What border crisis? Chinese cartels are now reportedly operating out of Mexico in the drug trade


MEXICO CITY, MEXICO – Most people understand that drugs have been coming across the southern border of the United States, but few would expect the Chinese to be involved. 

However, we are now learning that there is a group of Chinese drug dealers and cartels that have been operating in Mexico for some time, and the drug they are peddling is to blame for many American deaths.

It is not marijuana or cocaine that these Chinese drug traffickers are making and delivering across the US border.  They are manufacturing fentanyl and methamphetamine in clandestine laboratories in the Mexico City region, and a large amount of those drugs are sent into the US.

According to Mexico-based security and intelligence, a large portion of the drug manufacturing and export business is being conducted by a group known as the “Los Zheng” wing of the Chinese cartel. 

This group is believed to have the largest presence inside of Mexico and is known for trafficking the deadly drugs.

Fox News received intelligence findings from a security firm known as Fortress Risk Management, which outlined that the Zheng crew operates through what appears as legitimate shell companies that offer veterinary services. 

They also offer clothing sales, maintenance of computer systems, and clinical laboratories in Mexico.

The group uses the ports of Michoacán, Manzanillo Colima, Lazaro Cardenas in Mexico.  They are also known to use the port in Ensenada Baja, which is in California, for the supposed legitimate business dealings. 

Lee Oughton, the co-founder of Fortress, said:

“They [Zheng] have the collaboration of customs authorities and members of the Sinaloa and Jalisco Nueve Generacion cartels in Mexico.  Once in the country, the drug is transported by air and land to the United States through the states of Jalisco, Nayarit, Sinaloa, and Sonora.”

In addition to Fortress and the Mexican Authorities noticing the actions, the United States Department of the Treasury’s Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) has also taken notice.  They have recently named four Chinese people and one entity underneath the Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Designation Act as Zheng associates. 

OFAC alleges that the group is guilty of “facilitating payments for the purchase of fentanyl analogs or other controlled substances, including synthetic cannabinoids or cathinone, for the Zhen Drug Trafficking Organization (DTO) – known for its endeavors in Colombia and Mexico – and directed by alleged Chinese synthetic opioid trafficker, Fujing Zheng.”

Fujing and his father, Guanghua, were previously indicted by the United States in 2018 “with conspiracy to manufacture and distribute controlled substances, conspiracy to import controlled substances into the United States, operating a continued criminal enterprise, money laundering, and other crimes.”

Despite the indictments, the Zheng alleged criminal enterprise is still operating at a large capacity.  Ed Calderon, a former Mexican law enforcement officer who an expert in narcotics investigations concurred that the group is up and running. 

Not only does the group appear to be fully functioning, but they also have a way to compensate for any member of the organization that is arrested.  He said that they have first, second, and third tiers of people that can fill in the voids should something happen.  Calderon said:

“You can’t bring anything into the country [Mexico] without paying off someone.  There are a lot of fixers and guards assigned to these entry ports making a killing from China too.”

Richard Higgins, president of HTG, LLC and a well-known strategic security and information warfare consultant said:

“For the past 12 years, Chinese criminal organizations have become the backbone to the drug cartels, with chemicals supplied to the cartels and laundering of tens of billions of the cartel profits in North America and Europe. 

“Chinese-organized criminals south and north of the border are very sophisticated using WeChat and other forms of encrypted communication.”

This organization and its distribution of fentanyl and methamphetamine into the United States has no doubt drastically increased the number of overdose deaths over the last few years.  The Centers for Disease Control contends that overdose deaths have risen 10% compared to the same time last year.

In shocking statistics from the CDC, they estimate that over 72,000 Americans died from drug overdoses from the highly addictive narcotics.  That statistic is just for the first three months of 2020, so the total number of overdose deaths will most likely significantly increase by year’s end. 

Although the United States government contends that these operations happen without the knowledge of the Chinese government, retired Special Agent in Charge at the DEA Derek Maltz alludes otherwise.  He said:

“As part of the CCP’s unrestricted warfare model, they have progressed significantly against America with their enhanced role in the drug business.  They can make multibillions and, at the same time, undermine the security of America.

“A kilogram of fentanyl can kill 500,000 people, so the administration should look at the death rates and treat this as a serious national security threat as opposed to only a public health crisis.” 

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Report: Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco seeing spike in drug overdoses fueled by fentanyl

October 10, 2020 – SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Recent data provided by the San Francisco Medical Examiner’s Office show a striking increase in drug overdose deaths this year in San Francisco.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, of the 1,070 bodies examined between January 1, 2020, and August 31, 2020, 468, or nearly half, died from a drug overdose.

This figure represents a monthly average of 58.9 drug overdose deaths in 2020 — so far.  In all of 2019, the Office of the Medical Examiner reported a monthly average of 36.7 deaths, with 441 total.  2018 saw even fewer, with a monthly average of 21.6 deaths and 259 total, and 2017 had a monthly average of 18.5 drug overdose deaths with 222 total.

If we look at this sobering news another way, San Francisco is on a path this year to average approximately two drug overdose deaths per day.

Dr. Luke Rodda, chief forensic toxicologist at the Medical Examiner’s Office, put it this way:

“It’s exponentially growing. Every day — every day now — we’ve got deaths from overdoses.”

Fentanyl reportedly plays a large part in the increase in deaths.

The Chronicle notes that 319 of the 468 people who died of drug overdoses as of the end of August had Fentanyl in their systems.  Many who take the drug do so unknowingly, as the substances they are taking may have been laced with it.

U.S. Attorney David Anderson said in a statement to SF Gate:

“Fentanyl is pouring into our community from China and Mexico.

“Because it is incredibly powerful in even the smallest doses, fentanyl is being mixed with other drugs and marketed as other drugs. Many drug users who die of fentanyl overdoses never even know that they have been given fentanyl.

“The epicenter of this fentanyl disaster is the Tenderloin neighborhood in San Francisco.”

Indeed, according to the Office of the Medical Examiner, the neighborhood that showed the highest incidence of drug overdose deaths is the Tenderloin area.  23 percent of all San Francisco drug overdose deaths occurred in that region.   Second is SOMA (South of Market) at 17 percent.



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