ST. LOUIS, Mo. – Two men are in police custody and are facing a slew of felony charges after they allegedly began shooting at officers in St. Louis county on Tuesday.

And in case you didn’t notice, their mug shots weren’t exactly pretty.

A report from CBS 4 News said that it all began when St. Louis County police officers stopped a vehicle for displaying improper license plates in the area of Medford and Nemnich in the Norwood Township neighborhood Tuesday after 8 p.m.


Matthew Higgins (left) and Kenneth Bull (right) now face an array of felony charges after allegedly shooting at police and resisting arrest. (St. Louis County Police Department)


As one of the officers got out of the patrol vehicle and began approaching the suspect’s car, he noticed 27-year-old Matthew Higgins hanging out of the passenger side of the vehicle. The officer noticed that he was holding something in his hand and appeared to be pointing it at him.

The officer said that that’s when he saw the muzzle flash as Higgins squeezed off two rounds. 

Authorities say that 42-year-old Kenneth Bull was behind the wheel of the suspects’ car. He immediately threw the vehicle into gear and sped off in an attempt to lose the officers.

The officers stopped them for having improper plates. Then the chaos erupted. (KMOV Broadcast)


The officers gave chase and more units joined in to try and bring the attempted killers down. CBS 4 says that two police vehicles collided during the crash but no officers were injured. 

After about 15 minutes of pursuit the officers managed to get the suspects’ vehicle to stop at Vorhof and Landseer.

But Bull and Higgins apparently weren’t about to go without a fight. 

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As the officers struggled to take the men into custody, they continued to fight and resist arrest. 

Their mug shots from booking show that officers had to use force while taking the men into custody.

Incredibly, none of the officers were shot or injured during the incident. 

Matthew Higgins is charged with first degree assault, armed criminal action, unlawful use of a weapon and resisting arrest. Public records showed that he had been previously arrested and convicted of felony charges. 


Kenneth Bull is charged with first degree assault, two counts of second degree assault, two counts of armed criminal action and unlawful use of a weapon and resisting arrest. 

A judge set a bond of $150,000 for each of the men. 

Maybe this will teach them a valuable lesson… don’t shoot at the cops.

It seems as though that message needs to be repeated to a 21-year-old California man as well.

A California sheriff’s deputy was lucky to escape with her life after an enraged suspect wrestled her to the ground, stole her firearm, and opened fire as she ran for safety.

And it was all caught on video.

Victor Valley News says that it began when a deputy responded to a 911 call from a woman yelling “Oh my God, oh my God, send the police, I need my son removed from my home,” just after 8:30 a.m. Wednesday in the 13000 block of Cabazon Court.

Deputy Sheriff Meagan Forsberg was the first on scene. When she made contact with 21-year-old Ari Young, things took a horrific turn.


21-year-old Ari Young wrestles a deputy’s gun from her hand and fires at her. (Screenshot – YouTube)


What happened next was all caught on cellphone video from a neighbor. In the video, Young can be seen coming at the deputy, repeatedly punching her in the head and face. Forsberg yells out, “I’m going to shoot you! I’m going to shoot you!” as she struggles to dodge the forceful hits.

Forsberg appears to have her gun drawn, but is unable to get a shot off on Young. As the two continue to struggle, two shots ring out. Then all of a sudden, Young manages to pull the handgun from Forsberg’s left hand.


Deputies responded in the nick of time, pulling in and drawing their weapons just moments after Deputy Forsberg ran from the gunman. (Screenshot – YouTube)


As the deputy realizes that she’s in a life or death situation, she turns and runs. Young fumbles with the gun for a few moments, manages to chamber a round and points the gun at the fleeing deputy, firing at her.

The chaos comes to an end as the sirens grow louder and backup arrives. Forsberg’s fellow deputies got there just in time. As they drive up on Young, he puts his hands up in the air, but doesn’t drop the deputy’s gun.

Another shot is fired, though it’s unclear whether it was from the responding units or from the suspect. In a statement, police said that Young ignored repeated commands to drop the weapon. Deputies then opened fire on the suspect, dropping him to the ground after a number of shots.

Video of the entire event was captured. Warning: viewer discretion is advised.


Mara Rodriguez is the Victorville Police Department’s Spokeswoman. She says that Forsberg was sent to the hospital for non life-threatening injuries following the fight. She was not reported to have suffered any gunshot wounds.

Rodriguez also said that Young was transported to a local hospital. His condition is unknown at this time. Officers say that they had responded to the residence twice on Tuesday, but the reason for their visits were not provided.


A witness at the scene said they watched the situation unfold.

“We were up here today from Santa Ana doing yard work, I heard the guy yelling at the cop saying he was going to kill her,” they said. “The only reason he didn’t shoot her is because she was rolling around so he didn’t have a clear shot.”


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