A Wife’s Journey

Police Officer Phil Roselle was accidentally shot by his sergeant during a training exercise. This is a wife’s journey through the valley of despair.


(Courtesy Roselle family)

The Journey of Advocacy

I have become my husband’s advocate because he is too sick and weak to fight this. I have done a lot of research on a national level of police officers injured in the line of duty and subsequently treated unfairly. It is a common occurrence and issue of concern. The laws need to change.

We just found out we will not be able to sue the city of Norwalk for any negligence because the city and officers are indemnified and fully protected.

The Trials of Permanence

My husband went to work on Sept 5, 2017 fine. He came home a different person. He now has permanent nerve damage in his right hand and will never be a cop again. Moreover, he still has the bullet in his rib, PTSD, and six months after the shooting his kidneys failed. As a result, he is now on dialysis.


(Courtesy Roselle family)

The Reality of Sleeplessness

This has been a nightmare for me and my family, especially my boys ages 14 and 9. Thus far, they have been present three times when the ambulance came to take their dad away in oxygen.

My 9-year-old has to sleep with his father every night to make sure he’s OK and does not die. The reality is yes, he can die especially with all the complications that keep happening.


(Courtesy Roselle family)

The Ongoing Fight

I have to fight for Phil and be his advocate because he is too weak. I feel he is giving up hope. The fact that he put his life on the line for 30 years and the city turned their back is absolutely unbelievable.


Adding Insult to Injury

The thought of losing my husband and boys’ father haunts me every night. Workers comp cut him off in May. Phil was reinstated in the middle of August having to use up all his vacation and sick time. We have still not been compensated for May, June, July and part of August.

The lawyers just had another hearing. Amazingly, regardless of the medical record, workers comp is still contesting his PTSD and kidney failure. This means he will need to see more doctors.

– Debbie Duncan-Roselle

This is Phil’s story in video: