LOWER SWATARA TOWNSHIP, Penn. – Sometimes the job has its odd days. Sometimes officers respond to a call that they’re not entirely sure how to handle. And sometimes those situations involve animals.

It was one of those days in Pennsylvania. 

PennLive published a hilarious report on Thursday, where officers and troopers in the Lower Swatara Township area of Pennsylvania had to help rescue nearly a thousand baby chicks from a busy highway.

Where did they come from? Police rescue 900 baby chicks from Pennsylvania highway

You see all those little yellow dots? Those are hundreds of baby chicks. And Pennsylvania State Troopers scrambled to rescue them all on Wednesday night. (Lower Swatara Township Police Department)


A photo posted to Facebook from the Lower Swatara Township Police Department showed the chaotic, yet fuzzy and adorable scene from Wednesday night, where officers scooped up 900 baby chicks and safely secured them back in their crate.

The troopers were originally made aware of the situation when callers reported a large crate obstructing traffic on the highway, state police spokesperson Megan Frazer said. But when they got there, they realized it was a much bigger problem than just removing the crate from the road.


The department noted that the “picture does not do it justice,” but it’s pretty easy to see how crazy it was. 

“It was our pleasure to assist PSP last evening with an animal rescue,” the department said in their post. “Several hundred baby chickens (peeps) were running around the highway where they should not have been. Officers responded and were able to get them back in the crates where they belong. The picture does not do it justice, but it will give you an idea of the challenge they faced. Great job to the officers involved!”

Though police have no idea how all the baby chicks came to wandering around the road, they were happy they were able to assist and considered the rescue mission a successful one. 

Where did they come from? Police rescue 900 baby chicks from Pennsylvania highway

A group of Pennsylvania State Troopers and Lower Swatara Township police round up the baby chicks on the side of the interstate. (Lower Swatara Township Police Department)


Anyone missing about a thousand baby chicks? Call the cops. 

We still think these officers had it a bit better than some of our fellow LEO’s in Florida.

A video from last summer shows a Sarasota County deputy wrangle a live gator from a woman’s garage.

The alligator, which had been spotted in a Sarasota neighborhood over the course of a few weeks, apparently wandered into the garage – unbeknownst to the homeowner.

A neighbor then called the homeowner, warning that the alligator may be trapped in the garage.

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Where did they come from? Police rescue 900 baby chicks from Pennsylvania highway


“He walked around the garage for a minute or two and then scurried under the golf cart,” one neighbor said.

That’s when Deputy Martin with the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office was called to the scene.

The deputy “wrangled the alligator out of the garage” and relocated it to a nearby pond, FOX13 reported.

Footage of the incident shows the deputy leading the gator to a body of water behind the home.


It’s never a dull day…


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