ANAHEIM, Calif. – A suspect driving a stolen car took police on a wild chase through a skate park in Anaheim last Friday.

The car was stolen from a driveway in Irvine. When police located it, the driver chose not to yield and the police pursued.

It was unclear how long they had been chasing the auto theft suspect before he drove through a heavily occupied skate park. Officers from the Anaheim Police Department continued the chase but knew they needed to end the potentially deadly actions as the suspect drove through the park.

According to Anaheim PD spokesman, Sgt. Daron Wyatt, officers engaged in “legal intervention” forcing the driver of the stolen car to crash into a tree. The alternative was obviously more dangerous as the driver had a complete disregard for the safety of people in the park.

The term “legal intervention” is used by law enforcement when they use their police unit to intentionally crash into a vehicle in order to end a potentially deadly pursuit. The Pursuit Intervention Technique (PIT) is a form of legal intervention. It is also known as the Precision Immobilization Technique.

Video of the dangerous encounter can be viewed with this NBC report.

Timothy Collins managed to capture portions of the pursuit on his cell phone as it rolled through Ponderosa Skatepark chasing a parolee at large driving a stolen vehicle.

“I just started freaking out,” Collins said. “Kids were almost getting hit. I was scared, I feared for my life. So I pulled out my camera and filmed.”

The video shows dust flying and tires spinning as a silver, Toyota Scion barreled through the park. Onlookers were given an up close and personal look at police work in action.

The owner of the vehicle, Rafael Lourenco, watched his smashed car get towed away. “My car is all bad right now,” he said.

According the the NBC report, Ivan Alberto Arroyo, of Anaheim, was arrested on suspicion of carjacking, Anaheim police said—although no further details were provided. The suspect sustained minor injuries. No one else was hurt in the chase.