Watch: Video reportedly shows postal worker offering to help swipe some ballots


LAS VEGAS, NV – For the past few months, democratic leaders and members of the media have told all of us that voting by mail was safe, and that the integrity of the election would be fine if people utilized the mail to vote. 

For their part, Republican leaders have warned that voting by mail could be just the opposite. 

Now Project Veritas has released a video of a postal worker allegedly vowing to help commit voter fraud.

The video was collected in May by an undercover reporter for Project Veritas talking to a man who appears to be working for the postal service, (wearing a postal uniform), while at the Loma Vista Apartments. 

The video begins with the ‘reporter’ talking to the postal worker as they are talking about legal ballots sent to the wrong addresses.

The journalist started by asking:

“Yeah, where can I find a handful of [ballots]?”

The mailman replied:

“I don’t know, man. I’m almost finished with the boxes today.”

As the journalist appears to be concluding the conversation, the mailman said:

“Hey, not a problem, man. I’m gonna see if I can get you some like a nice little handful [of ballots],” What’s your unit number?”

The journalist asked if the mailman was going to get him a handful of ballots that were sent to the wrong location.  The mailman replies:

“I probably could. I don’t know. Maybe. If it’s in there, I didn’t do it.”

At some point, according to Project Veritas, the postal worker mentioned to the journalist that he was aware those discarded ballots were a waste because they were not used to vote out President Donald Trump. 

A copy of the video was released by Project Veritas on November 5th and shared by James O’Keefe on Twitter.  O’Keefe, in speaking of the incident, said:

“Americans want to trust the integrity of our elections and the postal service – if our voting is going to be trusted to the post office, we have to be able to trust the post office.”

Of course, trusting the election results as well as the USPS is difficult as of late due to all of the reports of discarded mail, ballots, and other concerning events in which an alleged USPS worker claims his supervisor ordered him to commit an election crime. 

Project Veritas spoke to the alleged poll worker who said that his supervisor told him to postdate late ballots to November 3rd so they could be counted.

Now, many people might not believe that this is that big of a deal, except that there are very clear laws which prohibit any ballots being received after the deadline from being counted. 

O’Keefe noted that the information has been turned over to the FBI and he claims they are investigating the claim.

There are also other reports of potential election mail fraud out of the State of New York. 

Allegations there show that at least two dead people voted in this year’s general election.  Odds are, there are quite a few more dead people who voted.  Staten Island GOP Chairman Brendan Lantry is also concerned that there are far more than just two dead people voting:

“People should be on the alert for dead people voting.  There are people using the names of dead voters to cast ballots.  I believe this is just the tip of the iceberg.  We’re requesting the NYPD and the Staten Island’s District Attorney’s Office investigate.”

President Trump has raised concerns about mail-in voting. Various cities across the country are seeing massive amounts of fraud, corruption, lying, cheating, and ballot harvesting this election cycle. As a result, the Trump campaign has thousands of poll watchers across the country to help stop the spread of fraud. 

President Trump has also promised to have his lawyers ready the second the polls close in states where voter fraud or suppression are suspected. 

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Joe Biden used to be concerned about voter fraud for years…apparently until the left told him not to be

October 12, 2020

The following editorial content is written by a retired Chief of Police and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today.

WASHINGTON, DC- Joe Biden is a fraud. That much is plain to see. He flip-flops more than a high diver from a cliff in Mexico. While Biden and his Democrat minions downplay Republican fears of voter fraud, he himself spent decades expressing concern about the practice.

In 36 years as a United States Senator, Biden repeatedly spoke of the same concerns expressed by Republicans today. Yet he continues to downplay the threat and mock Republicans.

In a 1977 op-ed, Biden expressed concern about same-day voter registration. The op-ed, “Should Voters Be Allowed to Register on Election Day?” Biden said “no” to his question, even slamming then-president Jimmy Carter for proposing it.

