What’s it like to enter a building unaware of what’s waiting inside
It’s gotta be nerve racking if it’s full of stuff, so many places to hide?
What’s it like to hold a child, who’s in tears because they’re afraid
Their mom or dad or both arrested after some kind of raid?
What’s it like when they don’t want to stop after you hit your lights
What’s it like when you have to arrest them and calmly read their rights?
What’s it like when you see they’re armed and you know it’s them or you
What’s it like when you pull that trigger and do what you had to do?
What’s it like when you fill out reports day after day every day
What’s it like when the perp of a crime somehow gets away?
What’s it like going to work not knowing if you’ll return
Knowing without a doubt your loved ones, live every day with concern?
What’s it like when you don’t feel like a hero even tho you are
What’s it like to wear that badge or maybe wear that star?
I’ll never know what it’s like, to be a hero for the things that you do
Law enforcement, all first responders, I humbly thank all of you!
 By Bert L Orris