White House Petition for 2A Sanctuary Status Gains Momentum


(Editor Note: The link to the petition to The White House to declare 2A Sanctuary Status can be found at the bottom of this article.)

Dear America,

Wait, hold on, let me restart. I should address this differently because gone are the days where all the people inside of America are actually Americans. 

Here we go.

Dear Americans,

This is a call to action. 

We have a massive crisis that is happening right now in our country.

Yes, I agree with you that there should be a crisis LIST.

But this one is paramount. This crisis is a problem of such massive proportion it literally supersedes them all.

This crisis is happening like a slow trickle of poison to the water system, in such an effect that once fully established, it is game over. As in, done. Our freedoms are gone. 

This crisis is the steady attack on our Second Amendment, our right to bear arms.

This attack is taking place on all levels, county, state, and federal government.

This attack occurs through small assaults to our freedoms with gun control bills. So small are the attacks and gun control laws passed that we all get a little upset, but don’t revolt.

This attack is well planned and targeted by patient enemies who understand they have to tread very carefully in order to achieve their ultimate goal. After all, the very people they are targeting are the most free people in the world and the most armed. They understand that they cannot simply destroy the Second Amendment overnight. 

It takes time.

I ask every single American, regardless of your political affiliation and die-hard alliance to hear me out. Regardless of how we vote, we are all Americans. What a gift that is! We are the most free and blessed people in the world, simply by birth into this great land. 

Our Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution, that through ratification by the people of the United States of America, created the Federal Government.

That means that the Federal Government is our creature, we control it. Many do not realize that or have forgotten. Yet our creature is out of control.

Our great Founding Fathers, who were fearless men of God, knew this would happen. Soon after they ratified the Constitution, they wrote amendments called the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights provides us as Americans with greater Constitutional protection for individual liberties. There is no way to understand how important this protection is for us, until you can comprehend what it would be like to live without it. 

The most important right on the list of Bill of Rights is the Second Amendment, because it is this right that protects all of our other rights. Freedom of Speech, Freedom to Assemble, Rights to Privacy and the others that could all be taken away without the protection of the Second Amendment. It states:

“A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

Our Founding Fathers gave us this right to keep and bear arms to specifically prohibit governmental power and for protection of individual liberties.

They gave us the right to build, buy, own, possess, keep, and sell to one another guns.

The very same guns that in that day the Federal Government owned, not a lesser version with less ammunition. The same kind, type, number, ammunition, with no limits whatsoever. Then to top that off, they declared that this right SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED! 

That is the most precious gift of self-protection from the threat of a tyrannical out of control government, and outright true blessing for a people group to have to be able to protect itself from any and all threats. For the Second Amendment alone, God Bless America!

However, fast forward only a few hundred years, and the very fear and truth that our Founding Fathers knew is coming true right before our eyes. That very creature, the Federal Government, that the People created when they ratified the Constitution, the creature that we own and control has become out of control.

The Federal Government is now a fat, obnoxious, powerful beyond it’s wildest dreams, corrupt, deceitful, and lying creature who constantly day and night lurks to find new ways to enslave it’s master, The People of the United States.

Some sheriffs in Washington state refuse to enforce new gun-law measure

It has now enslaved us to over $21 trillion dollars in debt, to which it has sold to China, who owns most of our debt. This creature of ours taxes us, and then takes our money to use in ludicrous ways funding ridiculous projects like studying cow farts and shrimp sex lives, then sends billions – $56 billion just this year alone – to foreign governments. 

How many of our sons and daughters have dedicated their precious lives to defending our great land and people?  How many have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms for us to be able to keep them?

How many people in other countries of this world would give anything to have the great blessing of freedom and protection that we possess in our right to bear arms in order to protect themselves from their abusive, corrupt and murderous tyrannical governments?

Their great sufferings we cannot comprehend because we have never had to endure or experience the great suffering and affliction of living under true Socialism, Communism, or Tyranny. 

