Police-defunded San Francisco: Homeless man gets attacked by group, then he attacks two elderly people


SAN FRANCISCO, CA– On Wednesday, April 7th, new video was released by the San Francisco Public Defender’s Office showing a man getting brutally beat by a group of people in the city’s Tenderloin neighborhood just moments before he proceeds to attack two elderly Asian victims unprovoked. 

According to reports, 39-year-old Steven Jenkins is accused of attacking 83-year-old Ngoc Pham and 75-year-old Xiao Zhen Xie without provocation on March 17th near Market and Seventh Streets. 

The attacks left Pham with facial fractures and Xie with black eyes. The attacks have been highly publicized on social media and caused an outrage amid a surge in anti-Asian hate crimes across the country.

Investigators said they are looking to see whether the attack was racially motivated, but as of now Jenkins has not been charged with a hate crime. Attorney Deputy Public Defender Eric McBurney said in a statement:

“These are two deeply troubling assault of elderly Asian Americans in our community, at a time when Asian Americans locally and nationally are suffering from an escalation of violence and anti-Asian racism.

However, this situation is much more complex than it may appear. Based on the facts that I have reviewed, I do not believe that Mr. Jenkin’s actions were racially motivated.”

McBurney said that Jenkins is homeless and suffers from mental illness and that he was attacked just moments before attacking Pham and Xie. New video surveillance shows multiple people attacking Jenkins, striking him dozens of times on the head over a course of a few minutes.

This happened just minutes before Jenkins attacked Pham and Xie. McBurney said:

“On that day, Mr. Jenkins himself was the victim of an unprovoked attack by four unknown assailants who struck him over forty times immediately before he was seen striking Mr. Pham and Ms. Xiao.

Due to the initial attack, Mr. Jenkins suffered multiple head injuries and I believe that he was in a diminished mental state and disoriented as a result, when he encountered Mr. Pham and Ms. Xiao just moments later.”

He added:

“What happened that day was not the norm for him. He has no prior convictions for physically hurting anyone. He ha struggled throughout his life on the street, largely ignored by society.

Even when he was attacked and hit over 40 times in broad daylight in the busy UN plaza, not one person comes to his aid.”

According to McBurney, the individuals who attacked Jenkins have not yet been identified. Jail records show that Jenkins remains in custody and is being held without bail. 

A GoFundMe page has been created by Xiao’s grandson, where he states that she was “racially attacked” and suffered two black eyes. The fundraiser has since raised over 1 million dollars, which the pages states will be donated “back to the Asian American community to combat racism.”

However, McBurney claims that the released video footage disputes that narrative. While it does show Jenkins striking Ms. Xiao, McBurney points out that the video also shows the context that led up to that moment. He said in a statement:

“We want to show the difference between the complexity of truth and the simplicity of initial assumptions.”

The video begins several minutes before the attack when Jenkins is seen grabbing a bag from a homeless encampment in the UN Plaza. He is then confronted by several people who end up attacking him, striking him multiple times.

Jenkins begins to walk away, but is followed by one of the assailants who continued to strike him as he walked toward Market and Seventh Street where Xiao was standing. After finally getting some distance, the video shows Jenkins throwing a punch into the air before stumbling forward and striking Xiao. 

Regarding Jenkin’s then mental state, McBurney stated:

“He’s disoriented and possible concussed.”

The video footage does not show the attack on Mr. Pham, who Jenkins is also being charged with assaulting. McBurney said he is still investigating the circumstance of what happened with Pham. 

Jenkins is not being charged for any hate crimes, instead he is facing three counts of assault and battery on Xiao and the same three counts for Pham. Jenkins has plead not guilty to all counts. 

A spokesperson for the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office said in a statement:

“Our office filed charges we believe the evidence supports. We look forward to presenting the evidence in a court for a judge’s ruling.”

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Man accused of assaulting woman gets released on ankle monitor, then arrested shortly after for rape

March 18th, 2021

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – A woman who was attacked in September of 2020 was shocked to learn that her alleged attacker was arrested merely two months later for an alleged rape – while the suspect was wearing an ankle monitor

ABC7 News anchor Dion Lim recently spoke with a woman named Valeria, who recounted the attack she’d endured back on September 2nd of 2020. 

