Weapons, signs calling to ‘kill cops’ and booby traps – here’s what was hidden in the Portland “Red House Autonomous Zone”


PORTLAND, OR – The latest on the situation that was dubbed as the “Red House Autonomous Zone” (RHAZ), seems to show that resolutions are in the works between concerned parties. 

So while news of this week-long occupation has come come to an end is good, it certainly doesn’t mean that the occupation was rationale, justifiable, or worthy of any merit. 

Thanks to sources close to the Portland Police Bureau, we at Law Enforcement Today were able to get some more insight into what this occupation looked like. 

Make no mistakes – the entire scenario was rife with violent actors, taggings rejoining over the thought of killing police officers, and staged means to enact harm against any they perceived to have been at odds with them while occupying the area. 

Red House area
Red House area during height of occupation

Outside of the completely criminal occupation of the Red House, and yes, the entire charade was criminal, it also turned the block into a dilapidated residential area that looked as though it was something out of the movie Escape from New York. 

But it wasn’t Snake Plissken roaming through the area in search of the president.  The RHAZ was a bona fide residential area where local homeowners wound up plastering signs on their windows bestowing messages of solidarity with the Antifa-types occupying the area. 

Yet, if we are being honest – exactly how many of the locals hoisting up signage in favor of the occupation actually bought into the debauchery being displayed by these virtue-claiming terrorists? 

And – yes – this occupation was indeed the picture-perfect definition of terrorism. 

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Take into account, this entire debacle started from the squatting Kinney family taking out a loan, where their home was used as collateral, in 2002 to help cover legal defense fees for their then-17-year-old child having killed an 83-year-old man via the teen’s reckless driving. 

The reckless driver still wound up getting 6 years in prison for the bid, which isn’t that out of the ordinary for what could be easily coined as manslaughter committed by a juvenile.

Why someone would seek paid counsel on a case that could easily be handled by a public defender is beyond me – because 6 years for negligent manslaughter is kind of run-of-the-mill for a public defender. 

However, the family proclaimed that the loan they’d received was “predatory” and somewhere down the line of about 15 or 16 years after the loan was taken out, the family stopped paying on the loan. 

Alas, the proverbial Bat-Signal was seen by those hoping to share the rallying cry of terms like “Afro-Indigenous” when engaging in criminal and terrorists acts. 

Additional insight to the area outside the Red House
Additional insight to the area outside the Red House

If one were to be honest regarding all the nonsense that perpetuated around the Red House, it was nothing more than rage-bait conduit for those likening themselves as modern-day freedom fighters to have a cause outside of their clamoring of preferred pronouns. 

Area outside of Red House showing tagging that says 'Kill All Cops'
Area outside of Red House showing tagging that says ‘Kill All Cops’

One needn’t look beyond the sort of slogans spray painted outside of the area that was blocked off by these miscreants to understand that this was nothing more than a mere duct to hone in on the crux of the criminals’ true source of ire.

These cretins that positioned themselves outside of a home that they had zero vested interest in merely did so find more reason to enact harm against police officers. 

Red House area shows fortified areas with likened battle stations presumably devised for police
Red House area shows fortified areas with likened battle stations presumably devised for police

Just take a look at some of the fortifications these criminals had put together.  They literally created impromptu battle stations. This isn’t hyperbole; the evidence is as clear as day. 

Keep in mind, there are people sitting in jail for holding meetings about enacting a sort of citizens arrest on Nevada Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

Yet, we have people that set up literal battle stations for their assumed opposition.  But, who, exactly, is sitting in jail for that? Not the enablers; not the squatters; and certainly not the LARPing freedom fighters. 

Just so there’s no misinformation on this matter, these are true to form facts on what inspired this form of terrorism: 

  • A family took out a loan to cover legal costs because their child killed an elderly man and injured others due to his reckless driving
  • The family used their home as collateral for this loan attained 
  • The family defaulted on the loan at some point 
  • Someone purchased the home in a foreclosure auction 
  • This family resided in the home via squatting for literally years 
  • Then they and others played the race card when it came time to get evicted 
  • And scored over $300K in a GoFundMe along the way

And, yet, we’re supposed to think these folks were victims and applaud the acts of domestic terrorists because now the situation is getting diffused? 

Not to sound like a Kit Kat Bar commercial, but gimme a break. 

Our country, and local leaders, have appeased the likes of these folks for far too long and gifted them too many proverbial victories in their efforts attained via blatantly criminal means. 

And yet, people within our government are seemingly astonished that murmurs of hostile affronts aimed toward these sort of bad actors wind up being pondered among the general population. 

I’m not sure if they noticed, but people are literally having to feign supporting terrorism to avoid having their homes targeted by domestic terrorists. 

It’s a death-by-a-thousand-cuts tactic, and the government has essentially afforded it a green light. 

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