Sometimes we ask “Why me”? We’ve all done it. Then, God says “Because I made you strong so you can carry the weak.” We feel that we are alone against many. Again, we ask “Why me”? God answers “You are not alone. I gave you brothers.” We see the helpless, the unthinkable. We scream.. “Why me”??!!! God answers in a soft tone “Because I gave you a voice to speak for those who can’t. Eyes to see what others are blind to”. We sleep. Waking drenched and our hearts pounding.Trembling .. We ask God, yet again, “Why do you let these things happen? Why must I carry this around? If I have done what you want, then why, must I suffer?”. God replies “That is not me”… “you have done your job well. A job you were chosen for not one that you chose. It is your calling….All you ask about is evil. .. You feel this , and ask these things, because you know.. you are all that stands between the evil and the good. It is not I that puts this in your mind at night. Evil tries to break the strong, but, you can’t be broken. These dreams will “.As we start to realize what he speaks… we
ask one more question… “but, why me?” God hugs you and says “Because you are the best, just like the brothers and sisters beside you. You may not see them but know they are there, fighting with you. They too have asked the question “Why me”.. because I only choose the very best. Go rest, and never give up. You are the Sheepdogs that watches over my flock. and I… watch over you.”.

A. Homrich ~ACH

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