While the Pentagon concerns itself with virtue signaling, Beijing readies itself for nuclear war with America


While the United States military virtue signals, concerns itself with proper pronouns, and hosts drag queen shows, the Chinese military is doing what our military used to do…prepare itself for a possible war.

And according to The Epoch Times, the Chi-coms could possibly use their increasing nuclear capabilities to coerce the United States within a few short years, experts say, after recent reports showing their efforts to expand their nuke arsenal.

According to a report released last week by the Federation of American Scientists, China will have some 250 new silos in place once those facilities are done being built. The silos, underground facilities for housing and launching intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) equals more than all of the number of silo-based Russian ICBMs and about half of America’s deployment of such missiles.

“The Chinese missile silo program constitutes the most extensive silo construction since the US and Soviet silo missile construction during the Cold War,” the report stated.

The report notes that about 110 of the new silos are located at a field near the city of Hami, located in the eastern parts of China’s far-western Xinjiang region, according to satellite photos.

In June, the California-based James Martin Center uncovered another site, an unfinished field with about 120 silos located in Yumen, a city in Xinjiang’s neighboring Gansu Province.

“The silo construction at Yumen and Hami constitutes the most significant expansion of the Chinese nuclear arsenal ever,” the FAS report stated.

Rick Fisher, senior fellow at Virginia-based think tank International Assessment and Strategy Center told The Epoch Times that the latest discovery seems to indicate that Beijing “may be on its way to an initial warhead inventory over 3,000.”

All of this saber rattling seems to have ramped up since Biden was elected last November, with the Chi-coms detecting a weak, compromised president.

“China is now beginning a sprint to nuclear warhead superiority,” Fisher said.

Some believe the discovery of China’s once-secret activities leads to the belief what else may be in progress that the international community is not yet aware of, according to Patty-Jane Geller, a policy analyst at the Heritage Foundation.

Geller is a policy analyst for nuclear deterrence and missile defense at the Washington, D.C.-based think tank.

Geller noted that some have ignored the threat posed by China, believing the public estimates of its nuclear stockpile with has been estimated at 350 warheads, which puts it far short of the inventory held by the US and Russia. However the recent findings indicate that “we shouldn’t just be playing this numbers game,” she said.

“We cannot just be considering them as a country with just a few nuclear weapons anymore. We have to take them more seriously,” Geller told The Epoch Times.

“I don’t think most Americans would be okay with living with a China who can coerce the United States with a strong military capability,” she said.

Meanwhile Fisher believes the United States may begin seeing “nuclear coercion” by Beijing “as early as mid-decade unless the U.S. takes counter actions now.”

Moreover, that threat is increased significantly if the Chinese regime teams up with Putin’s Russia to strong-arm the United States. He said it could prevent a “future weak American president from coming to the defense of Taiwan.” Well, we’ve got a very weak American president right now, and the vice president isn’t an improvement.

“Unless America responds quickly, we will be facing an era of strategic inferiority, constant bullying, and even nuclear attack by China and Russia,” Fisher said.

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The recent revelations lead to questions about China’s commitment to a so-called minimum deterrence posture, which the nation has maintained for decades.

Under that policy, the regime keeps its nuclear stockpile to the minimum level necessary in order to deter nuclear threats. This new information seems to call that into question.

Fu Cong, director-general of the Department of Arms Control at China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs repeated the regime’s commitment to minimum deterrence last November at the EU Non-Proliferation and Disarmament Conference. Of course, after the Wuhan virus, it’s hard to believe much of what comes out of Beijing.

“I think it’s clear now that China is moving away from [minimum deterrence] and becoming more ambitious,” Geller said.

She also noted that China is deploying new nuclear-capable bombers and developing ICBMs that are capable of carrying multiple warheads at the same time.

The FAS report argues that given the new information about new silos is a clear indication that China has “move[d] out of the ‘minimum deterrence’ category.”

“This build up is deeply concerning, [and] raises questions about the PRC’s [People’s Republic of China] intent,” a State Department spokesperson said in a statemen to The Epoch Times.

The spokesperson added, “Despite PRC obfuscation, this rapid build-up has become more difficult to hide and highlights how China is deviating from decades of nuclear strategy based around minimum deterrence.”

The Epoch Times said the Chinese regime has not yet commented on the new silos.

Calls from within China have suggested the regime increase its nuclear capability. For example, last May, Hu Xijin, editor-in-chief of the “hawkish” state-run newspaper Global Times, took to social media and called for the regime to increase the number of warheads to over 1,000, including a minimum of 100 DF-41 ICBMS, which he said were needed to “curb U.S. strategic aggression.”

Estimates from experts indicate DF-41 ICBMS have an effective operational range of 9,300 miles, more than capable of hitting the continental United States.

Moreover last May, Chinese military expert Song Zhongping told Global Times that Beijing “needs to increase its number of nuclear weapons in order to effectively curb the United States’ nuclear strike and nuclear deterrence against China.

Recently, the Global Times published an editorial in response to the two reports on China’s new nuke silos. While the article didn’t confirm or deny the findings, it did say the regime should have a nuclear force “strong enough to make the US—from the military to the government—fear.

The FAS report vindicated warnings issued by Admiral Charles Richard, Geller said, about China’s growing nuclear capability. Richard is the head of the U.S. Strategic Command, which oversees the country’s nuclear weapons.

In April, testifying at a congressional hearing, Richard said that China’s nuclear stockpile was undergoing an “unprecedented expansion,” while noting China was “on the pace necessary to double their nuclear stockpile by the end of the decade.”

Richard added that the Chinese regime was close to being able to what is referred to as a full strategic nuclear triad—land-based missiles, submarines and bombers.

“China is capable of executing any plausible nuclear employment strategy regionally now and will soon be able to do so at intercontinental ranges,” Richard continued.

In February, Richard had warned about the “real possibility” of nuclear war with Russia and China. 

In response to the report uncovering the discovery of new nuclear silos, the U.S. Strategic Command said in a tweet: “the public has discovered what we have been saying all along about the growing threat the world faces and the veil of secrecy that surrounds it.”

Fisher said the United States needs a change in strategy to address the growing Chinese military threat.

“To secure America from future Chinese and Russian nuclear threats, the Biden Administration is going to have to reverse its initial arms control and nuclear reduction preferences to instead lead the most aggressive U.S. nuclear buildup since the Cold War,” he said.

After his inauguration in January, Biden renewed the New START arms control treaty through Feb. 5, 2026. The treaty, initially signed in 2010 limits Russia and the U.S. to no more than 1,550 nuclear warheads.

Fisher advocates abandoning that treaty since he says it “no longer advances American security.”

There have been attempts to get Beijing into a trilateral agreement on arms control, however the regime has rejected the call, claiming their nuke arsenals are low compared to those of the U.S. and Russia.

Geller notes the New START arms control treaty is outdated due to its signing at a time—11 years ago—when “we definitely didn’t know about the Chinese expansion that we’re seeing today.”

“The minimum thing we need to do is complete our own nuclear modernization efforts,” Geller said.

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