Tampon dispenser installed in CT high school boys' room ripped off the wall 20 minutes after installation

BROOKFIELD, CT- “Disheartened, dismayed, and disgusted.” Those are the words of Brookfield High Principal Marc Balanda. No, he’s not upset because 57% of his students are not proficient in math. He’s upset because a tampon dispenser inside the boy’s bathroom was unceremoniously ripped off the wall. 

First off, since this is a law enforcement publication, we condemn unwarranted petty vandalism. In this case, however, we are willing to give the little vandal(s) a pass. 

The story begs the question: Why, in God’s name, is there a tampon dispenser in a boy’s bathroom? The answer is found in Connecticut Public Act 22-118, which contains the “Menstrual Equity in Connecticut Public Schools mandate. Sec. 84 of that act says, in part:

On and after September 1, 2023, each local and regional board of education shall provide free menstrual products, as defined in section 18-69e of the general statutes, in women’s restrooms, all-gender restrooms, and at least one men’s restroom, which restrooms are accessible to students in grades three to twelve, inclusive… [emphasis added]

There you have it. As crime spirals out of control in Connecticut’s cities and residents are fleeing the state for other states that have their priorities straight, Connecticut’s legislature, led (of course) by Democrats, thought it important to put tampon dispensers in boys’ bathrooms. 

Fox 61 reported the incident that occurred in this suburban community of 17,500 residents located approximately 55 miles northeast of New York City in the high-income Fairfield County area of Connecticut. 

Balanda told Fox 61 that this isn’t the first case of vandalism in boys’ bathrooms at the high school, noting stall doors have been broken, soap dispensers removed from the walls, and items have been stuffed in toilets. But removing a tampon dispenser from the wall in the boys' room? Sacrilege! 

You actually have to give the vandal(s) credit…they waited 20 minutes after the dispenser was installed to unceremoniously remove it from the boys’ bathroom. Some students told Fox 61 they didn’t think it was a big deal. 

One student (who we won’t identify so he isn’t doxxed by the alphabet mob) said, “They already have the nurse’s bathroom, and they have an all-gender one, so I don’t really care. But it’s just not that big of a deal,” the student said. 

“We’ve been doing that for like the past three years. I just feel like it’s kind of getting blown out of proportion,” the student continued. 

While the principal was apoplectic about the incident, some state lawmakers said it was ridiculous to have the dispensers installed, to begin with. 

“Rather than debate this policy, I’ll just simply say that I don’t approve of it. I don’t believe it’s good public policy. The constituents in my district have expressed their dismay over it,” said Republican State Sen. Rob Sampson during debate on the ridiculous legislation. 

The bill was snuck through on the final night of the legislative session and, according to the Department of Public Health, was intended to “accommodate transgender and intersex students” and to address something called “period poverty,” meaning some families cannot afford menstrual products. 

“Period poverty?” What will the liberals think of next? Ok, that’s fair enough…if families cannot afford menstrual products for their daughters, it might be fair for the government to help out. After all, at least most of them are citizens, unlike the millions let into the country by the current rogue administration. 

The State Department of Education weighed in, writing in a statement: “Having open dialogue in the school community can help everyone understand the law, ensure a school environment where everyone is respected, and all students are supported.” 

Sampson, however, said embracing such controversial ideologies is concerning to his constituents. 

“This quickly became a big issue in my district. It was all over social media and people commenting and raising concern,” the state senator said. 

Balanda was really upset over the issue and even threw shade at the vandal(s), referring to them as “boys”: 

“I am aware that the law says ‘men’s bathroom,’ but the actions today that led to vandalism and destruction of property were the work of immature boys, not men,” he stated, according to Inside Investigator. 

Wow! He sure told them! 

Balanda wrote in an email obtained by CT Insider that the dispenser was placed in the high school boys’ bathroom last Wednesday at 9:30 a.m., however, just over 20 minutes later, it met its demise, leaving tampons scattered on the bathroom floor. 

Brookfield Superintendent of Schools John Barile told CT Insider the vandalism has been addressed with at least one student who was involved. 

Barile said police were not contacted over the incident, stating that “law enforcement is typically not involved in situations of vandalism/destruction of property unless the act rises to a much higher level of property destruction, while adding that tampon dispensers have also been vandalized in girls’ bathrooms in the past. Just curious if Balanda was “disgusted” over that vandalism as well. 

A member of Ridgefield, CT.’s CT Pride advisory board called the incident “a perfect teaching opportunity” for the high school. 

“Schools are charged with imparting knowledge and understanding of reality to our youth,” Alex Harris said. “Menstruation and trans-or-nonbinary people are simple facts of reality that threaten no one.” 

Actually, if schools are “charged with imparting knowledge,” they should teach that biology (the “science”) tells us that boys do not require menstrual products because they cannot have periods. That is limited only to girls. 

Now, Brookfield…how about those math scores? 

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Works for me!


Where do boys put tampons?


You will have to ask RuPaul or any woke democrat.


The principal should be worried about math scores not tampons. Stop with all this trans BS.


The laws of nature. Simply put. Boys cannot be girls.


The laws of nature. Simply put. Boys cannot be girls.


I just wanna know which boy(s) use the tampons... and show us on a viral video what hole they put it in and how long they leave it in. Just sayin'... it'd be educational ;-)


While it's hard to condone vandalism per se, how else does a citizenry rid itself of ridiculous legislation, and by extension, legislators, that make such idiocy into law?


The principal needs to demonstrate before the school, using his own body, just where the tampon is placed!


The principal needs to demonstrate before the school, using his own body, just where the tampon is placed!


I guess they are tired of all the stupidity.


If they do NOT have BALLS... they do not belong in the MENS ROOM !


Ridiculous! Males don't have uteri and don't menstruate, so why install it in the first place? The stupid school administrators who did this should be fired.

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