We used to watch television and see on the news, the chaos in other countries, and proudly say within ourselves, “I’m glad I live in America”…

For you see….. We are all guilty of taking for granted the peace and prosperity that was afforded us by generations of HARDWORKING Americans.
Now we yet sit on the same couch and watch the same television, and see the chaos is in OUR own town or in a neighboring jurisdiction, instead of it being in a country abroad.

And our verbal intellect has now changed, and instead of saying to ourselves “I’m proud to live in America” we are now asking ourselves “What went wrong in America?????

Let’s begin with this:

🔵When you replace the value of hard work with laziness and handouts, you have taken the first step down the dangerous slippery slope.

🔵 When constitutional rights and respect of others are threatened by groups that are filled with hate and bent on violence, where law enforcement hands are “tied”, the foundation on which this country was established cannot help but begin to crumble.

🔵When individuals are allowed to storm a public forum, or a public speaking engagement and force the speaker into silence, I have to ask you good friends, what’s next?

What would stop the same individuals from charging into your church service on Sunday morning, and taking the microphone away from your minister, just to get their 15 minutes of fame.

🔵 When you as a father or a mother, have to explain to your seven-year-old child why it’s necessary to place colors of black or blue or yellow or brown or white in front of what or whose lives matter, when God given common sense would tell you that, children should be raised to be colorblind and that life Is to be respected no matter what!!

🔴 I’ve said all of the above just to get to this point:

It’s the other countries who now sit in front of their television and watch their news, and see America in their newsfeed. I can guarantee you they are asking the same question that we are right now, “What went wrong in America?

America for generations WAS the beacon of hope, the lighthouse on the hill, the land of opportunity and boundless freedom…… You know what?

IT STILL CAN BE…….BUT……. That will all be determined on how long you continue to just sit on your couch……

My prayer is that God will continue to bless America, and may he grant the men and women who stand between the forces of good and evil, an extra dose of courage and bravery for these evil times in which we live.

Sergeant Chuck Wells
Arkansas 🚔🚔🚔