Wikileaks Doxes 9,243 ICE Agents


Wikileaks Doxes 9,243 ICE Agents

In a move that is completely hard to understand, Wikileaks has a research page that doxes 9,243 ICE Agents. The page labeled ICE Patrol, can be found on the Wikileaks site.

Is this page new?

This Wikileaks page is leaking out just days after ANTIFA broadcast a list of over 1,500 ICE agent’s identities!

Wikileaks is a well known international organization that publishes secret information, news leaks, and classified media from anonymous sources. Who and what is behind the doxing of so many dedicated federal law enforcement agents? Why is this page leaking out now after a full week of illegal immigration political warfare and media stunts?

The one common denominator is the same one that was used by Nebraska ANTIFA, all of the ICE agents listed have a LinkedIn account.

federal ICE officials

Earlier this week, Twitter user, Sam Lavigne, published the list of ICE agents, compiled by LinkedIn accounts. He released the list to his Twitter following on Nebraska ANTIFA by sharing 1,500 ICE agent’s identities, titles, and locations.

Since Wikileaks publishes information from anonymous sources like Seth Rich, the DNC staffer who is said to have anonymously handed over the DNC emails to Wikileaks and lost his life for it, is Wikileaks publishing information from ANTIFA? The LinkedIn common theme does cause you to question who the anonymous source is.

On the Wikileaks site,, the doxing page is labeled ICE Patrol. All of the information on the agents is researchable in categories. The categories are very detailed. They are broken down by:

  • Company
  • Location
  • Job Location
  • Industry
  • Position
  • School attended
  • Field of Study

Each ICE agent’s detailed information is shared with a profile picture. This disturbing move by Wikileaks releases personal information of our dedicated ICE agents that could be used by anyone to track them down and bring them harm. This is unacceptable and is an attack on our LEOs who serve to uphold our immigration laws.

How will this list be used? Will angry illegals, MS-13 gang members, or radicals track down ICE agents and do the unthinkable?

With our politicians, who are more interested in garnering votes in the upcoming November mid-terms using illegal children being separated at the border from their parents as a way to fire up their voting base, when will they come together to solve our border crisis?

To compound the problem, our nation’s media seems to only care about boosting their ratings and stirring up public divide by reporting many false biases about the history of the immigration laws as it pertains to children being separated from their parents. Yet in all of this past weeks madness and public feuding, this hideous stunt by Wikileaks tops it all.

convicted child molester

It is time to wake up America! We must stand behind our LEOs and we must enforce our laws! We also must stand together and stop being divided by an onslaught of propaganda news that pushes the constant divide!

Lastly, if you know an ICE agent on this list, do everything you can to help protect him/her and their family! Let us all stand together as one!

– Marjorie Greene

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