Right after the Parkland school shooting, I heard tons of ideas from police officers on how to stop similar incidents from happening.

And yet it seemed like their recommendations were falling on deaf ears because it was “above their pay grade”.

Can anyone help me understand how stopping school shootings is something that should be limited by rank or pay?

But it wasn’t just cops. It was parents.  Business leaders.  Men and women who served our country.  Custodians.  Everyday people with incredibly smart ideas… that were being ignored.

Our family at Law Enforcement Today couldn’t stand to hear about one more shooting… especially knowing how many incredibly smart people there are in America.  And so we launched Operation Innocence, a task force focused on ending the school shootings.

The Operation Innocence Task Force is working to stop school shootings. (Image: The Whiskey Patriots)

I’m blessed to announce that later this month, Operation Innocence will be reuniting to dive deeper into the overwhelming task of implementing common sense solutions to stop school shootings.

We formed Operation Innocence shortly after the Parkland shooting.  It’s a task force comprised of combat veterans turned entrepreneurs, law enforcement officers, educators, parents, patriots and business leaders.

We have four main objectives:

1) To put together a comprehensive and strategic plan for school districts with meaningful processes that can be implemented immediately at little to no cost to protect students.  These recommendations will NOT require any changes to the law, but will instead be comprised of simple and common sense solutions.

2) To put together a series of bipartisan recommendations for our lawmakers.  You may have noticed that there are no lawmakers on the task force.  That’s for a reason.  They’ve proven that they are unable to separate politics from protection… so we will do it for them.  We will vet the recommendations of ALL Americans… from executives and law enforcement to janitors and stay at home parents.  Congress seems to be operating in a vacuum of thought leadership.  We will fill that void with the power of every day Americans.

3) To vet out possible strategies and recommendations from a cost perspective and ensure that the concepts aren’t just focused on safety… they are focused on fiscal responsibility.  When politicians get involved, budgets fall apart.  When entrepreneurs, business leaders and Americans who have to balance their household budgets get involved… things get PAID FOR.

4) To create a business consortium of companies and products focused on the security of our children.  From security options to insurance companies that will offer discounts for implementing recommended precautions… from businesses that want to donate to schools to individuals who want to volunteer their time, talent and treasures… we will find the resources and the support networks to support our recommendations.

At the end of November, the original task force is getting together again at our new studios in Manchester, Connecticut.  Backed by the power of Law Enforcement Today, we’ll be reviewing the countless recommendations that every day people from across America have sent in.

Here’s the thing.  So many of you have had incredible ideas that could have saved lives… but nobody listened because “that’s not your job”.

School custodians who have exposed vulnerabilities.  Stay at home moms who have common sense solutions.  Kids.  Teachers.  Veterans.

We are here to be YOUR voice… and to make sure your ideas don’t fall on deaf ears.  You can keep sending feedback to the task force here.

On behalf of the men and women working to protect children all across America, thank you and God bless you for your prayers and your support.

God bless America.