Valeria was out jogging through Potrero Hill that morning when she was suddenly attacked by a man who she thinks planned to rape her: 

“A person passed me on a skateboard and he brushed my rear. I thought it was an accident. After getting to 17th and Potrero at the stop sign he passed again. He pushed me a lot. When we arrived at San Bruno, I turned and he was already on top of me.”

“Down there, there is a bridge where homeless people sleep. He pushed me toward the door and I was telling him ‘no, no!’ And pushed with my feet and pushed him out.”

The woman was able to snap a photo of her alleged attacker while she escaped from the area – which said photo was used as evidence to arrest 25-year-old Allen Stewart under charges of kidnapping and false imprisonment. 

Yet, it came as a shock to Valeria when she’d learned that her alleged attacker was arrested again in November for allegedly raping a woman in a SOMA parking garage.

Sources claim that Stewart was wearing an ankle monitor during the alleged attack. 

Still, Valeria is concerned that if Stewart is released from jail again then he’ll likely target another victim: 

“I don’t know why this had to happen to me? My concern is that person. That he doesn’t come out of jail because if he does, he’s going to do the same thing.”

News anchor Dion Lim reportedly reached out to the District Attorney’s office and DA Chesa Boudin himself regarding the case and specifically asked whose idea it was to simply have Stewart fitted for an ankle monitor following his arrest for the alleged attack on Valeria. 

According to Lim, the DA’s office did not respond to any such inquiry. 

When Valeria was asked what she’d like to have accomplished by the DA’s office on this matter, she replied with the following: 

“I don’t want anyone to have to go through what I’m going through. Insomnia, anxiety, and many things that are happening. I need for them to be more attentive and to tell me or explain to me what is happening with him in there…especially this kind of abuse is very hard to overcome.”

“I want genuine help. I want genuine help for myself and for the other people that he assaulted. I want him to stay in jail.”

As it turns out, Stewart is currently in jail – and he may be there for some time. He reportedly plead not guilty to the latest charges, but was ordered to be held without bail. 

Stewart’s next court appearance is slated for March 17th.

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In other concerning reports about alleged repeat offenders, a woman was reportedly raped by a male suspect who then later returned to her home to burglarize it days later – while wearing clown makeup. 

Here’s that previous report from February. 


LONG ISLAND, NY – A 33-year-old man was arrested in Long Island after he allegedly committed a string of offenses, which included him reportedly raping a woman and coming back to her home to burglarize it while adorning clown makeup.

According to Suffolk County District Attorney Tim Sini, convicted sex offender Joseph Johnson had violently raped a woman and then returned to her home two days after the alleged rape to burglarize the residence.

During the purported burglary, Johnson was said to have been wearing clown makeup. DA Sini referred to the case as being “extremely disturbing”:

“This is an extremely disturbing case. As alleged in the indictment, this defendant went on a crime spree that escalated from breaking car windows to breaking into the victim’s home twice in the span of 72 hours, raping and repeatedly strangling the victim while threatening her life.”

“This is a dangerous individual and a convicted sex offender who is now off our streets thanks to the excellent work of the Suffolk County Police Department and Assistant District Attorney Ferron Lien.”

From what the indict says, Johnson allegedly broke into numerous vehicles on September 19, 2020 between 1:00 a.m. and 3:00 a.m. that were parked near the Wyandanch train station via smashing the vehicles’ windows.

On that same day, prosecutors say that Johnson then broke into a home in Wyandanch and proceeded to rape a female victim – strangling her in the process – and then took of with some cash from the residence, as well.

After said incident, the victim of the rape had decided to have some security cameras installed in and around her home. But on September 21st, the rape victim realized that her cameras were shut off and many facing in directions they weren’t originally aligned to.

Before the feeds from the cameras were compromised, prosecutors say that footage showed Johnson while wearing some clown makeup.

It was thanks to a Suffolk County police detective that had recognized Johnson on the video footage that police were able to identify and arrest the suspect.

Later, DNA evidence would come back tying Johnson to the rape that had transpired two days earlier from the September 21st incident.

Johnson has since been indicted under charges of first-degree rape, first-degree criminal sexual act, burglary, strangulation, five counts of criminal mischief, and petit larceny.

Suffolk County Supreme Court Justice Chris Ann Kelley had set Johnson’s bail at $500,000 cash, $1 million bond, or $5 million partially secured bond.

If convicted, Johnson could serve up to 25 years in prison for the alleged rape and 15 years for the September 21st incident.

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