You’re driving home. Or to work. Or the bar. It doesn’t matter. You do something stupid and it catches my attention. I can’t not stop you.

And while you’re extremely upset to see the red and blue flashes in your rearview, guess who doesn’t exactly want to be pulling you over? 


Here’s why cops hate traffic stops.

implied consent test



99 out of 100 times, you “didn’t do anything wrong”

It’s the same thing almost every time. While I approach the vehicle, you’re already thinking about how I’m plotting to ruin your day. How I made up an infraction in order to illegally search your stuff. Each time the car comes to a stop, I make a little bet called, “But Officer”.

It gives me a chance to guess what kind of lame excuse might come out of your mouth. It’s really quite fun. 


The roadside lawyer

You all know who I’m talking about here. The know-it-all expert in all things law via crappy YouTube videos. Now I get to stand back while you film me and try to school me in the law. Guess what? Being a ‘sovereign citizen’ doesn’t mean jack. Illegal search and seizure? Buddy, you have an open wine bottle sitting in your cupholder. 

We end up with complaints being filed against us for everything under the sun. We’re used to the BS accusations.

But yes, I’m happy to provide you with my badge number. Lean a little closer, it’s printed right here. 

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You’re actually not that fun to hang out with

Seriously, Karen. I have way better things to do than argue with you in traffic. And as much as it’s a hoot to stand there and listen to you complain about how you pay my salary, I really don’t want to spend another minute with you. Let me write the ticket and then hope to God you just pay it and don’t turn up for your day in court.


Don’t make me chase you

Yes, it’s fun to drive fast, but my youthful days of chasing adrenaline rushes are over. That s–t pisses me off. Cut it out. 


(Photo courtesy Fountain Valley Police Officers Association)


Yes, you were actually going that fast

The radar gun don’t lie, baby. 


(Public Domain)


Stop fidgeting

If you start reaching for your information out of the glove box before I even get out of the car, you’re damn sure I’m going to be suspicious. Quit reaching around. Leave your hands on the wheel and chill until I ask you for anything. 


We don’t know what we’re walking into

This one’s not so cheery. All too often, especially in these days of division and hate for those that don the uniform, an officer gets caught up in a dangerous and sometimes even deadly situation while effecting a stop. Whether it be a hidden weapon, a criminal who refuses to go back to jail, or any number of other extra factors, approaching a vehicle can literally lead to anything.

Let’s stop the hate and end the violence.  

(From Megan Fish)

(From Megan Fish)


Alright, that about wraps up this week’s edition of ‘Why Cops…’ 

We’ll leave you with a video of how NOT to act during a traffic stop. Enjoy.

S%#! NOT To Do When You Get Pulled Over

This one is for every police officer … police supporter… and American with their head on their shoulders. "S%#! Not To Do When You Get Pulled Over". Let's get this message out in front of the many Americans that need to see it.

Posted by Kyle Reyes on Tuesday, January 30, 2018


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