Those who stand between you and evil
Those who sacrifice,
Those who do it day in and day out
Not just once or twice.


Those who’d take a bullet
So that you could continue to live,
Those who without question or pause intervene
Those who selflessly continue to give.


Those who no matter the amount of ridicule
No matter the name calling, scorn, or hate
Those who’d lay down their lives for us
Without question, not hesitate.


Those who go out, day after day
With a target on their back,
Those who despite the warnings or threats
Courage they never lack.


Those who’ll run straight into danger
Those who don’t run away,
Those who have that special something
They’re heroes to me in every way!


Who real heroes are, are the men and women
Those in whom we all depend,
Who real heroes are, are the men and women
In uniform, whom I’ll always defend!