However, one day soon we may.

Right now, we are living during a critical time of crisis. Gun control bills are being passed at dizzying paces. Bill by bill, vote by vote, there are laws going into effect that are slowly but effectively chipping away at our Second Amendment rights. Just like that slow drip of poison to a water supply, these bills will slowly destroy our right to keep and bear arms. 

The Second is under attack by red flag laws, bills that impose background checks on private gun transfers, gun law language pertaining to mental health that threatens military veterans or LEOs with PTSD diagnosis right to own guns, and laws that reduce the amount of ammunition and types of guns law abiding tax paying citizens of the United States can lawfully own.

Strict gun control laws only infringe on the rights of law-abiding citizens, they do not keep guns out of the hands of criminals, who will break the law anyway. Passing strict gun control laws that require law enforcement to enforce against law abiding citizens is not only unnecessary and against the rights of The People of the United States, it is also dangerous to LEOs who have to enforce these laws and a waste of their time, government funding, and resources which should be used for real criminals. 

Many LEO’s and Sheriff’s Associations are against this attack on our great Second Amendment and they are taking action to stop it. Right now, there is a movement that has started in America within a handful of states like Illinois, New Mexico, Oregon, and Maryland, and it is being put into effect on the county level. 

It is called Second Amendment Sanctuary. 

Just as Sanctuary States direct their resources not to enforce immigration laws and provide protection for people who are living there illegally, Second Amendment Sanctuary protects the Second Amendment from gun control laws being enforced.

Within these jurisdictions there are resolutions being adopted to NOT enforce gun control measures as they are perceived as direct violations of the Second Amendment. One example of this is being led by the New Mexico Sheriff’s Association, where there are 29 sheriffs standing together. These sheriffs have passed or are in the process of passing resolutions to NOT require their deputies to enforce the gun bills that are before their state legislators. 

According to Cibola County Sheriff, Tony Mace, who is on the board of the New Mexico Sheriffs Association:

“We have 29 sheriffs stand up and speak in the Legislature, we don’t support these bills. It is not what we want. They don’t help us in our day to day jobs.”

Let me just pause right here and say, God Bless the great men and women in law enforcement who bravely take a stand on behalf of The People for our rights and protection! These sheriffs that are taking this historic and monumental stand are our heroes!

Our Second Amendment was set up for us to own the very same guns our government possesses, just like they did when it was written, and we have the right to keep and bear those guns and it shall not be infringed. Our cleverly deceitful and lying politicians who aim to eventually render us armless have lying tongues just like the devil himself and use slippery language to claim that these gun control laws are to protect us.

When the sheriffs are paying attention to government criminal behavior and taking a stand against it, you better believe it is time for ALL Americans to pay attention. 

Let me just lay it out for you straight like it is.

The only protection WE NEED from criminals, enemies to our nation, invaders, and a tyrannical government is our RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS IN FULL STRENGTH!

With the backing of LEOs to honor and protect The People’s right to the Second Amendment, together armed law-abiding citizens and Law Enforcement are the true protective force of all that is good, keeping law and order within our communities. 

Inspired by the brave action taken by these Sheriffs we are getting involved. 

It is now time for a call of action!

With the full backing and cooperative effort of Law Enforcement Today, I am asking every single one of you to sign this White House Petition to Provide Sanctuary for the Second Amendment. This petition is asking President Trump to direct the Justice Department to provide sanctuary for the Second Amendment which is under direct attack. If it were not for the out-of-control nature of our creature the Federal Government, such drastic action would not be needed.

However, since this creature of ours looks on us with eyes set to devour us, we must take a stand and ask for drastic protection for our right to protect ourselves. 

Do your part. Sign the petition in the link below. Check your email and verify your signature in the email from the White House. Then share it to as many freedom loving Americans as you possibly can.

It is the most American thing you can do today.

Protect the 2A! It shall not be infringed! Molon Labe!


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