Lance LoRusso is one of two LET writers who are uniquely qualified to edify and educate this honorable profession.  He and writer David Waksman are former law enforcement officers who have become attorneys.  While many LEOs tend to look at attorneys as enemies (sometimes with good reason based on what they face from defense attorneys) Lance LoRusso is one lawyer who is solely concerned with protecting the rights of his fellow sisters and brothers in blue.  LoRusso is a former metro-Atlanta cop who practices within the community he used to serve as a sworn officer.

 LoRusso has just published a new book which is a must-read for any LEO.  In our highly litigious and often-violent society, When Cops Kill should be on every rookie and veteran officer’s bookshelf to read BEFORE they are involved in a shooting incident.  Any OIS investigation presents unimaginable challenges to the LEO, ranging from the personal emotional toll to the publicity and its effects upon family members to the potential liability or disciplinary issues.  When Cops Kill prepares LEOs for the after-effects of this potentially life-changing event.

This new book is LoRusso’s personal effort to educate the law enforcement profession about the realities of the use of deadly force. The book is based upon his own experiences as an LEO, his work as an attorney representing LEOs on the scene and after OIS’s, and the personal words of LEOs who have been involved in deadly force situations on the street.

LoRusso has been a law enforcement trainer for over 20 years. We train LEOs well. However, there is so much more to the use of deadly force than when to shoot. What can an LEO expect from investigators? Is an LEO required to speak with a homicide detective after an OIS? What does it mean to face a civil suit? What if the LEO is injured? How will use of deadly force affect an LEO’s family?

When Cops Kill: the aftermath of a critical incident explores these topics and many more. LoRusso wrote the book to educate and empower LEOs. Knowledge is power. There is comfort in knowing the truth about the use of deadly force and the days, months and years after those terrifying moments when an LEO must decide whether to live or die.

The profits from the sale of this book will support law enforcement charities.  Click below for more information or to purchase this book: