MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. – Many riders have turned the annual Martin Luther King Day “Wheels Up, Guns Down” event into a mockery. The riders got a head start on the ride, but in a way that flaunted their attention seeking stunts around stunned motorists.

Several people on their motorcycles and ATV’s were seen weaving in and out of cars in Miami Gardens on Sunday, popping wheelies and driving recklessly.


Martin Luther King Day “Wheel Up, Guns Down” mockery. (Screenshot CBS Miami News broadcast)

The CBS News helicopter, Chopper4, captured footage (seen below) of riders traveling south on Northwest 27th Avenue and 151st Street.  They have since been seen as far south as Downtown Miami, reported CBS Miami.

Highway signs are displaying a message that off-road vehicles are prohibited on public roadways.

Police have issued public warnings via reader boards and social media. They want it to be known that law enforcement authorities will be on the roads to ensure that anyone breaking the law will be cited and arrested. Moreover, their vehicles will be seized, and that might be the biggest deterrent to some of the riders.

The annual Martin Luther King Day “Wheels Up, Guns Down” are expected to be out in much bigger numbers on Monday.


Martin Luther King Day “Wheel Up, Guns Down” mockery. (Screenshot CBS Miami News broadcast)

The day-early crowd isn’t a complete shock as the same thing happened last year.

In 2017, two ATV riders were killed in separate crashes on the Sunday before Martin Luther King Day.

For the past several years people have been using the January holiday to take to the streets, driving motorcycles, dirt bikes, ATVs and other vehicles to perform tricks while traveling extremely fast on roadways and highways.

The groups have grown in size and show no regard for safety or basic driving laws.

Consequently, police have cautioned that you are 27 times more likely to die in a bike crash than in a car crash and your odds of dying are dramatically increased if you are not wearing a helmet. Moreover, performing the stunts around frightened drivers is a recipe for disaster.

Most of those who’ve taken part in “Wheels Up, Guns Down” in years past were not wearing a helmet, not only endangering themselves with their driving but the public, as well.

Authorities vow to continue cracking down until they put an end to the dangerous, now deadly, annual holiday lunacy.