he. Tell me more about that, please.”

Jackson responded with the following:

“Absolutely not. My family and I are very hurt and quite frankly disgusted. And as his mother, please don’t burn up property and cause havoc and tear your own homes down in my son’s name. You shouldn’t do it.”

Jackson went on to note that this level of destruction and madness isn’t excusable in any circumstance, but to use her son as an excuse is more insulting than anything:

“People shouldn’t [riot] anyway, but to use my child or any other mother or father’s child, our tragedy to react in that manner is just not acceptable. And it’s not helping Jacob. It’s not helping Jacob or any other of the men or women who has suffered in these areas.”

After speaking her mind with regard to the riots taking place in Kenosha, Lemon asked Jackson if there was anything she would want to say to any politician in particular. Jackson surprisingly wanted to direct a comment to President Donald Trump, but likely not in the fashion some have come to expect on CNN.

Jackson had made reference to some comments made by a family member, likely derogatory ones, aimed at the president. On that note, she offered an apology to President Trump:

“For our President Trump, first I want to say a family member and I don’t know if it was heard or not said something that was not kind. She is hurting and I do apologize for that. Our outburst does not reflect our behavior.”

Blake’s mother also apologized for missing the phone call from President Trump as well and expressed the “utmost respect” for the president:

“And also, for President Trump, I’m sorry I missed your call because had I not missed your call, maybe the comments that you made would have been different. And I’m not mad at you at all. I have the utmost respect for you as the leader of our country. Like I said before and I’m not saying this to him directly, we should always get the details from the right source before we start throwing bricks.”

As for the reference to “comments” that Trump has made on the case is unclear, as there’s been essentially no mention of the Blake shooting by the White House as of August 26th. The only reference that can be mentioned of is President Trump urging the employment of the National Guard in Kenosha, which was deployed.

Previous reports of the second night of unrest in Kenosha, Wisconsin brought extensive damage – and widespread destruction against the black business district.

The Department of Corrections building was one of the first to fall.  And with it, seemingly symbolically, fell the American flag.

The riots were sparked by the shooting of a man with an arrest warrant for everything from domestic violence to sexual assault.

What started as a peaceful demonstration, like many, turned violent hours into the curfew.

Arsonists torched commercial and government buildings and car dealership lots.

As the crowd of rioters grew into the hundreds, police fired tear gas, rubber bullets and smoke bombs to disperse them. Protester Porche Bennett, 31, of Kenosha told Reuters that the instigators she saw were white – and not from the city.

“It’s people from out of town doing this. We’ve been shopping there since we were kids and they set it on fire,” Bennett said.

Imagery on social media showed rioters who were both white and black. 

You could see black men smashing traffic signals and street lamps with baseball bats and both white and black men smashing in windshields and headlights of a row of cars.

Reuters reported that one white man riding a skateboard doused a government truck with an accelerant and torched it.

In the meantime, another huge group of rioters launched fireworks and frozen water bottles at police in front of the courthouse.

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Here’s the backstory.

Late Sunday, August 23, pervasive looting and vicious riots broke out in Kenosha, Wisconsin, in reaction to the shooting of an African American male by police officers.

On August 23, Kenosha Police responded to a report of domestic violence, where Jacob Blake, a 24-year-old, of Kenosha was the suspect.

Blake is an African American who has a violent criminal history. There was also a warrant issued for his arrest on July 7, 2020. The arrest warrant is for domestic violence, sexual assault, and disorderly conduct.

According to the Daily Wire News, Journalist Drew Hernandez commented that those doing the rioting and looting were Black Lives Matter (BLM) members. BLM also posted various tweets and videos regarding the vicious rioting on Twitter.

The looting and rioting caused a lot of property damage.

Democrat Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers was quick to condemn the police about the shooting of Blake late on Sunday. Blake had been shot earlier in the day by police while responding to a domestic violence incident. Even though Evers didn’t have the complete details of the incident, he still criticized the police for the shooting.

Evers said:

“Tonight, Jacob Blake was shot in the back multiple times, in broad daylight, in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Kathy and I join his family, friends, and neighbors in hoping earnestly that he will not succumb to his injuries.

While we do not have all of the details yet, what we know for certain is that he is not the first Black man or person to have been shot or injured or mercilessly killed at the hand of individuals in law enforcement in our state or our country.”

Evers added:

“And we stand against excessive use of force and immediate escalation when engaging with Black Wisconsinites. I have said all along that although we must offer our empathy, equally important is our action. In the coming days, we will demand just that of elected officials in our state who have failed to recognize the racism in our state and our country for far too long.”

The video of the shooting went viral online. It showed that something happened while police were engaged with Blake as they drew their weapons on him. According to, the police had an arrest warrant for Blake.

The Wisconsin Circuit Court records reveal that Jacob S. Blake who is the same age as the male, with the same address as the block where Blake was shot, had a warrant issued on July 7.

This warrant suspected Blake of misdemeanor criminal trespass to a dwelling with domestic abuse; felony third degree sexual assault with domestic abuse; and misdemeanor disorderly conduct with domestic abuse.

In 2015, the Racine Eye newspaper wrote a story about how:

“Racine police say K9 Dozer had to help officers take a man into custody when the man refused to go quietly into custody after he pulled a gun at a local bar.”

Jacob Blake was that man involved in both the incident in 2015 and on Sunday, August 23, 2020.

In the bar incident, Blake was charged with a felony count of resisting arrest causing a soft tissue injury to a police officer, and a misdemeanor count for carrying a concealed weapon, one count for carrying a firearm while intoxicated, endangering safety-use of a dangerous weapon, and disorderly conduct.

These charges were not found on the circuit court website.

The Daily Wire reported:

“The Kenosha Police Department released a statement following the shooting that said that officers were called to the 2800 block of 40th Street, which appears to be the same street that was listed on the arrest warrant that had been issued, to respond to a domestic incident. The Wisconsin Department of Justice Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) is investigating the incident.”

Police officials stated that police on scene provided aid to Blake who was transported to a local hospital. Blake is in serious condition.

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