US Strategic Command warns possibility of conflict leading “adversary to consider nuclear use”


WASHINGTON, DC- While the Biden administration is concerned about making the military a politically correct bastion of social justice engineering, our would be adversaries such as China and Russia are tooling up their forces for a potential conflict, a STRATCOM commander told Congress on Tuesday.

Admiral Charles Richard, commander of the U.S. Strategic Command told the Senate Armed Services Committee that China is rapidly increasing their nuclear capabilities and in fact could, for the first time be actually primed to use them as he urged senators to upgrade our country’s aging nuclear infrastructure.

Just how fast is the Chinese nuclear program advancing?

Richard told the committee that he has ordered that any briefs on China’s nuclear weapons program contain no “stale” information more than a month old, “because it’s probably out of date” that quickly.

Richard said China currently has the capability to accurately deploy nuclear weapons anywhere in its area of the world, and would “soon be able to do so at intercontinental range,” Stars and Stripes reported.

“I can’t get through a week right now without finding out something we didn’t know about China,” Richard told senators.

He appeared at the hearing alongside Army Gen. James Dickinson, who leads the U.S. Space Command. Dickinson also called out China as being among his chief military concerns for the reason it is rapidly advancing its space-based military capabilities.

As China has become increasingly aggressive toward Taiwan and the international community in the South China Sea, they have also, according to Richard, moved some nuclear forces from a “peace-time” status to a so-called “launch-on-warning” and “high-alert” program.

This provides that weapons are armed for launch immediately after an enemy missile is detected.

“For the first time in history, the nation is facing two nuclear-capable, strategic peer adversaries at the same time, both of whom must be deterred differently,” he said, according to the U.S. Sun.  

Last month, Richard said the possibility of a conflict with either of the other two powers is now a “real possibility.”

“There is a real possibility that a regional crisis with Russia or China could escalate quickly to a conflict involving nuclear weapons, if they perceived a conventional loss would threaten the regime or state,” he wrote.

Although China is currently on the military’s radar due to the rapid growth of their nuclear capabilities, Russia continues to remain the chief concern among military leaders, Richard said.

He noted that while the United States hasn’t completed any recent update to our nuclear forces, that doesn’t hold true for Russia, which is about 80% complete in modernizing their capabilities.

“While we are at 0% [modernization], it is easier to describe what they’re [Russia] not modernizing—nothing,” he said. “What they are [upgrading] is pretty much everything, including several never-before-seen capabilities.”

In other words, while the Biden administration concerns itself with solidifying political power for Democrats through court-packing, DC statehood and putting elections under the control of the federal government, Russia (and China) are on the move.

Congress has been debating funding for upgrading America’s so-called “nuclear triad”—our country’s system of intercontinental ballistic missiles and our fleet of nuclear-capable bomber aircraft and ballistic missile submarines—as the Biden administration reviews U.S. nuclear strategies.

Richard said he supported the review, which is typical for incoming administrations, but he also noted that some lawmakers have targeted a $95 billion replacement for the nation’s 1970’s-era Minuteman III ICBMs.

That program, called the Ground Based Strategic Deterrent (GBSD) has been targeted by far-left ideologues such as Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), which Richard cautioned against.

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He advised those missiles need to be replaced by the GBSD or retired, Richard said while referring to them as “leftovers from the Cold War” that are now obsolete and unable to have their lives extended with temporary band aid fixes.

Richard warned that without ICBMs, the United States would have to drastically change its approach to nuclear operations, and would make the country completely reliant on submarine-based nuclear weapons to deter enemy nuclear activity.

He noted that since the end of the Cold War, the United States has not maintained bomber aircraft on nuclear alert.

“I’ve already told the secretary of defense that under those conditions, I would request to re-alert the bombers,” Richard told senators.

This would require the Air Force’s B-52 Stratofortress and/or B-2 Spirit bombers armed with nuclear weapons and prepared to fly at all times.

Richard warned senators they should keep a close watch on what China is doing, as well as Russia in order to modernize their nuclear forces as they continue to debate the future of America’s nuclear deterrent capabilities.

“It’s the only weapon system you don’t have to pull the trigger on for it to work,” he told lawmakers.

Richard also told the committee that the United States is preparing for a war it hasn’t fought before.

“United States Space Command faces a unique dilemma in that we can’t plan for future conflicts based on how we fought previous conflicts, even if we were inclined to do so,” The Hill reported Richard as saying.

“Rather we are preparing for the war not yet fought.”

On Monday, the U.S. Strategic command warned that the U.S. must prepare for nuclear war because current conflicts throughout the world could escalate “very rapidly.”

The statement, referred to as a “posture statement,’ is issued annually to Congress where they are informed as to the state of the Strategic Command.

“The spectrum of conflict today is neither linear nor predicable,” the Command wrote on Twitter.

Meanwhile, Biden saber rattles with Putin after having ten Russian diplomats removed from the U.S.

So while Putin and Xi play chess, Joe Biden plays tiddlywinks. What could possibly go wrong?

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