“A reservation I have and one that is apparently shared by some of the top officials within the Department of Justice is that the president’s proposal could lead to a serious increase in voter fraud,” Biden wrote at that time.

Now, Biden had changed his mind, especially as the more radical left of the Democratic party are trying desperately to play games with the electoral process.

In an internet conversation with his running mate Kamala Harris, Biden said:

“When you and I get elected, God willing, we’re going to push hard to make voting, Election Day, a national holiday so people don’t have to take off work. There should be same-day registration.”


While Democrats seem completely unconcerned with the prospect of voter fraud, Republicans have become increasingly concerned about the issue in recent years. Republicans fear that mail-in ballots, same day registration and lack of substantial voter ID laws will create the opportunity for fraud.

Democrats meanwhile say that Republicans’ concerns about voter fraud are more about suppressing the vote among poor and minority voters which are historically constituencies of the Democrat party.

Stacey Abrams, who still thinks she is governor of Georgia since she’s never conceded her loss, says, “Voter fraud is, by and large, a myth,” she said in April.

Meantime socialist lunatic Bernie Sanders says that President Trump’s concerns about voter fraud is “delusional.”

The chairman of the Democrat Party, Tom Perez has made the absurd claim that “you have a better chance of getting struck by lightning” than finding voter fraud.

Biden has slammed fears from the White House and Republicans and referred to them as “unfounded,” despite clear evidence which seems to come out daily about how mail-in votes can be manipulated.

“He’s already trying to undermine the election with false claims of voter fraud and threatening to block essential COVID assistance if any extra funds go to the U.S. Postal Service ,” said Biden during an April online fundraiser (God forbid he actually leave his basement bunker).

“What in God’s name was that about other than trying to…make it very hard for people to vote.

In the 1980’s and 1990’s, Biden partnered up with Republican Mitch McConnell, the current Senate Majority Leader in an attempt to increase penalties for voter fraud.

Ironically in 1988—the same year his son Hunter’s drug record was expunged—Biden and McConnell introduced the “Anti-Corruption Act.”

The design of the bill was to enact penalties for anyone who deprived anyone of “a fair and impartially conducted election process through the use of fraudulent ballots or voter registration forms or the filing of fraudulent campaign reports.”

Once again in 1989, the pair tried to once again pass a similar bill, this time with Sen. Strom Thurmond (D-SC) co-sponsoring the bill.

“Current law does not permit prosecution of election fraud…This bill makes it a federal offense to corrupt any state or local election process,” Biden said on the Senate floor.

McConnell also noted in his argument on the Senate floor that it would “raise the maximum penalty for both election fraud and public corruption to 10 years in federal prison and a $10,000 fine.”

The 1989 version went down in flames as a standalone act. Then, the same year Biden tried to include voter fraud elements of the aforementioned into the Federal Crime Control Act of 1989 and the National Drug Control Strategy Act of 1990; neither went anywhere…because clearly, neither party is actually interested in addressing voter fraud, despite protestations to the opposite.

Undeterred, Biden and McConnell tried again, this time in the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1993, where they snuck in voter fraud provisions as an amendment to the bill. The bill went down in flames.

Two years later, McConnell introduced the act solo, however once again it failed.

When Biden became Obama’s vice president, suddenly voter fraud no longer meant anything to him. What a strange turn of events! Biden abandoned his former views and publicly downplayed voter fraud.

“Why, without any proof of voter fraud, have 81 bills been introduced in state legislative bodies…to make it harder for people to vote?” Biden asked an audience at South Carolina’s Allen University in 2014.


What does all of this prove? That Biden is a hypocritical lying fraud. It also proves that Biden, who initially expressed concern about voter fraud in 1977 has been in politics for way too long…43 years too long in fact. 

Politics isn’t supposed to be a lifetime job…unless you’re a U.S. Senator or Congressman. 

It also proves, if you compare the 2014 Biden to the 2020 Biden is that his cognitive decline is very pronounced.

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